America Sees the Enemy at the Gates

| December 12, 2020

QxSCOTUS weighed in on the Texas case, and now it is official; nobody here but us chickens.   All this is thanks to feckless legislators and duck-and-cover judges who fear the Democrat Party and the CCP more than citizens demanding free and fair elections.

Sadly, there are a few courageous souls with the will to do right by the nation, but these are mostly the people coming forward with signed affidavits.

Consequently, this collective cowardice and corruption are marching our nation to the brink of a bloody civil war because the Supreme Court, like other trusted American institutions, is failing us.  Not for lack of tools, mind you.

We already have laws on the books that would have ensured a free and fair election, but that what we’ve been given instead is a heart-wrenching disenfranchisement debacle due to widespread cowardice and corruption.  Too many of our trusted officials and institutions fear the CCP more than they fear the free-loving people of this nation

Ergo, what appears to be chaos at one level is a thin veneer.  When we make an effort to look beneath that veneer, we can go according to plan, which begs two key questions.  Firstly, whose plan?  And second, what brought us to this point of crisis?

The Globalist Plan

Each day, more Americans are coming to realize that we are in an existential fight for our God-given rights.  That a powerful, godless enemy is at the gates, namely, the Globalists and their CCP (Chinese Communist Party), Democrat, MSM, and tech giant lackeys.

The Globalist plan is both straightforward and bold.  To enslave the world and achieve this, they are offering a candy-coated bribe called The Great Reset.

To achieve this aim, the Globalist Plan A was to start a war.  However, Trump blocked Plan A for now. So, enter Globalist Plan B, biological warfare using COVID-19, and the Dominion Voting Systems.  There are other plans as well, and what each has in common is the target.  America.

The Great Reset offer is simple.  Americans forfeit any hope of free and fair elections forever, and in exchange, the Globalists will forgive our debts and give us a fixed poverty income.  What do we get in return?  We give them the right to inject whatever they want into our bodies, and those who refuse to submit will be carted off to FEMA re-education camps for organ harvesting.

Thankfully, more of us are waking up to this threat each day, and through this great awakening, we can see the enemy at the gates. However, many Americans’ problem is that they cannot see this threat through the MSM and Silicon Valley smoke screens.

Just today, a vital conservative news outlet, The Epoch Times, has been censored by YouTube, which announced that it will remove all videos “alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election” uploaded on or after December 9, 2020.

Courage is the Word

If we need poster children for the bad guys, we need to look no further than the feckless GOP state legislatures in the contested states.  They had the Constitutional mandate and authority to stop this steal from the beginning, but like self-serving cowards, enough of them put their personal fortunes above duty.  But what hurts more is the Supreme Court.

If one were to imagine the Constitution as a national marriage, honest Americans behold the Supreme Court, with the sanctity of a bridechamber.  It is why disenfranchised marchers make their way to the courthouse steps, pleading for them to “Stop the steal.”

What did these reverent prayers of the disenfranchised show us?  It showed a court without the courage to restore confidence in a corrupt electoral system, and now the bloom is off the rose.

What is the residual of all this for the disenfranchised?  Our last best hope, the Supreme Court, is no better than feckless GOP state legislatures.  Like them, it has chosen to sleep with the enemy, and worse yet, they’re doing the dirty on our side of the bed, with the eager help of Trump appointees no less.

Consequently, the nation’s last hope for avoiding the inevitably of a hot civil war with foreign intervention has evaporated, and for reasons, President Trump explained why in a recent tweet. “The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!”

The same can be said of the FBI, and the DOJ, and what these institutions are doing is obvious. They’re all hat and no cattle, which brings us to the Alliance Plan and the unstoppable force of raw, widespread political dissent and rage.

The Alliance Plan

Americans are getting a powerful comeuppance, our just desserts for a collective lack of attention. We’re learning that if we focus on personal interests and tolerate the corruption of those we trust to govern us, it is our way to beg for enslavement, and we’ve been doing it for decades.  Ah yes, the curse of democracy.  We grow fat and happy and become slow to act.

All of this was foreseen during the Obama administration, and this is where the current crisis began.  While we want to believe that Trump is the guy running the show, it’s the patriot generals Obama sacked so he could replace them with sycophants.

These patriot generals went overseas, and several of them organized the Alliance in France, and while Trump is a beloved figurehead and a man for his time, should he fall, another will carry on.  In other words, this is bigger than the White House. This is global and if we fall, so goes the hope of freedom for all the world.

These patriot generals saw that well before Obama gave them the boot before awareness could filter down through the ranks.  Therefore, they knew that the first order of business was to secure the American military’s support.  Knowing an opportunity would inevitably come to achieve that, they waited and their patience was rewarded with the 2012 Benghazi attack.

The official story about why US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens; USFS officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty died was an abject red herring.  The assets were available to save them, however, Secretary Clinton ordered their deaths because Benghazi was another Fast and Furiousarms deal gone sideways.

Why order this?

Dead men tell no tales, and that’s how it ended for the White House.  But what our military leaders saw in the bloody sands of Benghazi was a most bitter betrayal.  With that, an old understanding between the nation’s leaders and the military not to air each other’s dirty linen changed.

This change resulted in a growing consensus to save our democracy by good God-loving people and so began our present war of Good vs. Evil.  Forget the red herrings of politics and the blame-the-victim nuances of judges.  As the old Roman axiom goes, “if you’re not for me, you’re against me.”  The result was a military master plan to save the nation and it has served the Alliance well.

If want to understand what the Globalists are doing, go buy another mask.

If you want to understand what the Alliance is doing, forget the formalities of law and public outcry.   View what is happening from a military history perspective.

In other words, replace the jib-jab of lawyers and politicians with strategic theory and combat tactics. Do that, and you’ll become an armchair general with a 30,000′ look down view of what is happening.  Here is a hint.  If you want to make a historical comparison with what the Alliance is doing today, study the Battle of Midway.

These stouthearted men and women will not fail us.  They are God’s warriors and this is good for us, because what is coming next will be shock and awe.

Shock and Awe

While there are courageous exceptions, on the whole, we’ve seen how our legislatures have failed us.  How our courts have failed us and how our leaders have failed us.

But to what end?

President Trump has long had the cause and resources to declare Marshal Law, and for the traitors to face military a Court-martial.  In these cases, there is no appeal.  You go straight from the bar of justice to the hangman’s noose.

As things stand, many Americans are so outraged by the brazen betrayal of elected leaders and judges that it would be a welcome sight.  However, for the Alliance, if we are to fight and to win, that much rage is chump change.  It will only postpone the inevitable.

What is needed now is an overwhelming rage to well up within the public.  Once such as was seen on December 7, 1941.   It is more than the will to fight.  It is the realization that we must fight and win, and this means that enough Americans understand and agree that we need to be in it for the duration because this will not end with a paper ballot vote to correct a stolen election. That’s just one battle in a war against communism.

We need to be so mad that we will demand justice without all the bullshit, and this includes throwing the bums out.  If this Supreme Court is the first in history to be impeached, great, let’s get ‘er done. It’s time for traitors to be paraded in perp walks.

Once the country is filled with this requisite level of rage, Trump can employ the powers he has had since he signed his 2018 executive order and other remedies with the full support of most Americans.

However, suppose he declares martial-law before a December 7, 1941 level of rage manifests. In that case, he will open the risk of a United Nations intervention on behalf of the Democrat Party as Democrat governors openly embrace invading Chines PLA peacekeepers as saviors.

Simply put. The Alliance and the Patriots will have only one shot at this.  If they fail, we lose forever, so the stakes could not be higher.

Therefore, Trump does make his play; it will not be a mercurial political patchwork of compromises.  It will be shock and awe and with three specific initial goals:

  1. Quell the insurrection. This time it will not be a few hundred Antifa goons.  It will be tens of thousands of blood-spitting Americans, and it won’t be songs and banners.  When they hear, “please go home and let us fix this,” they’ll want to know what comes next.
  2. Halt the foreign intervention. Trump must crush and expunge the infiltration and corruption that has compromised the nation.  Also, if he is taking action to re-establish peace in the county, this will undermine any legitimacy for foreign intervention in the world’s eyes.
  3. Remedy the election. Now that that our Supreme Court has shown has betrayed the faith of the common folk; there is only one real remedy.  A paper ballot election with military supervision.

Shock and awe will be the plan as all of this must happen quickly, because as you read this, our military is deploying assets to fend off an intervention, i.e., invasion, so time is of the essence.  Yes, it is happening.

The Long Plan

Assuming the Alliance, the Patriots, and Trump prevail in this three-element shock and awe effort, and then we’re then in for the long fight.

It took the communists decades to infiltrate and corrupt our country, and likewise, it will take decades to expunge that corruption.

Here is where a fundamental flaw in our system that the Chinese have exploited to full measure must end: our two-party system. It’s time for the hopelessly corrupt Democrat and Republican parties to be whittled down to size.

We need a new major party, whether we call it the Patriot Party, MAGA Party or Get Some Party, we need a political wing in this country run by the Patriots who put their lives on the line to defend all those who support them.

In other words, we’ve gone beyond laws, truth, good governance, and wisdom.  It is now time for the courageous to take matters in hand, and here is where the CCP has made the same fatal miscalculation as the Nazi and the Imperial Japanese governments.

Hitler and Tojo et al. were convinced that Americans were weak and lacked the will to fight.  All it would take is one good punch in the nose, and our nation will run home to mama and capitulate.  We didn’t, and it was all the worse for them and their unbridled arrogance.

This brings us to the final question.  Since WWII, have Americans be lulled into behaving like weak-kneed snowflakes?

We’ll know that answer to that before the ball drops on New Year, so stay tuned.


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