Expect a Terrible Post-Election Vengeance

| October 13, 2020

Expect a Terrible Post-Election VengeanceThe coming election will not be a tie-breaker that is fought in the courts, nor will it be a landslide.

It will be a body blow to the Democrat Party and launch the beginning of a terrible post-election globalist vengeance.  Like COVID, it will spread across the world.

The Globalists and their MSM lackeys want us to see ourselves as a weak and divided nation, but are we?  As long as we’re looking at each other through 2nd hand parties, it is a troubling question, but I have seen the opposite, first-hand.

Dear reader, if you’re ready to open a window and shout, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” brace yourself for this terrible vengeance.  It will be terrible, inevitable, and inescapable.

It will be a response to Donald Trump’s reelection in November, after which there shall be a voracious demand for justice.

On that will threaten evildoers worldwide, and their vengeance will be to punish the honest and good people of the world.  It will be agonizing, and a portion of it will be insidious and unseen.

America is coming to understand this. In my previous article, Why America is Freedom-Savvy: A Tale of Two Denny’s, I shared what I saw as I drove across the country from Coast to Coast during mid-September 2020.

What I saw, heard, and sensed is both subtle and pervasive.  Rising defiance that is building like the lava domes under Yellowstone and the Long Valley Caldera. Is it the will to fight?  No.  It is the will to fight and win, no matter the sacrifice.

Ergo, the question for you, dear reader, is, “what are you prepared to do?”  This is why my mission in this article is to help you make an informed decision because regardless of what you eventually decide – decide you must!

What I Saw

Before my journey, I struggled, as do many of us, to reconcile what we see with our own eyes versus what we’re being told we are seeing by others, and for various reasons.  You could call it the fog of politics.

My journey of over 3,000 miles across the country was like a powerful fog light.  It pierced the haze of conflicted messaging and allowed me to look America straight eye.

The COVID-19 shutdowns have created more poverty and misery than we could have imagined, and there are other ways people suffer too.  Consequently, as I crossed the country, I saw deep pain for those who have lost businesses, jobs, and dreams. You see it in their faces, and it’s in the air.  Yes, I saw all this, but there is more.

What I saw in the country’s heartland is too magnificent to be fully reflected in what we see on the Internet and in the media.  It is a foreboding gloom on the surface, but beneath that, there is something no webcam or news camera can capture.

The great awakening foretold in prophecy is well underway and what I saw during my journey was something more akin to what happened during the American Revolution.  We owe our nation to a minority of colonists who sacrificed for freedom as the vast majority chose the sidelines fr safety or collaborated with the British.

Today, history is repeating itself, and today’s question is just as relevant today as it was in 1776.  Today, each of us must choose, and there will be those who prefer to sit on the sidelines like spineless couch potatoes and watch history being made.

For those who are ready to answer the call, let’s talk strategy and what’s coming; namely, a terrible period of post-election vengeance in answer to an insatiable public demand for justice. Not just in America, but across the world as well.

With this in mind, either way, the war is on, so let’s assemble a big picture view of the battlespace.


Battlespace is a term used to signify a military strategy that incorporates the theatre of operations and all available assets.  Thusly, war is fought in the battlespace on many fronts and in various ways, but in the end, eventual victory is about leadership, commanding the battlespace, and boots on the ground.

The Globalists understand what Trump and the Alliance are doing.

They are building the GOP base while undermining the Democrat base.  They also know who is masterminding all this.  The Patriot Generals Obama replaced with venial sycophants and collaborators.

After being summarily fired by Obama, a large number of the Patriot Generals regrouped and reorganized in France, the birthplace of liberty.  There, they began to lay the plans of what we see unfolding today and what mobilized them into action was Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi debacle.

Benghazi was another Fast and Furious arms deal and, like the first, went sideways, with a loss of life for honest Americans.  Future historians will tell us this was the match that lit the 2016 election’s fuse and the battle to save America from communism.

These Alliance founders know the Globalist playbook and how to defeat that plan, and they used this advantage while developing their plan, and here is where the Democrats miss the point. They are repeating political history to defeat Trump when they should be studying military history instead.

After the generals founded the Alliance and formalized their strategic plan, job number one was to put the right man at the spear point.  This is why they recruited Donald Trump, and for three principal reasons: He is a winner who offers a dynasty and is honest enough to be a Teflon President.

Trump is a Winner

A real estate developer in Manhattan, Trumped proved he could make money in the most corrupt and expensive places to build in the world.  In terms of personality and effectiveness, Donald Trump is a controversial modern-day winner, like General George Patton was in WWII.

When you want to fight, you want to be led by those who represent your values.

But if you want to win, you follow a winner, and Trump, like Patton, fits the role perfectly.

To the point, years ago, my uncle told me why he was glad to fight under Patton all across Europe, from France to Germany during WWII.  He said, “We thought Patton was an arrogant son of a bitch, but we followed him because we knew more of us would go home after the war with him than with any other general in the Allied forces.”

Patton was a hard-charger with the will to win and stepped on many political toes doing it.  Why?  Because he believed that instead of dying for your country, it was better to make the enemy die for his, which is what he did.

How does this play today?

The Democrats are willing to fight and burning cities, and taking down statues is what they do.  They prefer to let someone they own and control to do the dirty work instead of following a rogue winner.

They also believe themselves to be superior because they possess vast amounts of sophisticated technology. Their combined forces are considerably greater than those of the Alliance, which brings us to the outset of WWII.

In the early days of WWII, the Nazis swept across Europe, and everyone thought they had superior numbers and technology.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The French had a better tank with a 75mm gun and lots of them.  They could destroy anything the Wehrmacht had in the field from a safe distance.  Likewise, the Messerschmitt Bf 109 was considered the top fighter of the day, but the British Supermarine Spitfire proved to be it’s equal.

The Allies forces’ combined troop strength was 125% of those of the Third Reich as to numbers.  This begs the obvious question.  Given that the Allies had the technology and manpower to prevail, why did the Nazis win?

The Allies were willing to fight, but being peace-loving, they were unprepared for sacrifice and so their defensive strategies dated back to WWI.  The Nazis, on the other hand, were willing to win.

What’s the difference?

It doesn’t matter if your opponent has superior numbers and technology.  If they do not have the will to win and you do, you outthink them and their strategies.

It’s called games and theory, and this is why Trump and the Patriots have the initiative in our current political battles.  Trump is a team player who wants to fight and win and who listens to his generals.

Trump Offers a Dynasty of Freedom

Seventy-five percent of the people I spoke with on my cross country journey sense and believe that the nation has been played, and they deeply resent it.

Hence, even if Trump is a son of a bitch, more of them are coming to support him warts and all, because they know he’s their son-of-a-bitch and because deep down, they want to win.

Trump also offers a family of winners, and so this year, it is Trump and Pence.  In 2024, it will likely be Pence, and Trump Jr., and the Trump brand will endure as a brand of freedom for the world.

Ergo, this November, we’re not electing a President.  We will be electing a dynasty of freedom-loving winners and smartly so because undoing the decades-long communist infiltration and subversion will require decades to undo.

Trump is a Teflon President

The Alliance’s generals served under Globalist presidents, and they know the playbook, chapter-and-verse. They also know that Globalists will always assume that everyone is like themselves, corrupt and duplicitous with plenty of skeletons in their closets.

This explains their repeated failures to bring Trump down on baseless corruption charges.  The Globalists assumed Trump was like them and that Mueller would find skeletons in his closet and yet, found nothing.  Now, we’re finding skeletons in Mueller’s closet.

The impeachment was not even a crime, and only one Republican voted with the Globalists, Senator Mitt (Backstabber) Romney.  He split with Trump as thanks for his endorsement and voted to convict the President.  Does the word “recall” strike a note?

Likewise, every other Democrat scam to bring POTUS down has failed, which has been a given since the beginning.

This is because the Alliance’s generals knew Trump would be a Teflon President long before recruiting him.  He’s an honest man, and this, like the armor on an M1 Abrams battle tank, means that the Democrat stench salvos bounce off of him.

Trump showed himself to be a hard-fighting scrapper during the debate with Biden.  While the pundits and media talking heads pontificated as to why neither candidate won the debate, they’re all as blind as bats.

Biden went into the debate to do one thing, to appear presidential and dignified, in contrast to Trump’s combative nature as an Ivy-league street fighter.

Therefore, it was Biden’s debate to lose and Trump and the Patriots know Biden’s hot buttons. That is why Trump grabbed Biden by the belt buckle and dragged him into a disgusting donnybrook that looked more like the food fight in Animal House than a debate.

In the ensuing free-for-all brawl, Biden jumped down into the gutter and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, so much for looking presidential.

As for Trump, he could have been a total flop in the debate, and it wouldn’t have mattered to his base because he’s their son-of-a-bitch, and he opened a big can of whup-ass with plenty of sharp edges.  Pass the popcorn, please.

Ergo, Trump won because Biden forfeited his opportunity to appear presidential.

What did Trump and the Alliance win?  With Biden in the gutter, their command of the battlespace is now complete.

Commanding the Battlespace

As previously stated, the battlespace is a term used to signify a military strategy that incorporates the entire theatre of operations, including all available assets.

Major battles can occur in the air, such as the Battle for Britain, when the Royal Air Force (RAF) defeated the Luftwaffe over England’s skies and ended Hitler’s hopes of launching an invasion across the Channel.

They can also happen at sea, such as the Battle of Midway, where our Navy sank four major Japanese aircraft carriers in June 1942.  Worse than losing ships and aircraft, the Imperial Japanese Navy also lost highly skilled pilots.  Consequently, it ceased to be a war-winning navy.

However, WWII was not won in the air or at sea.  It was won on the ground, and the same holds true for this current conflict between the Globalists and the Alliance.

Hence, what we are now seeing play out before us now, is what the QAnon community calls “Red October.”

Red October

Major land battles often begin with an intensive artillery barrage to ‘soften up’ the enemy lines for the ground assault.  Up to now, the Alliance has been harassing and disrupting the Globalist battle plan, with little drips of pain.

The real barrage began in the month called “Red October” by the Patriots and the QAnon community.  Ergo, the question is, where are the shells landing.

They are landing on a crucial part of the battlespace, which comprises the voting bases of the Republican and Democrat parties, which is why the MSM spin machine wants us to quibble over undecided voters.

Undecideds are an absurd waste of time, much like waiting to see if the groom or bride actually shows up for the wedding before telling the caterers to open the caviar.  Now that’s really undecided.

More to the point, the undecided numbers are statistical chump change because this will not be a close election, nor will it be a landslide. Instead, it will be a body blow for the left and their Globalist masters.

Remember, this election is not what it seems.  It is a military operation, and the goal of the Alliance is to dominate the battlespace.

Yes, we are warned that mail-in ballots will throw the election after the polls close. However, that’s not the real reason for vote by mail, as the GOP is ready with a phalanx of hair-trigger lawyers to fight voting irregularities before numerous Trump appointees.

So here we are.  Weeks away from Election Day, and Joe Biden is hiding in the basement because the Democrat strategy is to harvest votes from its base via mail before the ‘Trump Card’ is played this month.

Like Midway, this will end whatever chance the Democrats have to be a national, election-winning party.  This is why Democrats are voting by mail now before the Trump Card hits them.

The Trump Card

For over a year, the QAnon community has been abuzz with the prospect of a Trump Card being played in October to expose damming criminality in the Democrat Party and the Obama administering weeks if not days before the election.

It could be ugly, and it could happen in days or not at all because this is how things work.  The Trump Card could be a disinformation ploy by the Alliance to disrupt the Globalists.

For this reason, I prefer to focus on what is happening as opposed to what could happen and here are three significant examples of what has been happening in the last few weeks:

  • COVID: Trump contracted COVID, was hospitalized, and is now immune and back to his normal routine. Proof that COVID manipulation is about the election, and even the WHO has backflipped.  Now they’re saying that the poverty caused by the lockdowns is worse than the disease.
  • MEDIA: Trump has declassified all of the documents relating to Russian collusion and the Clinton email scandal. Now the mainstream media is focused on spin control, they’re in it up to their little red pencils.
  • SOROS: In September, Trump announced that he intends to have Antifa and the KKK designate and the Ku Klux Klan as terrorist organizations. With Antifa so designated, this puts a bullseye on George Soros, a major Globalist player.  I hope Trump sends him flowers and a one-way ticket to Israel. They’ll know where to plant him and the flowers.

Above all else, never forget that diversion helps to distract the enemy from the main thrust of your attack when you attack an enemy.  This is why this election is not a political battle anymore.  It’s military vs. thugs and what happened last week is even more important from my perspective.  Trump declared war on the tech giants.

Free Speech vs. Silicon Valley

Trump has declared total war on Silicon Valley tech giants, an important fact not fully appreciated by most Americans.  In terms of powerful Globalist technology, losing this advantage will be decisive. The MSM is continually losing credibility, which has shifted the newsgathering and presentation battle to social media platforms.

The DOJ brought anti-trust actions against the tech giants, and Trump just dropped the other shoe.  In a recent Twitter post on October 6, 2020, he says, “REPEAL SECTION 230!!!”

Yes, we all know about their free-flowing expresso coffee bars, but this will hit them like the mother of all coffee enemas.

Google and Facebook et al. have prospered under section FCC Section 230 and abused it beyond all recognition.  After 230 is repealed, they will be eaten alive with class-action lawsuits, and so these arrogant giants see the pain coming, a consequence born of their smug malice.

It is a battle of life or death and death, and now that we’ve discussed what the Alliance is doing to the Globalists, it is time to discuss what is in store for us, no matter whether Trump plays the Trump Card or not.

The Patriots know that if they fail, they and everyone they love and care about will suffer a terrible vengeance of universal ruination and sometimes even death.  Consequently, if Biden wins, they’ll want their pound of flesh and all the blood as well.

The Flynn case is a telling example.  Judge Sullivan is dragging this case out in the hopes that Biden will win and appoint someone new to run the DOJ and resume the prosecution of General Flynn. Sullivan is not just a corrupt judge; he’s a stupid one as well and needs to go.

Nonetheless, it shows how far the Globalists and their Democrat Party lackeys will go to crush a patriotic uprising because they still believe they will prevail in the long run – but why?

Post-Election Vengeance

Enraged, but not deterred, the Globalists will use all their available assets to make the world suffer a terrible post-election vengeance.  If you cannot defeat your enemy head-on, attack their flanks, and distract them with a plethora of pain.  Then look for new opportunities to attack.

This terrible vengeance will come in two ways, for reasons we can see and for the ones we do not.

Globalists are quite adept at intimidation and blackmail. As their evil deeds and conspiracies are exposed, their efforts to suppress the truth with a vengeance shall intensify as never before. A good portion of it will become insidious and unseen, as usual.

Meanwhile, they will up the ante by inciting violence against the Trump administration, forcing it to impose martial law and other measures to restore law and order. Likewise, the tech giants will respond with disruptions of communication services.

Furthermore, to ensure pain across the globe, the Globalist will use their vast web of global organizations to disrupt energy supplies and to create food shortages.

The overall goal will be to force the Trump administration to focus their energy and efforts on containment and recovery.  And yes, they’ll also do it because they’re evil petty shits.

The Alliance has anticipated this, and they will mitigate much of the harm. However, but there will still be enough suffering to go around, perhaps more than enough.

If eventual victory is to be achieved for freedom, we all must be ready to accept the pain of this terrible vengeance with resolve.

There will be those amongst us who will answer a call to action and be willing to accept the consequences of that choice, and so the ones who will not are the focus of the Globalists.

They want those who sit on the sidelines to undermine the resolve of those who support the Alliance.  They will look like us and talk like us, and they will call for an early end to this war, and they will use our pain and suffering against us.

Here is where you must make your choice, dear reader.  Do not follow the Globalist dictates and oppose this opportunity for a new age of freedom across the world, for the sake of personal comfort and expediency.

Whether you march and take the blows or sit passively on the sidelines, do so with quiet resolve if you love this country.

Now, it is time for you to answer the question, “What am I prepared to do?”


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