Awareness in the Eye of the Storm

| September 28, 2016

Awareness in the Eye of the StormThere is a tribulation coming. If you are in awareness you may have wondered what is the point of being in awareness if you cannot afford bullets, beans, and bunkers? Does this mean your awareness is a curse and you are doomed? No. Your awareness is a blessing and a sacred mission. You are called to be a mentor, a comforter, and a teacher firmly centered in the peace of God, in the eye of the storm that is coming.

If you are reading this and wondering what it means, “to be in awareness,” then you’re likely new to the topic of the Planet X Tribulation. Most of those who are in awareness range in ages from 45 to 70, and have been aware of the coming tribulation through dreams, visions, and personal revelations given starting in childhood. Granted, a few do come to awareness through a process of logic, but most find their awareness through more metaphysical means, both young and old alike.

However, you have arrived at your awareness if you are an honest seeker of truth you will come to the same question: “What is the purpose of this process of awareness?”

If you find yourself struggling with this question, you are in good company. I have spent over a decade wrestling with it myself until I found the deep truth at the core of it; awareness is a call of responsibility to a sacred mission of service to others, that being to teach, to mentor, and to comfort.

How did I come to this knowing? Let me first answer that question with an old adage, “Many roads lead to the heart of a great mystery.” In other words, each of you in awareness is walking on your own road to the heart of this great mystery.

Therefore, what I can do is share my journey with you, which undoubtedly will be quite dissimilar to your own in how it unfolds. And yet, have we not taken similar steps towards the same great mystery? And do we not share the same driving desire to understand the meaning of all this? Therein, dear reader, we will find the common bond in our awareness.

With this in mind, let us first define this sacred mission so that you can decide whether or not this knowing resonates within you. If it does, then by sharing the path I have taken to this knowing I hope that I will provide some comfort to you, for this is a part of the sacred mission of awareness.

Your Sacred Mission of Awareness

Today there are immense opportunities for those in awareness, and yet this is easily overlooked because we live in a civilization that defines our lives by what we have, or do not, in the materialistic realm. We have not the most luxurious or newest vehicles, the biggest houses, the most fame, power, or admiration from others, and so forth.

In the coming tribulation, this civilization will flounder and fall. Therefore, the question becomes, what will follow it? Herein your awareness has prepared you for a very special role.

Venus Project CityUpon the clean slate created by the demise of this current civilization, our role will be to help usher in the next civilization. This can be made an age of enlightenment where we do go to space with the noble virtues we admire. Some would call this “a Star Trek future,” a future of noble ideals and virtues, cooperation, unity, an absence of greed, and a desire to help others.

Additionally, this new culture can honor God and seek to further His beautiful divine plan for a culture that nurtures the spiritual evolution of each member of our species to continually come up higher. This way our species can enter into a true “golden age,” or the “1,000 years of peace” that some have prophesied.

Each soul will have the freedom and the positive environment and influences needed to spiritually evolve. As a species, we will then be able to host more ascended souls. Life will become sweeter, kinder, more loving, more life-affirming, more satisfying, building up each lifestream in the culture to become the best version of themselves that they are able to be.

It can be tempting to look at the coming tribulation as a horribly large hurricane that will devastate and lay waste to all that it passes over, but this is shortsighted. This is a fear-based, service-to-self mindset because the consequences are defined by what we will not have once the storm has passed, the things we stand to lose.

As someone in awareness, you have been given your dreams, visions, and premonitions so that you can see beyond this shortsighted view into a beautiful future. And yet, has a farsighted view not been both a blessing and a curse to you?

The Isolation of AwarenessWhen you’ve shared your awareness with family and friends, how often did the results leave you feeling depressed and isolated? Let’s take a moment to stop and think about that.

By sharing your awareness with others, you were in service to others. It was a pure act of love. Yet, the response you received many times came from fear and service-to-self, and so you were belittled and dismissed. Many times you certainly heard the deniers’ mantra, “It’s all nonsense, nothing is going to happen, and I don’t want to hear about it.” And that’s just the beginning of the backlash, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, no matter how you are hurt by this fear and service-to-self backlash if you are truly in awareness you’ve taken responsibility for your awareness. Even though you were forced into loneliness, you never lost your commitment to serving others. In this misery, you’ve grown the strength of your awareness. For to all things there is a purpose, and so there is a purpose to this service-to-self backlash that causes you pain.

Swordsmiths Hammering SwordThis adversity has tempered you like the glowing steel beneath the hammer blows of a master sword maker. Time and again you were made to suffer for your awareness, but like the steel, the experience hammered and folded you, making you stronger and more resilient. Why this repetitive process of hammering and pounding? As with the steel, it was to expel the weaknesses within you as you built new layers of strength.

No matter how many threats and humiliations you have experienced, your awareness and deep knowing endures. During the tribulation those who are in service to self will despise you because you will be resolute, and a beacon of truth to those seeking to understand and move forward.

Although the number of living sword makers practicing this ancient art is dwindling, there are still an enduring number who place great value in their art. Therefore, if you have accepted the responsibility of your awareness, but have still measured it by what you do not have, then I implore you to consider measuring it by what you do have. You will be appreciated by those who know your value, and awareness does bring with it many gifts.

Entering the Storm

When catastrophic events begin to unfold they will be extremely unsettling for everyone. However, all of us in awareness have been prepared by our years of dreams, visions, premonitions, and the abuse of those in denial, to walk calmly, hand-in-hand with Creator through the coming storm.

Where others will be caught up by events they are completely unprepared for, and many will respond in self-destructive ways, you will see the truth of what needs to be done. You will have the courage and the strength of your convictions to take effective action and to guide others into taking action along with you.

This clearheaded view of circumstances that you now possess after years of arduous and lonely preparation will serve you well. Others will come to see you in the much same way sailors tossed in the tumult of a hurricane find calm in the eye of the storm, as you will have a peace and a calm such as none have ever seen before.

Ship in HurricaneEveryone on a storm-tossed vessel will see and take comfort from your calmness and centeredness, but the one who will value you most will be the vessel’s captain. It will be the captain who will ask you, “What is the meaning of all this?” and, “What do we need to do now?” Not out of fear or desperation, but to access the calm, wise decisions needed for the benefit of all the souls aboard that good ship.

Even for the captain, this will be a storm such as none have ever seen before. But you have had the knowing of this storm through your dreams, visions, premonitions. Forged in the process of awareness, you have navigated and contemplated this storm for years, if not decades, providing you with a strong peace and calmness through long familiarity with what is coming. In those desperate times you will be recognized as a lighthouse in the storm, and you shall fulfill your sacred mission to be a teacher, mentor, and comforter in service to others.


So where and when will you board this good ship and come to be known and valued by its captain?

I give the answer to this on the back cover of my new book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide in the following message to those in awareness:

Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide“Know this — you are in awareness because God intends for you to be a part of the solution. Your role is to be a mentor, a comforter, and a teacher during the tribulation. Read and study this book thoroughly to prepare yourself for your true mission. Then, when a spiritual leader you admire and respect is seeing the same clear and present danger that you are, your path is simple. Hand that leader this book as you say, ‘You need a plan, and this is the plan that will work for what is coming. Please read it, and if you have any questions, I am always at your service.’”

Those unprepared for this coming storm will be like the winds of a hurricane swirling about in angry patterns of shock, anger, denial, and every other form of fear-based emotion imaginable.

Among them will be those who lead, and therefore we must understand the destructive consequences of these out-of-control emotions and the need to be calm in the midst of the storm. A leader will perceive your strength based in your awareness and service to others as a place of calm in the eye of the storm. Your awareness of truth born of unconditional love and service to others is better able to assess the situation, formulate a plan, and then take action on that plan, even if it is not the most optimal plan.

This is the whole underlying strategy of my new book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide. It is designed to give those in awareness a clear path to find the calm in the eye of the storm, to be that calm voice of reason during the tribulation, and thereby become valued members of faith-based survival communities.

You may think this is a gamble, that it would be more sensible to scramble about gathering beans, bullets, and bunkers. If so, this is the delusion of service to self that comes from defining your value by what you do not have.

Personal BunkerLet’s be honest. Do you have half a million dollars to build and stockpile a bunker? Most likely not, because those to whom our Creator has gifted awareness invariably have big hearts and small wallets. Therefore, what you do have cannot be purchased for any sum by those who would judge you by what you do not have.

The value of your awareness is that there is a storm is coming and you have seen it in your vision, dreaded it in your innermost thoughts, and pondered your way through it via the process of awareness.

With all of its repetitive hammer blows and folding your journey of awareness has prepared you in a very unique and valuable way, because you are not just prepared for this storm, but for those to follow as well.

Of equal importance, your awareness has also prepared you to be in service to others when the storms have passed, to help to usher in a new age of enlightenment for humankind.

My Own Path of Awareness

Survival is a heuristic process of learning what works and what hurts. The goal is to learn enough about what works before what hurts kills you. The key to making this process work to your advantage is perception, which for those destined for awareness begins with a trigger event.

One day you are looking at the world before you as it is, not as you were told to look at it, and you perceive something that completely drops you on your head. This is an experience much like being slapped in the face with a dead salmon. It leaves you spitting scales and wondering what hit you. Then as you realize there is no going back, you begin to wonder, “What is the meaning of all this?”

In that instant you have a fundamental choice to make. Do you attempt to retreat to the bliss of ignorance as most do? Or will you ask that fateful question, “What exactly am I seeing here?”

No doubt before this moment of choice you have had several experiences in your life that foreshadowed this moment, but which you have buried in a dusty closet full of a lifetime of memories.

But for some reason, you are that one in one hundred who decides that it is time to empty the closet and to make sense of it all. This is the first real decision of awareness.

For me, that moment came in January of 1998 as I was flying the polar route on Aeroflot from Moscow to San Francisco as I had been doing since 1992. Each year I would fly to Moscow in December when it was always dark, and return to San Francisco in January when it was always light, to organize summer season tours and accommodations for my travel business.

Il-62 AirlinerMy first polar flight was in 1993. I remember that first time crossing the pole in an Aeroflot Ilyushin Il-62. From horizon to horizon beneath me spanned a vast beautiful land of snow, ice, rock outcroppings, and the mesmerizing sight of ancient blue ice. Enraptured, I stared at it for hours.

Over the years, I flew the same Aeroflot route each winter, and year by year I was dismayed by the steady decline of the north. The pristine expanse I had first seen was continuously breaking apart. By January of 1998 what I beheld reminded me of a broken windshield in some dilapidated junkyard.

Sure, I could have dismissed what I was seeing with some sort of simplistic explanation such as natural variability, but I couldn’t. I knew differently, and in that moment I chose to believe my own lying eyes and thus asked myself, “What exactly am I seeing here?”

Little did I know then, but I had taken my first big step on the road to a great mystery. In fact, it was only until a few years ago that I finally realized all of my adventures and misadventures in Russia had simply been pretext and nothing more. The whole purpose was for me to be in an airliner in January of 1998 to see what I saw, and to bring me to that decision point. Everything else was just that, everything else.

Over the years I’ve spoken to countless numbers of you in awareness. Over and over again I have heard similar decision point stories. The truth be known, the process of awareness is not a seamless experience. Rather, it is like adding links to a chain where each link is another difficult decision.

The next difficult decision for me was to understand the meaning of what I had seen with my own two eyes. In 1999 that led to my first article on the Millennium website, and eventually to the launch of my website.

Initially I knew nothing about Planet X nor, frankly, did I care to. I just wanted to understand what was happening to the climate of our planet, and it was only in the process of finding that answer with the help of others that we eventually determined the cause was Planet X. However, before that happened, I had already arrived at the most profound decision point of my life.

Masada 2000

Awareness is not an inspiring endeavor. Rather, it is often a painful and tedious process, as the search for truth often is. It is all too easy to find clumsy ways to stuff our awareness into a closet to stop it from bothering us and disrupting our lives. At least this might work for a while, until that awareness begins to rattle around in the closet and cannot be ignored. The rattling tells you that at some point in your life you are going to have to deal with it, and you inevitably will.

I came to that point in the year 2000.

After several months of publishing articles on, I was getting to a point where I wanted to put it all away in the closet so that I could return to my materialistic consumer life. Yet I was to learn that this was not my destiny.

In the year 2000 my former wife Yelena and I traveled to Israel for a vacation to visit her family there. On the flight over two things dominated my mind. First was the ever-increasing desire to just shut my web site so I could return to my life as it was before. The second was a persistent and undeniable calling from heaven to visit the mountain top fortress of Masada, where I would find something profound and life-changing.

The more I resisted this calling the more persistent it became, and it finally wore me down. I resolved early in our trip to visit the site.

Masada is near the Dead Sea, and in 73 CE Roman governor Lucius Flavius Silva ordered a Roman legion to lay siege to it. The objective was to defeat the Jewish zealots known as the Sicarii who had taken refuge there. The Romans prevailed only to gain a Pyrrhic victory, because the defenders committed suicide before the fortress was breached.

Fortress of Msada

Driven by an undeniable calling to find something important at Masada, I rented a car in Tel Aviv and we drove to Masada for the day.

It was a good thing I was wearing my old combat boots because I clambered over every inch of that mountaintop fortress. I went everywhere the tourists could go, and when nobody was looking I went where the archaeologists worked. Walking across their rickety scaffolding made me wish this ancient site was also a union job site. Still the same, I saw wondrous things that tourists never see, like the water cisterns in this arid plateau that ensured the residents would have a continuous supply of water.

I went everywhere I could go, I saw everything I could see. I explored every nook and cranny. Yet I could not find what this undeniable calling from heaven was compelling me to find.

Out of options and out of hope for a discovery, I sadly wandered back to the main tourist area. There I saw a young woman, wise beyond her years, giving a lecture to a small group of tourists.

I quietly stood at the back of the group because tour operators do not appreciate unpaid visitors. But the young woman who was lecturing let me listen in, and I was able to catch the second half of her fascinating talk. Then she told everyone in the group that they had thirty minutes to take pictures and relax before returning to their bus.

Roman Camp at MasadaOf course, everyone scattered to take pictures, but the young lady did not join them. Rather, she walked to a rock wall overlooking the siege ramp built against the western face of the plateau and gazed down on the distinct lines of the Roman legion camp below. I joined her there at the rock wall and after a few moments struck up a conversation.

I learned that she was a young archaeologist working on her doctorate and that she gave these lectures as a way to supplement her income. We chatted idly about a few different things and finally I turned to face her and asked, “As one Jew to another, what did we learn here? That it is good to die for your beliefs?”

Upon hearing the question she smiled kindly and shook her head. Then she turned and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “What we learned here is that you always need to have a Plan B.”

In that instant, I felt what seemed like the entire energy of heaven itself passing through my body. In the simple words spoken by this young archaeologist, I had found the answer I sought in the ruins of this ancient fortress.

The epiphany left me speechless, so she kindly shook my hand, said she needed to go meet her group and bid me farewell. All I could do was to quickly thank her, and as she walked away, I turned back to look at the ramp.

In was in that moment I knew that the rest of my life would be about Plan B, even though I had no idea what that would look like at the time. It was my moment of commitment, and I’ve never wavered since then.

Since that day of my commitment at Masada, many years ago, I’ve learned that you are either a Plan A or a Plan B survivor.

Do You Have a Plan B?

If all you have is Plan A, then you are most likely in some form of denial. Conversely, if you have a Plan B, you are at a minimum perceptive, and most likely in awareness. So which are you? If you’re not sure, ask yourself the following three questions:

Question No. 1 – Do your beliefs have a proven history of surviving a global tribulation?

If the answer to that question is, “I do not care,” then there is no second question. However, if the answer is an honest, “no,” then proceed to the second question.

Question No. 2 – Do you believe in mitigation?

We buy insurance to mitigate our risks of loss, knowing that the odds favor the insurance company. Yet we continue to buy insurance and we believe it is wise and practical to do so. However, when it comes to mitigation of risks in terms of a global tribulation, it’s not so easy to write that check.

So if your answer to the second question is, “Let’s wait and see before we do something,” then there is no third question. However, if you decide to take action, proceed to the third question.

Question No. 3 – Are you preparing?

Here is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. If you are not already preparing, then when will you? And what does that mean? It means that if by now you have not already spent a half million dollars to build a bunker and stockpile it, then your ship has sailed without you.

However, if you are in awareness and cannot afford an expensive survival solution, does that mean you are destined to die? If you are in service to self, the odds are heavily stacked against you.

However, if you are ready to accept the responsibility of your sacred mission of awareness to be in service to others as a teacher, mentor, and comforter during the tribulation, the odds are in your favor and money has nothing to do with it.

This is because preparation is not about a place, a time, or finances. Preparation is a state of mind where you do the doable. If you cannot afford bullets, beans, and bunkers, you can afford a visit to a public library. Likewise, you can afford the time to contemplate and to imagine the coming difficulties so you can see yourself helping others to get through them. Again, what you do not have, namely money, is not the deciding factor.

Survival experts will tell you that the deciding factor in survival is not what is in your kit bag or garage. These are only tools.

They will tell you that what will determine whether you live or die are three simple things: you must be able to quickly assess your situation, formulate a plan, and then take action on that plan. In other words, training your mind through studying and contemplation is the path to preparedness.

So in the final analysis, of the three questions above, only the third is significant. If your answer to it was, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it,” then there will be no fourth question.

However if your answer to the third question is that you are committed and preparing, then the fourth question is found on the back cover of my new book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide, and it is worth repeating:

Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide“Know this — you are in awareness because God intends for you to be a part of the solution. Your role is to be a mentor, a comforter, and a teacher during the tribulation. Read and study this book thoroughly to prepare yourself for your true mission. Then, when a spiritual leader you admire and respect is seeing the same clear and present danger that you are, your path is simple. Hand that leader this book as you say, ‘You need a plan, and this is the plan that will work for what is coming. Please read it, and if you have any questions, I am always at your service.’”

For those of you who have accepted the awesome responsibility for your awareness, beans, bullets, and bunkers are important, but they are not your sacred mission. It is not for you to buy a mountain of beans, for others will make this happen. Rather, you need to be worth your weight in beans, which is the very reason why I wrote this book. It will show you a way to do that, but only if you so choose.

Then many of you will ask, “Does this sacred mission choice require me to abandon my loved ones who are in denial?”

But What About “Me and Mine?”

We all have loved ones, and even though they may hammer us with angry fits of denial, we cannot deny our love for them. So if you have chosen to be responsible for your awareness and in service to a spiritual community of like-minded others, does this mean you must abandon your loved ones to pursue your sacred mission?

This is a critical decision point, because the most useful Planet X survival question is not, “When will I see it?” but, “When do I need to do something about it?”

Sad GrandparentOf all those who ask, “When!?” the most insistent on being given an exact date are grandparents with children and grandchildren who live in a Ground Zero location such as Los Angeles, and who are in bitter denial.

It always mystified me as to why these grandparents were so insistent on a precise date. When I mentioned this to a friend, she answer, “They want to know when to abduct their grandchildren because they are desperate to save their lives.” We both agreed that such a course of action would be disastrous for all concerned because it is a born in fear and service to self. But is this grief irreconcilable? No.

What these grandparents need to do if they are going to honor and accept the responsibility for their awareness is to become worth their weight in beans within a survival community of like-minded others. There, as a valued teacher, mentor, and comforter, comes the opportunity to seek refuge for their loved ones.

If this is your situation you may be asking yourself, “What if the community refuses to accommodate my loved ones?” If so, this is the wrong question. The right question is, “Will I chose to be in service to the wrong community?” I invite you to contemplate that.

If you truly believe that you cannot bear the pain and grief of losing your loved ones, you may want to consider pursuing a closer walk with Creator. Your loved ones may cease to be in their physical bodies, but the inner connection of your souls will endure, and your love for each other will endure.

Many loved ones separated by death or great distances meet and speak together in dreams. Pursue your inner connection with your loved ones through Creator. And remember the Divine Presence, the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, whatever you would like to call it, is our constant comforter given to us by Creator. Comfort and help is always available. Just reach up your hand and take hold of Creator’s hand. Creator loves you, and Creator is for you. Keep that in mind through whatever may come.

Taking the Next Step

Dear reader, my intention in writing this article is that it give you more than just hope for surviving the tribulation. My eternal desire is that it will give you hope for an enlightened future and your valued role in helping to create the next civilization upon the post-tribulation clean slate.

So please never again define yourself by what you do not have, for the value of your awareness is far beyond the shallow, material measures of those in service to self.

Rather, the day has come for you to revel in your awareness and to accept responsibility for this gift with an open and joyous heart. Then you will become the calm in the eye of the storm while fear and anguish whirl angrily around you. Why? Because yours is a sacred mission to be in service to others as a teacher, a mentor, and a comforter. People will see that in your countenance and know it to be true.

Granted, today you may be feeling loneliness in your awareness. But in time this will pass. Your faith in Creator and in your sacred mission will lead you to a faith-based community where you will be welcomed, where they have chosen to hold noble virtues dear. They will unanimously understand that surviving the tribulation is not about holding onto things; it is about holding onto each other.

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