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Are English Crop Circles Being Covertly Suppressed?

YOWUSA.COM, 01-September-03
Marshall Masters

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Crabwood 2002 messageIn my July 3, 2003 article Are Extraterrestrials at Odds With Crop Circle Messages?, I raised the possibility that we could see a major new formation in England sometime in the middle of this August with a continuation of the Crabwood 2002 message.  Then on August 9, 2003 I published Recurring Crop Circle Pictograms Could Be the Keys to a Dialogue, in which I reported a building sequence of formations that could be leading us towards a much-awaited continuation of the Crabwood 2002 message.  In that article, I also noted that someone had mysteriously broken into the home of crop circle researched Maurice Osborn and destroyed the master copy of his video "Alien Messages."  Then something mysterious happened.  Crop circles stopped forming in England, although they continued to form elsewhere.  At face value, it undoubtedly appears there is a convert effort underway to prevent the appearance of formations in England since the 10th of this month — but why?

After receiving a call from a Coast To Coast producer on the 19th of this month asking if there had been a recent follow-on formation to the Crabwood 2002, I had to tell her that nothing had happened but that I'd stay in touch.  This is when I began wondering why the crop circle season in England this year had ground down to an inexplicable halt.  Then the dime dropped.

After taking the last few days off, I placed a previously scheduled call to Maurice Osborn yesterday morning and jokingly greeted him with, "are there any black helicopters hovering over you today?"  I was just having fun with him, but Maurice didn't see it that way.

"Have you read, Linda's latest article?" he replied in a heavy tone.  (Just the way he said it screamed "danger Will Robinson, danger, danger!")

Hats Off to Linda Moulton Howe

As Maurice and I continued our conversation, I pulled up the Earthfiles.com web site, and this comment on the second page of Linda's article hit me right between the eyes:

Earthfiles.com, August 29, 2003
Part 2 - After August 10, No Crop Formations Except in Canada?

...it is August 29th, and crop circle researchers are puzzled by the fact that not a single other formation was reported anywhere in England or Europe after August 10th. But after that date, crop patterns have been reported in Burlington, North Dakota near Minot, and Canada.

After ringing off with Maurice, I read the entire article, and the first part, the part about the helicopters, really got my head to buzzing.

Earthfiles.com, August 29, 2003
Part 1 - Why Do Military Helicopters Focus On Crop Formations?

(Personal Account of Linda Moulton Howe)

…I walked outside toward my car and was astonished by the sudden loud roar of a helicopter.  It was a solid black Apache bristling with all its gun ports only about 300 feet above me.  The helicopter turned tightly over my head as if observing me, and I took photographs of it with my 35mm camera.  …

Apache AD-64D HelicopterSoon, I was to hear another story about an encounter with Apache helicopters from Andy Buckley, a computer graphic artist from Manchester…

(Personal Account of Andy Buckley, Computer Graphic Artist, Manchester, England) 

…"I just heard this noise.  At first, I thought it was a farm vehicle.  It was quite a low-pitched rumbling sound.  But it got louder and louder, and [I] suddenly realized it was a helicopter. So, what I did then was I ran back to the bridge and stood on top of the canal bridge and saw two large, military helicopters and they were sort of maneuvering over the field where this crop formation is or was.

Before going any further, I want to congratulate Linda Moulton Howe publicly for having the guts to publish this article and her photos of the helicopter, because that chopper that buzzed her was no dinky commuter chopper.  No, sir.  She was buzzed by the most advanced and dangerous helicopter in the world today, the Apache AH-64D Longbow. 


An Apache Longbow armed with 16 Hellfire missiles, eight under each wing.The Apache is a twin-engined army attack helicopter developed by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing).

The AH-64D Longbow is fitted with the Longbow millimetre wave fire control radar and the Longbow Hellfire missile.  The AH-64D Longbow Apache entered service with the 1st Battalion of the 227th Aviation Regiment in October 1998.

The AH-64D Longbow Apache is equipped with the Northrop Grumman millimetre-wave Longbow radar. The Longbow fire control radar incorporates an integrated radar frequency interferometer for passive location and identification of radar emitting threats.  An advantage of millimetre wave is that it performs under poor visibility conditions and is less sensitive to ground clutter.  The short wavelength allows a very narrow beamwidth, which is resistant to countermeasures.

The Longbow Apache can effect an attack in thirty seconds.  The radar dome is unmasked for a single radar scan and then remasked.  The processors determine the location, speed and direction of travel of a maximum of 256 targets.

Near Real-Time situational awareness schematic.Let's put it right on the money, folks.  That ‘all black' Apache AH-64D Longbow that buzzed Linda Moulton Howe has the most powerful targeting avionics of any attack helicopter out there today.  Further, it can fully coordinate with specially equipped ground units and the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) surveillance aircraft.

So in other words, what Linda may not have noticed (while she was being buzzed) were nearby ground units, nor a possible E-8C circling overhead.

Now all this brings us to a simple question.  Why would anyone use such an impressive armada of technology to harass English farmers and crop circle researchers?  On the other hand, are they just incidental annoyances to the main task?

In response all I can speculate falls in line with an old saying; "a fish stinks from the head down" and the covert head of this fish stinks to high heaven!

So is there an ongoing cover-up?

A 1995 Formation Comes Back Into Focus

Now, either this part of my story has to be a freakish coincidence full of sound and fury and meaning nothing, or it could help to explain why there haven't been any new crop circles in England since August 10, 2003.

In the last few days, an article that recently appeared on the Swirled News web site has caused a real buzz on the Internet — especially it seems amongst those predicting an apocalyptic event for Earth.

Swirled News, August 26, 2003

Back in 1995, a formation clearly showed the inner part of our solar system, with the planets lined up as they will be on 6th September 2003…  What should we expect on this almost imminent date, asks ANDY THOMAS?

‘asteroid’ glyph at Tichborne…one of the more neglected astronomical crop patterns is the so-called ‘asteroid' glyph at Tichborne, Hampshire, which appeared on 20th June 1995.  This is another unarguable depiction of our inner solar system, showing an alignment of planets due to occur on 6th September 2003...  Now less than two weeks away!

The design shows all the inner planets surrounded by a ring of ‘beads', which appear to show significant positions of Mars over an eight-year period — in other words, the exact period between the appearance of the formation and the 2003 date predicted. Interesting to note that Mars is currently at its closest position to Earth for many years (peaking a week before the date shown in the formation) and is very bright in the sky at the moment.

Mark 6th September in your diaries, then.  But don't come complaining to us if nothing significant occurs…  The meaning may be far more subtle than we know — or only become clearer retrospectively.

After reading many of the posts on the Internet regarding this article I was saddened by the panic mongering tied to Andy Thomas's brilliant article because he has done a first rate job of scientifically analyzing the formation.  Also, he specifically tells us to withhold judgment before we leap to premature conclusions.  In this, I wholly concur, because the next part of my analysis, if taken out of context, will only serve to throw fuel on the fire of those seeking to use this formation as a panic-mongering pretext for some pet prophesy.

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