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Former CNN Producer Proposes a Citizen News Alliance to Oppose Fake News

Former CNN Producer Proposes a Citizen News Alliance to Oppose Fake NewsMarshall Masters worked as a science feature field producer for the Cable News Network (CNN) during the late 80s, a time when founder, Ted Turner, ran the network, and it was a model of excellence in journalism.  He ran a tight ship, and it was by the book.

Today, what he sees is an MSM that has primarily devolved into a bizarre remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Every morning at 4 AM, slimy zombie reporters rise out their pods, and golly gee, don’t they all sound alike?   Who knew?

Nonetheless, resistance is futile because, for decades, pampered and self-indulgent, self-congratulatory East coast elites have abandoned honest reporting for better pay.  The rules are simple.  Kiss the DS Joseph Goebbels’s playbook, and the money will flow in like a raging river, and this is how it works on both coasts, with both the MSM and Hollywood. And what America needs is guile-free news.

The CNN professionals Marshall had the honor of working with back in the 1980s, despised that kind of guile, and yet the CNN hacks of today think nothing but it.  With this mind, for those, let’s take a quick look back before fake news so that we can work towards a solution.

Marshall and CNN

The Georgia Guidestones opened on March 22, 1980, and on June 1, 1980, and CNN signed with its first broadcast from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  In the late 80s, I was a science feature field producer, and my beat included Colleges and Universities all across Texas.

A few times each year, I would fly to Atlanta to meet my executive producer, Bailey Barrish, to review story packages for the 3-minutes features that aired each Sunday.  For me, it was a dream comes true because I have a degree in Communications from Arizona State University.

My stories were about science and technology and Bailey and would give me a starting point list of questions to follow, and from there, we followed the story.  Getting story right was not a concern for me.  What concerned me most was “the Bambi effect.”

Our news stories were usually recorded in a laboratory, and once I called roll tape and action, my cameraman and soundman would follow the scientist as I had directed them.  Once I called roll tape and action, I would begin the interview.  However, I also paid close attention to safety issues related to the “the Bambi effect,” so let’s explain that.

Accidental falls and blunders a concern for all of us, especially when we’re standing in a laboratory loaded with toxic chemicals, glass, and God knows what else.  These were the days before webcams, so standing in front of a camera was not as comfortable today as it was then.

Consequently, once I called roll tape and action, these experts would start performing for and would become oblivious to their environment because they were solely focused on the camera lens.

It was not uncommon for interviewees to sit down on a chair that had been removed an hour earlier or to walk into a wall that always been there.  Ergo, for me, the safety of the people I was interviewing was my first priority.  Obviously, I was not what you’d call a typical news producer.

To be frank, I was a field guy at heart, and the visits with Bailey were always a mixed thing for me.  Personally, I’m an expresso and conference room kind of guy, and that is how we usually handled our meetings, but then, there were times we needed to visit someone in the newsroom.  I dreaded those visits because of the tension in the room.  It was so thick; it made the muscles in my chest tighten.  Very unpleasant.

You see, this was a time when authentic hard-working CNN professionals did amazing investigative reporting.  No 4 AM talking points back then.  It was ‘root hard or die poor’ and this when CNN was a magnificent, lean, mean, news machine.  Ah yes, those were the days.

After that, the GOP and the Bush family masterminded the removal of FCC anti-consolidation laws.  The very ones that made the CNN of the late 1980s possible and so we eventually wound up with Rush v. MSM and damn little in-between.

Why was CNN a responsible news service back then?  Because everyone knew the network was competing with 50 other major news outlets and it had to be better. That’s history.

Today, there is no better because there is no competition in the news. Instead, the elites are servicing demographic markets like Oreo cookies.  MSNC is one cookie, FOX, the other, and CNN is the cream filling.

FOX is playing both sides like a savvy war profiteer, and MSNBC and CNN are total slimeoids.   Thank God, I can watch The Five on YouTube.  This way, I can fast forward through Juan Williams, and his predictable CCP mantras of the 4 AM talking points.

I’m also spending more time with Epoch News and the One America News Network (OAN).  However, it saddens me to hear OAN asking their viewers to demand that their cable companies carry the network, and this goes straight to the heart of the issue.

Access is the Issue

For those of us produce social media channels and podcasts, if you are not rabid Hillary Clinton sycophant, you’re going to experience something the hosts I’m being interviewed by, call “the draining.”

The elites have a multiple-tier strategy.  They deny you access to the platform and or to your ability to make revenue from your efforts.  Consequently, in the world of social media, with its Google-Chinese Communist business model, voices are silenced with automation and vague explanations.

The next thing you know, robots are shutting you down like T-1000 metal alloy terminators.  There is nowhere they can’t go and there is no part of the Constitution that is sacred to them.

Consequently, as long as Google and other social media giants can continue to put their thumbs on the scales in favor of corrupt pedophile leaders and those who fund them, only one thing can effectively change this situation.  A Citizens News Alliance powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency financing.

Citizens News Alliance

Guile is defined as an “insidious cunning in attaining a goal; crafty or artful deception; duplicity.”  A Citizens News Alliance (CNA) is a guile-free news network. Not because we’re trusting self-serving, narcissistic MSM zombie reporters. Instead, we trust our kids, so here is the deal.

CNA will use young citizen field reporters to report on local and national events occurring in their areas.  To qualify, CNA reporters can only come from one of the following institutions:

The CNA will use blockchain technology to avoid the habit of MSM and DS operatives, to rewrite history with fabrications.  The kids do the reporting and the viewers back them up.

For financing, the money from sugar daddies, government agencies, and so forth will be tainted. Instead, this must come from the people.  Watch this Trump video from 2016 and you’ll understand why.

You’ll see a grand plan for America, Trump expressed in 2016.  Watch, and then compare that with the present.  Does the phrase “telegraphing your punches,” come to mind?  If so, it’s time for us to land a few punches ourselves as citizens.  That will take some coins.

Citizen Funding – Citizen Reporting

I propose that a cryptocurrency trading company create a Bitcoin-based, Community-Based Token (CBT) or some other financing mechanism that is independent of the Central Banksters.

We’ve all got skin in this game, which is why it needs to be is an all-volunteer program where 100% of the funds are devoted to the following:

This is the first time I’ve ever talked about it, and as you can see, the possibilities for guile-free news from children are tremendous.  Given that every journey begins with a first step, where in the heck do we go with this?

Taking the First Step

Wakey-wakey people, pedophiles, and banksters are about to take over the world if we sit collectively sit on our butts to see who gets a real ass-whuppin’.


So who takes the first step?

This is for those of you who are producing news and commentary via social media and the Internet.  If you speak truth to power and who are being brutalized for it, this is you:

Yes, folks, this is what life is like for many of us on the other side of the microphone.  That is, for those of us who didn’t sell out.

We need to organize, to talk, and to plan.  In so doing, with the help of God’s love and that of those who support, we can assemble to find a pathway to CBT-financed guile-free news, and this needs to start somewhere.  Besides, we’ve been abused so severely; we’re free.

“You only have power over people as long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power—he’s free again.” ― Alexander Solzhenitsyn

If you are sick of being shadowbanned and drained and they’ve taken everything you’ve work so hard for away from you, you know how to contact me.  Do it. Let’s talk.  Who knows what can come of this, but this has to start somewhere.


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