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CSETI Disclosure Presentation

YOWUSA.COM, 14-May-01
Marshall Masters
Former CNN Science Features Field Producer

Last Wednesday, a lot of brave and credible people stepped forward at the CSETI disclosure presentation at the Washington Press Club, to publicly expressed their willingness to disclose classified UFO information before Congress.  Unfortunately, the whole event lacked the entertainment value of a sexy Presidential peccadillo, as was well demonstrated by the question CNN posed the next day on its UFO message board: "Are UFOs just fiction made up for entertainment? How seriously should we consider extraterrestrials? What are your UFO theories?"   And this single question really frames the whole UFO debate. 

AP and UPI covered the event along with 20 other news agencies including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News. All of the news agencies showed up hoping for a spectacular news entertainment event with story featuring astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, but they got were government whistle-blowers to which the media turned a blind eye. 

Finding themselves at a media event devoid of entertainment news value, the media completely missed the fact that before them sat competent, credible people who had bore witness to documents in government archives that could become so scandalous that every American would sit up, tune in, and take notice.  Yet, their attitude was essentially, nothing new here.  

However, this was in fact a new and unique news event because for the first time, the media was offered witnesses who could provide them with source documentation for their claims, photographs to back up that documentation, and a level of ultra secret knowledge that surpasses that of the most current military whistleblowers.  Yet, the media dismissed them in part because they were old retired sources, and mostly because the CSETI Disclosure event challenged them to perform some basic investigative journalism on a very important story with qualified sources.   

In the final analysis, Dr. Greer of CSETI failed to understand the basic concepts of entertainment news. If he had, he would have understood the relevance of the Clinton sex scandals to his own disclosure effort. He would have seen how the media had enjoyed a huge windfall of advertising income by spending a whole year covering the same story about semen stains on an intern's dress.  The story was about sex, it was simple, and it was cheap to produce.  It was pure formula!  Had Dr. Greer grasped these basic entertainment news fundamentals, he might very have generated a sense of investigative urgency in the news media media.     

But in the final analysis, is it the news media's fault that their myopic focus on entertainment news that caused them to overlook the critical new aspect of this event?  Or this more about those whom they seek to entertain.  

The Fact Is, We Are Afraid of the Future

There is a common link that crosses many new issues arising in the human experience.  Issues that include the threat of asteroids, Earth changes, the possibility of contact with other races, and the myopic manner in which we choose to ignore them all unless they serve to entertain us.  But their importance far transcends that of entertainment.   

We know that several extinctions of life have occurred on this planet.  Therefore, to choose to remain isolated on this planet is but to wait for the next extinction event.  If we are to survive as a species, we must explore and colonize space.  Yet, we're still hung up on that elusive thing called "proof."   

There is proof that asteroid threaten us, and this proof can be found on NASA's own web site.   There is proof that Earth changes threaten us, and this proof can be found on the UN web site.  Yet we gloss over it and ignore just as quickly as the proof that was offered last Wednesday by the CSETI Disclosure panel participants.   

Therefore, discussing the proof of these issues is pointless, because not one of these issues has managed to propel itself beyond the level of entertainment and break through the glass ceiling of public indifference.  We say we want the proof, but we really do not.  Why, because as long as we keep these issues suppressed as entertainment, the proof cannot change our lives in ways that we cannot imagine nor control.   

But why are we so afraid of the "proof" that forever seems to elude us, is the real question.  Until we are ready to answer that question, we can never hope to overcome the fear and survive as a species.  

What About The Proof?

Proof is abstract concept.  Case in point, is the O. J. Simpson trial. To this day, a majority of Americans are still convinced that the jury chose to overlook a mountain of evidence for purely emotional reasons.  Yet, it was those 12 people who decided and not the majority of Americans.  The bottom line here is that proof is only relative to those with the power to act on that knowledge.   

The UFO field has its fair share of opportunists, but they are far outnumbered by credible, professional UFO researchers like Dr. Greer of CSETI and Jim Dilettosoto, a leading UFO photo analyst, and many more.  For these people, solid UFO evidence is piled higher than a hundred O. J. Simpson cases.  But just the same, people see what they want to see and nothing more.   

So what do people really want to see? What will it take to make them believe? One answer to these questions came in the form of a question made by a member of the press to one of the CSETI panel participants.  One reporter wanted to know why extraterrestrials have not simply called a press conference to formally announce themselves to us.   

Maybe the extraterrestrials have seen enough of our sound byte news coverage to know better.  Or maybe they see the process being akin to dating on the Internet, where you try to get as much personal information from the other person as possible, without divulging your own.   

But there is another aspect to the reporter's question, which is essentially that they (the extraterrestrials) are not behaving according to the norms expected by the media.  The vacuous flipside of this question is that our media refuses to challenge its own expectations.   But the dissonance between reality and reason does not stop there.   

During the CSETI Disclosure conference, one reporter directed a question to all of the panel members, asking them to raise their hands if they knew that they were violating a vow of secrecy.  One of the panel members, YOWUSA's own John Maynard was overhead saying, "Don't raise your hands!"  

Given the media's interest in constitutional protections, why one of them would ask people to waive their Fifth Amendment rights at a public event boggles the mind.  But this is indicative of the media's general attitude towards the subject, as well as that of the public at large.   It this kind of thinking that usually lands us in traffic court.   

Looking 8 Cars Lengths Ahead

Sometimes we get lucky, and our traffic offense is light enough that the judge will waive the points on driving record if we will agree to attend a traffic safety school.  The alternative is to pay the fine, take the points, and then wait for the insurance company to up our auto insurance premium.  Driven by the strong desire to keep our fixed monthly expenses at a minimum, we usually accept the offer and then steel ourselves for a full day of auto safety instruction. 

One thing the driving instructor is sure to tell you will be that safe drivers do not stare directly at the road in front of their cars.   Rather, they look about 8 car lengths down the road to see what is happening in front of them so they can maneuver themselves away from potentially harmful situations.  Likewise, they routinely scan their rear view mirrors and to both sides of their vehicle as well. 

Some people listen to this advice and become defensive drivers and live to enjoy the lowest possible auto insurance premiums available from any company.  Meanwhile, others were more interested in removing the points from their driving record, and largely ignored the defensive instruction and if they are lucky, they'll get a second chance to take the traffic safety class. 

The point here is that the vast majority of us go through life looking directly at the road in front of us because we know that if we maintain the proper speed and stay in our lane that we will usually get where we want to go.  We look directly at the road ahead while going to work, taking the kids to soccer games, and rushing to the airport to catch a business flight. 

For this reason, the difference between those who see the "proof" of new human issues such as asteroids, Earth changes and extraterrestrials and those who do not is just as simple how they drive.  If they look eight car lengths ahead, they see it.  If they're looking at the road directly in front of their cars, the "proof" is not in their line of sight.

In terms of traffic, we are often fortunate enough to have a law enforcement officer pull us over and to put us in a situation where we gladly accept the responsibility of spending one day to learn how to become more aware of the road around us, and who else is on it. The universe on the other hand has its own brand of traffic cops, but is not as tolerant when we choose to ignore them.  

Harbingers, The Often Ignored Traffic Cops of the Universe

A harbinger is another who anticipates, predicts or prophesies a future event.  We tend to think of harbingers in terms of notable clairvoyants from the past, like Nostradamus or Mother Shipton.  However, the term harbinger can be equally applied to people such as the solid fuel booster engineers at Morton Thiokol who warned NASA not to launch the Challenger shuttle in below freezing weather.   

In this example, the solid fuel booster engineers at Morton Thiokol were looking 8 car lengths ahead, whereas the final launch decision was made by NASA managers who were only interested in looking at the road directly in front of them.  

What the panel members of the CSETI Disclosure project are trying to do is accept their responsibility as harbingers. They are trying to warn us that there is a long-standing and massive effort by certain elements of our government to suppress information vital information regarding extraterrestrials. They further allege that this effort is denying us access to the scientific knowledge we so desperately need to restore the natural balance of our biosphere.   

Before we dismiss the claims these people, who include astronauts and former government and military personnel with the highest possible security, we should first ask ourselves one simple question.  Are we looking 8 cars ahead, or directly at the road in front of us? 

History is full of examples of unheeded harbingers. For example, Adolph Hitler was his own best harbinger of doom when he wrote Mein Kampf, yet the world chose to look directly at the road ahead. If the world leaders had bothered to look 8 cars ahead, they would read Hitler's intent in Mein Kampf, and would have moved to quash Nazi Germany's aggressive pre-war rearmament program.   

But moving forward to the ancient prophecies that warn us of us calamitous possibilities in our own times, we see a consistent pattern that forms throughout virtually non-secular and secular prophecy alike.   

  • The Future Is Flexible: True harbingers tell us that the future is not certain, and that what they see is where we might find ourselves if we continue along the current path.   
  • Become Aware: Most prophecies tell us that we can avoid a possible future catastrophe by reexamining our belief systems, and how we perceive the world and others around us.  In essence, what they are asking us to do is to look up from the road ahead, and to see what is happening 8 car lengths in front of us.
  • Take Action:  To see and accept the possibility of a future event is not enough.  We can only avoid it by taking action.   

If we apply this to what the CSETI Disclosure panel participants/harbingers were trying to tell us last Wednesday, it would read like this:  

  • The Future Is Flexible: We can have a peaceful encounter with extraterrestrials that will benefit mankind in a multitude of ways. Or, we can proceed on a self-destructive path by putting weapons into space, which may only serve to cause us great suffering.
  • Become Aware: By asking for a congressional hearing, all the participants/harbingers are asking is that we simply take that time to look up from the road ahead, and to see what they claim is happening 8 car lengths in front of us.
  • Take Action:  If we do not see what they are seeing, the participants/harbingers are prepared to accept the humiliation and jeers.  But if we do see what they are seeing, we as a people need to take action by strongly and incessantly demanding full disclosure from our government.

What all this comes back to is the question posed by the young reporter last Wednesday and by many who seek to discredit or suppress information about extraterrestrials for any number of reasons. Why is it the extraterrestrials refuse to land at Chicago's O'Hare airport (keeping in mind that Boeing is moving to Chicago) and hold a press conference and end this controversy once and for all?   

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