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Why Look For A Killer Planet X / Nibiru XKBO, When You Already Know It Is Coming?

YOWUSA.COM, 09-Feb-2002
Steve Russell and Jacco van der Worp

Why Look For A Killer XKBO, When You Already Know It Is Coming?In our previous article "Is a Killer XKBO Stalking The Earth?" we looked at what is happening in our solar sys-tem to search for evidence that supports a claim that a Planet X-class Kupier Belt Object (XKBO) could be headed towards Earth. In this article, we will look not into the heavens above, but at the modern day institutions of man for further evidence.

Given that governments are increasing their funding for projects to learn about large objects in space, while simultaneously gutting the budgets of Near Earth Object (NEO) projects, the conclusion is immediate: They know something large is on its way, and they want to consider all their options before it arrives.