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Are Extraterrestrials at Odds With Crop Circle Messages?

YOWUSA.COM, 03-May-03
Updated on 03-July-03
Marshall Masters

2002 Crabwood FormationLast year, the Crop Circle Connector web site first reported the incredible Crabwood formation that had just appeared in England on the 15th of August near a microwave station near Winchester, Hampshire.  A few days later, the EarthFiles.com web site published an anonymous decoding of the message, which has since become the de facto standard despite its dubious origins.

Unconvinced, we published Is The Crabwood Formation a Hoax? on September 7, in which we stated, "The folks at Earthfiles...have been used by a government disinformation operative for the purpose of killing public interest in the message of the Crabwood formation though fruitless and misleading conjecture." 

At that time, the evidence behind our claim was circumstantial.  Now we have a smoking gun!  And the interesting thing is that this is not even the half of it.  It seems that E.T. has a disinformation bone to pick as well!

The Smoking Gun

In retrospect, the disinformation decoding of the Crabwood formation as published on the EarthFiles.com web site hit the Internet like a 747 full of SARS carriers.  Before we knew it, the decoding became the acknowledged standard and yet, just like SARS, nobody really knew who created this disinformation virus because EarthFiles.com attributed the decoding to two anonymous authors.

Relying solely upon the credibility of the EarthFiles.com, even noted crop circle researchers bought the decoding hook line and sinker despite its dubious sources.

Maurice OsbornThen along comes a fellow by the name of Maurice Osborn.  Yesterday, I received a preview copy of a homemade videotape from him titled Alien Messages

I had been half-expecting it after he had written asking me to review his video, so I didn't have much in mind when I plopped it into the VCR.

At first, I was a bit put off the by the homemade sound and image quality of the production, even though, as a former CNN Science features producer I could see a immense effort in terms of organization and presentation.

As the program began, it quickly fell into a plodding academic presentation as Maurice began methodically building a case for his crop circle message findings.  Also, as a professional video producer, I must admit that a homemade video with muddy VHS quality can quickly drive me to distraction. 

For a moment, my hand quivered over the remote, but then… the story formed.

Osborn's fastidious attention to the facts and the logic of his analysis became so compelling that I was no longer distracted by ambient sounds and blurry red letters.  Without a doubt, Alien Messages by Maurice Osborn is a brilliant diamond in the rough, and a very large one at that! 

At the end of his video, he even asks the viewer to make copies of his program and to share it freely with others.  So say what you may; fact is, this man is putting his name and his face on the front line.  And if you're interested in getting his video, write him at me_osborn@yahoo.com.

Now, I'd like to share a few of the salient points in his video, to include a few video captures and conclude with the actual message contained within the 2002 Crabwood formation.  Then I'll go one step further and ask an obvious question that Maurice left out of his video.

First Came the Geometry

Early in the video, Maurice builds upon the work of noted crop circle researches like Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies and American biophysicist William Levengood in explaining the manner in which crop circles are formed as evidenced by the plants in the formations.  Here, nothing really new is brought to the table, however, this is fundamental knowledge that needs to be repeated. 

geometric complexities After this, he explains the hidden geometric complexities inherent in crop circle formations showing the intentional relationships of points, lines, and angles within the formations and how these relationships underwent what is clearly methodical evolution of complexity.

At first, it appeared that his findings did more to substantiate the antics of crop circle hoaxers.  After all, all one needs to do is to create a geometric pattern on a PC and then follow the pattern with twine and stakes or even a good GPS device if you've got the spare change. No doubt, Maurice anticipated that and was quick to note that no evidence of human involvement was found by the crop circle researchers with regards to the formations presented in his video.

Also, he revealed an interested modis operandi inherent in the formation that has demonstrated a methodical building-block approach to creating a language bridge over the course of several years.  From year-to-year, and formation-to-formation, new elements have appeared in a logical fashion and apparently culminated with an August 13, 1991 formation in Ickleton, near Cambridge, England.  Interesting enough, this formation shows a perfect glyph of a fractal mathematical cipher known as a Mandelbrot Set, named after Benoit Mandelbrot.

Mandelbrot Set

In simple terms, a Mandelbrot set is a collection of complex numbers with real and imaginary parts. Or in Osborn's own words, "It is the most complex object in the universe and defines an eerie repeating mathematical order beneath the surface of chaos."

So was Maurice Osborn saying anything new?  Yes and no! Let's start with the "no" side of the question.

Crop Circle Connector
Ickleton, Nr Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Formed 13th August.

Probably the most unusual design to appear, not in its construction, but its origins was the Mandelbrot Set.  This shape describes a mathematical pattern that was discovered by a French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, in 1979.  It is a product of pure mathematics and of the chaos theory.

Aha!  So Maurice Osborn is only repeating what the Crop Circle Connector web site said back in 1991 — that this glyph represents a Mandelbrot Set.  Feeling smug?  Then let's go a little further and see where Osborn and the Crop Circle Connector web site part company. 

Crop Circle Connector
Ickleton, Nr Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Formed 13th August.

If we are to consider that this design was formed by some non human intelligence, then it's obvious that they have a superior understanding of math and science. Research has been undertaken on the actual meaning for this design, one theory is that it represents four different axis's between the material world and the spiritual.

Before going any further, let's go back and read the two key points in the paragraph above:

  • "…it's obvious that they have a superior understanding of math and science."
  • "…one theory is that it represents four different axis's between the material world and the spiritual."

Think about this for a moment.  Would an extraterrestrial race capable of understanding the mathematical complexities of a Mandelbrot Set use it to express their take on Buddhism?  (Pardon me, but what's wrong with this picture?)

For years, we've seen one formation after another explained and rationalized with  spiritual, paranormal, historical, mythical and theological paradigms and none of the explanation have ever passed the smell test — yet they persist.  When you fire up Osborn's video, the dime will drop.  Crop circles represent a clearly understandable language of technology. 

The Language of Technology

Chilbolton 13-Aug-2000During his presentation, Osborn shows how various crop circles represent common building block components such as the core technology behind our common microwave ovens.  Then over time, these known components are merged within ever-more complex glyphs representing more complex technologies. These are technologies Osborn suggests that we do not already posses, and the most sophisticated and useful alien technology gifted to mankind is the August 13, 2000 formation next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope, near Andover, Hampshire as reported by the Crop Circle Connector.

Crop Circle Connector, September 27, 2000
Chilbolton Radio Telescope, nr Andover, Hampshire. Reported 13th August.

The formation is located directly in the opposite field to the Radio Telescope, it is quite an eerie feeling to be standing in this huge formation, with the dish always in the corner of your eye.

The design is simply enormous, but from the air, you can quite clearly see that the Circlemakers have incorporated the dish into the design.

The Circlemakers must have intended for the design to mimic the telescope, probably trying to tell us this form of data, is important in some way?  Who knows, but it was well worth the visit!

What is clear in the Crop Circle Connector report is that the researchers sensed important data in the glyph, but simply could not fathom it.  Osborn, on the other hand, did and according to his findings, the August 13, 2000 formation next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope in England is a culmination of several previous formations and that it offers a complete schematic for a power energy generation device calls an H20 Magnetron. A device, which according to him can be used to  power turbine engines to generate unlimited amounts of free, renewable energy.

Before you blow off his conclusion, you really need to see the video and watch as he walks you through a building-block progression of formations to this singular conclusion.  (That is, if your knee-jerk cynicism will let you.)

That being said, is the August 13, 2000 formation next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope really a schematic for an incredible extraterrestrial free energy device?  In all honesty, I do not know because I'm not an engineer, however I'd like to have a few of them watch the video and decide for themselves.

Setting the feasibly of alien technology aside for a moment, it is patently obvious that Osborn does make a clear and compelling case for the use of crop circle formations as communication in the technological and astronomical sense. 

Also, here is where I found something missing in Osborn's presentation that set me on a very rewarding search.

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