TradCatKnight – 3rd Secret of Fatima: The Planet X System & The Coming Material Chastisement with Marshall Masters

| November 2, 2015

The aftermath of CERN, the blood moon prophecy non-event and the Pope’s unremarkable visit to the USA in September of 2015 left many who had great expectations somewhat bewildered — especially those of the Christian faith.

To all things there is a purpose, and this “expectation stampede,” as Marshall calls it, was about preventing consensus through ensnarement and humiliation.


Yet, those in awareness like Eric Gajewski, host of the TradCatKnight Youtube Channel, refuse to be led astray. Eric is a traditional catholic who believes in the coming material chastisement foretold in the 3rd secret of Fatima.

In this science-focused interview with Marshall a wide range of Planet X topics are discussed, including an explanation of how the days of darkness foretold in the 3rd secret of Fatima will come about.

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