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Behind the Scenes Look at UK Crop Circle Researchers with Producer William Gazecki

YOWUSA.COM, 11-October-03
Marshall Masters

Crop Circles: Quest for Truth (2003)While crop circles appear worldwide, the verdant English countryside is without question, the "Kodak Moment" of sophisticated formations.  While these formations receive the bulk of mainstream media coverage, what about the English crop circle researchers who find and document these fabulous formations?  Are they clannish group of fringe element geeks and crackpots, or are they the kind of people you'd expect to see living in your own neighborhood?  Thankfully, we have the benefit of a very revealing video by renowned producer and director, William Gazecki to help us answer that very question.  In his documentary video Crop Circles: Quest for Truth (2003), he draws open the curtain of obscurity to reveal a unique view into the minds and personalities of English crop circle researchers.  In this exclusive YOWUSA.COM interview article, Gazeki responds to our questions about these people and what makes them tick.  Beware; some of his answers may surprise or anger you.

Crop Circles 101

William Gazeki’s Crop Circles: Quest for TruthFilmed in 2002 and released on April 15, 2003, William Gazeki's Crop Circles: Quest for Truth in brilliant in its approach.  For anyone with a budding new interest in this mysterious phenomenon, Gazeki's video is the perfect Crop Circles 101 introductory course.

Unlike other productions, his 120-minute VHS crop circle research video does not drag on from one methodical academic-oriented building block to another.  Rather, it artfully mimics the phenomena itself, in that it is a jumble of competing thoughts and ideas that somehow all seem to fit together like gnarled branches growing from a sturdy tree trunk.

Crop Circle Cast

In order of appearance:

  1. Michael Glickman, Author & Lecturer
  2. Colin Andrews, Researcher & Author
  3. Busty Taylor, Photographer & Pilot
  4. George Wingfield, Photographer
  5. John Martineau, Author & Publisher
  6. Isabelle Kingston, Historian
  7. Polly Carson, Farmer
  8. Suzanne Taylor, Philanthropist
  9. Simon Peter Fuller, Historian
  10. Lucy Pringle, Author & Photographer
  11. Robin Heath, Author
  12. Nick Kollerstrom, Educator
  13. Andreas Mueller, Int'l Crop Circle Archive
  14. Paul Vigay, Circle Researcher
  15. Bob Bates, Artist & Teacher
  16. John Michel, Author
  17. Michael Miley, Journalist
  18. Palden Jenkins, Philosopher
  19. Andy Thomas, Author and Circle Researcher
  20. Karen Douglas, Writer and Publisher
  21. Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team, Inc.
  22. Charlie Mallet, Field Researcher
  23. Bert Janssen, Author & Producer
  24. Janet Ossebaard, Author & Circle Researcher
  25. Steve Alexander, Photographer
  26. Francine Blake, Circle Researcher
  27. Jazz Rasool, Astrophysicist

William GazeckiGazeki's production method is reminiscent of the photographic ‘Rule of Thirds', a standardized rule for composing commercially viable images.  Photographers know that if they violate the ‘Rule of Thirds', their photos will look amateurish and clumsy 99% of the time.  However, if they violate the rule and their image falls into that exclusive 1%, it means that they have captured a timeless piece of art — an image that will be stunning and desirable for decades.  What put Crop Circles: Quest for Truth into that 1% category is his panorama of personalities.

A Panorama of Personalities

Every video producer approaches a project with a goal.  Gazeki's was to imbue the viewer with a sense of marvel he felt himself as he explored actual formations in England and the people who study them.  As with all things, there is a compromise and this video is no different as it leaps over some critical scientific notions in favor of the more mundane.  If you are interested in the science of crop circles, this video is fluff.  However, if you are interested in the people who are building the foundation of this science, then you're in for a delightful surprise as can be evidenced by just a few of the characters that appear in the video beginning with this authors' favor, Michael Glickman.

Michael Glickman, Author & Lecturer

Michael GlickmanOf all the people in this video, none is more interesting that Michael Glickman.  While you get the sense that while most of the researchers are busy looking at trees, this man has the forest well in sight.  By golly, this guy really does get it, and his unique manner of expressing himself is compelling on to those with an open mind. No doubt, arrogant skeptics would hastily label him a wild-eyed crackpot.  Yet, the chance to sit in stuffy old chairs before a glowing hearth would be gift indeed.  I could just imagine us draining a bottle of well-aged single malt scotch and letting our minds roam free.  An evening that would no doubt, become a forever-cherished and revealing memory of exploration and wonder.

Colin Andrews, Researcher & Author

Colin AndrewsColin Andrews is a world-famous crop circle researcher, who has worked more closely with any government than any other crop circle researcher alive.  Further, he was a paid consultant on the movie Signs, which presented the whole crop circle phenomena in twisted and dark 1950's science horror fashion.  Many of those with a sincere interest crop circles are typically shocked when they learn that he consulted for a tidy profit on a film that presented crop circle makers and evil aliens of the Independence Day sort.

When compared with other researchers who've derived significantly less income, if any at all from their efforts, Andrews arguably comes across as someone who is more in this for the money than anything else.

Busty Taylor, Photographer & Pilot 

Busty TaylorIn the program, Busty seems keening interested in the correlations between crop circle formations and Celtic symbols. Yet, there was absolutely no mention of the correlations between the formations and the general types of ‘flying' weather he would be well aware of as a pilot.

While Celtic symbols are interesting, one cannot help but wonder what else one can learn about crop circles and weather measurements such as temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, wind direction and speed.

Polly Carson, Farmer

Polly CarsonThe farmers interviewed in the program were just as interesting as the crop circle researchers were, and it seems that no two farmers view the phenomena in the same way.  Polly Carson was the noblest farmer in the program.  She emphasized the history shared by farmers and the appearances of crop circle formations and took great pride in it.  What was interesting was that Gazecki chose a wide shot.  Her warm, yet orderly kitchen spoke volumes about her character. 

Farmer's WifeIn contrast to Polly Carson, Gazecki also interviewed the anonymous wife of a local farmer.  A large formation had appeared in their field and she had parked her car next to the fence with a large sign proclaiming their new crop circle, and was charging admission.  In stark contrast to Polly Carson, this woman had no interest in the phenomena, other than to recoup the lost revenue from the formation that had appeared in their field.

Simon Peter Fuller, Historian

Peter FullerFuller comes across as the quintessential historian in that he seems far more interested in the history of the phenomenon than in the present-day meaning of it.  He obviously holds a great sense of enthusiasm for the historical aspects of the farmlands involved, but demonstrates little if any interest in the meaning of what is happening, as opposed to the history of it.  It is as though he is wearing the blinders of the historical researcher to avoid a broader panorama of issues.

Lucy Pringle, Author & Photographer

Lucy PringleLucy is a well-known and regarded researcher and comes across in your program as a dignified, and reserved middle-aged English woman.  However, word has reached YOWUSA.COM that she is currently embroiled in contentious litigation with two other English crop circles researchers, Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas.  Consequently, the event coordinators at the Glastonbury Symposium in England have asked her not to appear there this year.  What is most troubling is that her on-camera mannerisms do not reflect the sort of contentious person who would call a lawyer or barrister at the drop of a hat.

Paul Vigay, Circle Researcher

Paul VigayWhat was most interesting about Paul Vigay's work is his interest in the fractal nature of crop circle formations.  It seemed far more ‘open' than the more traditional analysis based on symbolism and geometry.  Regrettably, the interview was rather short and left this vital chain of thought before it could be properly developed.  As with Busty Taylor, Photographer & Pilot, where Gazecki completely missed the crop circle weather issue, he again misses another critical bit of science by short-shifting Vigay's explanation of the fractal nature of crop circle formations.

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