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Human Homicide Bomber Clones: The Coming Weapons of Eugenics

YOWUSA.COM, 27-April-2002
Steve Russell

Human Homicide Bomber Clones: The Coming Weapons of EugenicsIn only a few days time, the concept of cloning and some of the inherent consequences will be enjoyed by millions of people when they flood into cinemas to be dazzled by the latest addition to the Star Wars saga, "Attack of the Clones". In reality, a new clone war is developing over hu-man cloning technology. If you see the movie, wait until the credits roll to contemplate one simple fact: The Arab world is wildly enamored with the Palestinians because they wrap their children in dynamite and send them to restau-rants and malls to kill innocent people. If we take this trivi-alization of life to the next step, a dark future looms ahead of us where well-funded fanatics, terrorists, despots and rogue nations can and will clone entire armies of homicide bombers ? and they'll look just like their intended victims.