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CONTACT!  Update #1 – Exclusive YOWUSA Interview with Canadian Crop Circle Researcher Matt Rock

YOWUSA.COM, 10-September-03
Marshall Masters

Matt Rock’s findingsSince we published Matt Rock's findings in our September 4, 2003 article, CONTACT! Canadian Crop Circle Researcher Matt Rock Identifies the Constellation Pisces as Point of Origin for English Formations, our message board has filled with intelligent and well-reasoned queries and comments. We've also received E-mails from some who've gone to great effort to dispute Matt's findings. However, when we ask for permission to publish their work, they evaporate into thin air instead of showing the courage to stand up in defense of their own ‘earnest and heartfelt' theories. Ergo, I've coined a new term for these ‘I know I'm right but don't publish me' phenomena. To paraphrase Robin Williams' character, Ms. Doubtfire, I've dubbed them ‘run-by-theoretical-fruitings'

So is Matt Rock is just another run-by-theoretical-fruiter?  To satisfy that poser, I interviewed him for the purpose of disclosing the events that led  him to his published findings.  I also asked him as to what he thinks could be the purpose behind this new dialogue.  His answers may really surprise you.

Why I Published Matt Rock's Findings

We've  turned a big corner in terms of crop circles, as whoever is contacting us has initiated a handshaking phase in our own lingua digital as evidenced in a recurring formation that appeared 4 times in the fields of England.

YOWUSA.COM, September 4, 2003
CONTACT!  Canadian Crop Circle Researcher Matt Rock Identifies the Constellation Pisces as Point of Origin for English Formations

Hill Barn 22-July-03Hurrah! Folks we've made contact with whoever is creating some or all of the non-human made formations in the world. After publishing my August 9, 2003 article Recurring Crop Circle Pictograms Could Be the Keys to a Dialogue, a mysterious world of hurt has descended upon the crop circle researchers in England even formations suddenly stopped appearing, as noted in my article, Are English Crop Circles Being Covertly Suppressed?  Then late last night I received an E-mail from crop circle researcher Matt Rock of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN).   After reading my article and struck pay dirt. Whoever is creating the crop circles noted in this article are from somewhere in the constellation Pisces and Matt Rock nailed their return address, and that constitutes contact!

The best way to understand how Matt arrived at his conclusion, is to begin with the E-mail I received from him last night. After that, I will present the relevant parts of my article Recurring Crop Circle Pictograms Could Be the Keys to a Dialogue, followed by a series of composite images that will pull everything together.

Handshaking is the term we use when two computers recognize each other and begin to dialog with one another. If you use a 56K dial up modem the handshake is that weird Outer Limits noise that happens after the other computer picks up. When it goes away, the handshake is either successful and you're surfing the web, or it is not and the connection is broken. In the case of this year, it was government intervention that broke an otherwise successful handshake.

I see this because I have been a freelance technical writer since 1987, and I've written many technical white papers on Internet technology for companies like SUN and HP.

The purpose of a technical white paper is to explain complex communication technology to business decision makers. I've also written other technical communications documents, such as one for Lockheed Martin, that detailed the communication path from a command entered on a ground-based controller PC all the way through the system to the on-board computer in a satellite in low Earth orbit and back again.

In short, I fully understand that black hole that lurks beyond our computer modems.  I also know that the Internet has become Earth's lingua digital because we're bouncing immense amounts of Internet traffic off our communications satellites.  This in turn means that we're also broadcasting our Internet (and other) messages into space.

For most people, this conversation is too dense with technical information. Sorry folks, this will never be a neatly-packaged, smoking-gun sound-bite for the evening news broadcasts. Yet, if you take the time to understand the concepts, it does become ever so apparent — and simple! Just as it did to Matt Rock.

Interview with Matt Rock

When Matt sent me the first e-mail, I knew he'd intuitively found the right answer, because it was a simple application of Occam's Razor: The simplest model is more likely to be correct -- especially when we are working with unusual phenomena.

This is why the purpose of this interview is to first step you, the reader, through Matt's own process of discovery. Following that, Matt will share his opinions about why we've embarked upon this new dialogue with friends from afar.

MARSHALL: What caught your attention about the images reported in my crop circle key article, and why this sparked your curiosity?

MATT ROCK: Just to let you know, Marshall, your article was only part of it. I knew about these formations coming into play as they were being formed. I have been following Mark Fussel's website all summer religiously. The spark that got me going was our own Canadian formations. The Stewarttown formation was, in fact, an embedded Pleiades Cluster. So I basically took whatever knowledge from Stewarttown and applied it to the UK formations this summer. That being magnitudes and proportioning systems for the Pleiades structure. I still need to do this for the PISCES set. I need time and energy and clarity of mind in order to figure this out.

MARSHALL: Did you already know of these stars in the constellation Pisces or did you match them up with the pattern?

MATT ROCK: I can say that I didn't know consciously that these stars were based in Pisces, but subconsciously I can say that I did. Intuition is based in subconsciousness, and it led me to the right place at the right time. No I did not do any prior searching. It all happened naturally speaking. As soon as I saw the cluster in my Cartes Du Ceil program, I knew right away what it was. It was a timing of many things that were unchecked/unmonitored. Psychic abilities are strong in some people, and I may be one of those people.

MARSHALL: What was the correlation between the physical attributes of the formations on Earth and the physical attributes of the stars chosen?

MATT ROCK: Physically speaking, the diameters from the pictures of the circles displayed 'magnitude'. This I can confirm with the Pleiades structure found inside the local formation in Ontario (this formation is the baseline for EVERYTHING that I will do from now on). The Pleiades formation has nearly all equal sized circles (13feet, 13 feet, 14 feet). I have confirmed the angles and proportions of lengths between circles to match the stars. I merely applied the same forethought to the 4 stars in the Pisces Constellation, and you'll notice that these stars are almost identical in magnitude with the odd being a little smaller by almost 1 magnitude. Of course without sufficient 'data' or 'measurements' this can not be perfected to what the society would want to know. The measurements are badly needed to complete the task. To confirm. Without confirmation then the formations are ! in limbo (to me and to others who would also like to verify the whole business scientifically).

Tell your readers to visit CCCRN.ca and look up the Stewarttown formation.  This will give them an idea of the scope that I had 'captured' during its analysis.

MARSHALL: Did you employ any threshold requirements (such as viewing with the naked eye) for the stars you chose, and why?

MATT ROCK: Exactly! Threshold limit of the human eye is important to me because our eyes are natural telescopes. That would be about 6 magnitude and perhaps 2.5 seconds of ARC astronomically speaking. It is my firm belief that the 'creators' want some of us (not all) to use our own 'built in' skills and figure this out using our natural abilities, our eyes. They want us to forego the instruments for these....well perhaps to a limit. I used computers and books to help me understand after the discovery. They are making it easy for us, as you can see, they could have picked any set of stars that are well beyond our visual capabilities and in doing so they would not create a 'following' of curious peoples as easily. They kept it simple and inside our own knowledge realm. We know PISCES already, so why not get our attention by showing off some of the internal structure of the PISCES constellation?

MARSHALL: How would a civilization in the constellation Pisces know how their part of the sky would look like to those of us here on Earth?

MATT ROCK: How would they? I don't think it is the case that these beings would have the same Pisces configuration in their solar system. And it is highly unlikely, especially if they come from an area which is 1 light year to 10 parsecs away. This is all relevant if one knows how far apart the stars in PISCES are and then works using basic trigonometry to determine where and when the PISCES formation would alter in appearance.

Too far out in space and the Pisces formation would distort beyond comprehension leaving only the magnitudes and star material properties and other physical connections in order to determine which is which. But still that is HUGE coincidence when you think of how many stars there really are. I think they are visiting us and telling US what we have outside of our solar system. I think they are here, and I think they are doing this to promote thought and education in astronomy on a GLOBAL basis. There are too many peoples out there who know nothing of the cosmos, which is a shame, and I think the beings recognize this. They are trying to prepare us for the future, or help us forward by promoting astronomy education. Perhaps for space exploration, perhaps for bringing us forward in morality and respect for the cosmos, which I think is (the cosmos) extremely delicate in nature and balance. If we were to travel through space, we need to become ! ;wise in our heads and hearts about how things work on a BASIC, sincere level and [then] make the discoveries as we are out there amongst the stars.

MARSHALL: Would the alignment and size of the four stars you chose have looked the same from Earth 2,000, 5,000, 10,0000 or more years ago?

MATT ROCK: No, after about 1000 years/1 millennium the stars would have shifted enough that the PISCES formation would lose its tangibility. Of course, over 1000 years, we would know what had become of it due to our logging of star positions and monitoring of super novas and other astronomical events. And of course, this is based upon stars' positions and their physical characteristics, like 'how fast are they traveling in space away from us or towards us,' 'gravitational fields,' 'supernovas,' 'black hole formation,' 'collisions of stars,' 'stars dying or stars being born.'

MARSHALL: Let's suppose that those who are making these formations are using the small spherical balls of light that have often been videographed and reported by crop circle researchers as unmanned probes, similar to those that NASA has been sending to the far reaches of our solar system and beyond. Could these probes not only be used to detect optimal imaging environments, but would they also be able to image their origination point from Earth?

MATT ROCK: I'm not sure what you're asking here , Marshall, but I'll see if I can answer it to the best of my ability.

I believe what you're saying is the probes/spherical lighted craft/luminescent balls are in fact 'scouts' which are guided under intelligent control, which would arrive before any space craft had come into the area or perhaps well before the the earth's atmosphere.  After which the space craft would imprint the ground with the Highly Life Enriching energy (chromotagraphy proves this I believe) and voila a formation. These probes/scouts can be illuminated or invisible altogether using a form of electromagnetic radiation that basically enables a 'cloaking' effect (aka Star Trek-Klingons).  I don't think this is fiction either, I think they have the technology to mask themselves out of the visible light portion of the spectrum by perhaps bending light around the craft.  The probe in this case.  I think these balls of light/probes/scouts also have the ability to extract environmental information.  SO you are right, they image the 'drop zone' ahead of time.  A week in advance, and then this information is passed off to the space craft, so that it can perform its operation. Think of it as a 'relay' in track and field.

About imaging their own home system in the stars?  This is hard to say and I know what you are getting at.  You want me to say, YES, they are imaging their home star system for us.  I don't know this for sure, and the body of evidence has not been filtered through enough yet.  It needs more time.  Those 4 formations have other IMPORTANT information that I already mentioned to you, that being how the formations are laid out in the West Overton area. But WAIT! Do you remember the Chilbolton formation that had the Arecibo return message?  I read a book which translated the HOME address of the ETs, but I forgot it!  Damn.  There is a book on the market which has a breakdown of this formation (Arecibo return message sent out in the 70's by Carl Sagan and others). It describes how these beings are containing silicon in their bodies, and all sorts of other things including their DNA structure, which is HIGHLY ADVANCED compared to us.

For all we know, these ETs may not even have a HOME address, they may have become permanent residents of the vacuum of space OR they have distributed their kind and offspring all over the cosmos.  Various worlds.

-- end of interview --

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