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Are We The Children
of Star Gods?

YOWUSA.COM, 20-March-2002
Steve Russell

Are We The Children  of Star Gods?In 1917, Albert Einstein attempted to reconcile his findings that the universe is expanding with the static notions of the day. Consequently, a scientific debate has raged for decades: Is the universe expanding, contracting or is it constant? We finally got the answer and the data is irrefutable the universe is expanding! This is a joyless discovery for scientists because they know the day will come when Earth will be very much alone in a cold, vacuous and empty cosmos. Additionally, there is another aspect to this discovery that is also profoundly upsetting for theologians as well. If we are to believe that God created an expanding universe, why haven't we expanded our own faith and understanding of God as well? And, are we deluding ourselves by inventing new reinterpretations of emotionally fixed, theological constants?