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New Wilton, Wiltshire Crop Circle Signals a Major Communication Event is Coming

YOWUSA.COM, 23-May-2010
Marshall Masters

New Wilton, Wiltshire Crop Circle Signals a Major Communication Event is Coming First reported on May 22, 2010, a new formation at the Wilton Windmill, near Wilton, Wiltshire is a clear harbinger of what could be a major communication event this season. As always, Mark Fussell and Stuart Dike of the Crop Crcle Connector web site are on the case and doing a brilliant job of it.

Assuming the authenticity of the formation (approx. 200' diameter) is confirmed with verifiable field reports, 2010 could become a pivotal year in crop circle research. This is because the binary encoded structure of this formation clearly demonstrates that the message makers have clearly established a perceptual communication protocol for a series of future formations.

“It Certainly Resembles a Computer Disc?”

In the Crop Circle Connector report, Lucy Pringle states: “It certainly resembles a computer disc? Any explanation most welcome as I believe this is important.” Lucy is on the right track, because this is clearly a computer related glyph.

However, not in the modern sense, as most would assume. Rather, the Wilton Windmill formation offers a perfect representation of a hard drive platter.

internal view of hard driveUnlike a DVD or CD, a hard drive platter is housed inside the hermetically sealed housing of the hard drive installed in our laptops, computers and other such devices.

The reason hard disk drive have more storage capacity than a single DVD or Blu-ray disc, is that they can use a stack of platters to multiply the capacity. The next order of business is to organize the data stored on the hard drive platters so that it can be used reliably. This is done using tracks, cylinders and sectors.

On the Crop Circle Connector site, Andreas Muller posted a preliminary diagram of the formation. Next to it, is a Wikipedia image of how the data on a hard drive platter is organized.

Wilton Windmill 2010 Organization

If this doesn't send shiver down your back, you're going to love what comes next.

Shades of V'ger Past

In the first Star Trek film, a Voyager probe leaves the solar system and returns as a planet-eating behemoth named V'ger. The point here is that space junk can come back at you in the oddest ways.

This in turn raises an interesting possibility. With all the junk in orbit over our heads, there's got to be a few old had drives here and there. (Kinda handy when you come to the think about it.) So what would it look like?

Wilton Windmill 2010 Appearance

The hard drive platter you're seeing in the illustration above, is decades old. A relic of the late 20th century. Just like a lot of the junk in orbit over our heads. The possibilities are endless, but more importantly, what should be looking for next?

Keeping an Eye Out

I'm am so looking forward to reading the Wilton Crop Circle field reports when they come out. Once the formation have vetted and is determined to be non-anthropomorphic (a fancy term for 2 drunk jerks with planks didn't make it), the game is afoot and something big is coming.

Crabwood 2002This formation takes me back to the famous Alien holding a disc formation that appeared in Crabwood England on August 15, 2002.

Later when I founded the Sagan Continuation Project in 2003, I was haunted by the last two words from the translation of the Data-CD glyph in the formation, by Maurice Osborn.

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING,"

Sagan Continuation ProjectThose two words “COnduit CLOSING,” hung like a dark cloud. Now, could the conduit be opening again? If so, the comma does give one hope and so I wrote a reply some 7 years ago.

We WELCOME all who RESPECT our FREE WILL.  If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves.  There is GOOD HERE too.  WE LOOK for a reply,

Maurice event went to England and created his own crop circle using this message and since then, I've included it on every page and email sent from our site.

This is not to suggest that the message makers are answering us, however if this formation is genuine, it will mean that the dialog is changing. Sacred geometry may no longer be the king of the hill as it looks like we're about to go digital in a much bigger way.

If so, what am I on the lookout for? In a word, “dimensions.” I'll be looking for any new binary encoded formation. Especially those that form with multiple glyphs all at once, or over a period of days.

Also, any series of related formations with similar dimensions, such that you could literally assemble them like a stack of platters in a hard drive.

Something like that could certainly take the conversation to a whole new level. It's kinda cool when you think about it. Needless to say, I am looking forward to an interesting season.