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Planet X / Nibiru Disinformation and ZetaHysteria

YOWUSA.COM, 23-Feb-2002
Marshall Masters

Nibiru Disinformation  and ZetaHysteriaWe have been inundated with messages asking us why we are claiming that Planet X will fly past the Earth in 2003. We answer these messages with a simple request to show us where we make that claim in any of our articles.

At the center of this 2003 maelstrom of controversy is the ZetaTalk site, which is becoming a popular phenome-non. As to the date itself, our greatest concern is that a non-event in 2003 will kill public interest in this vital issue.

Nibiru Disinformation  and ZetaHysteriaYOWUSA.COM, 25-May-2002
Steve Russell

ZetaTalk tells us to worry, and Enterprise Mission tells us not to worry. Whom should we believe? This article addresses the key 2003 issues in the con-text of the planet Nibiru.

YOWUSA.COM, 22-Apr-2003
Marshall Masters

Nibiru Disinformation  and ZetaHysteriaOver the last few months, the Nibiru-related articles on the YOWUSA.COM web site have been accessed at an incredible pace. Everyone wants to know a guaranteed date as to when Nibiru will arrive, and what will happen next. Yet, what everyone does not seem realize is that these questions are moot! Knowing when Nibiru will arrive will do nothing to advance or slow the eventual date, nor will the knowing of it offer any real advantage.

YOWUSA.COM, 04-Mar-2004
Dale Caruso

Nibiru Disinformation  and ZetaHysteriaWe live in an age where there is absolutely no reason why anyone should ever be uninformed. Yet, there clearly appears to be a mas-sive campaign of disinformation regarding Nibiru (Planet X). One could argued, "How could this be? Never before has the human race enjoyed such a rich and diverse menu of information sources. It is a veritable fountain from which we can draw information, and this fountain has never flowed so rich!" Yet, despite the claim that periodicals, books, newspapers, broadcast media and the Internet offer a wealth of infor-mation to "a well informed public" the simple fact is that these very same information outlets have become disinfor-mation outlets as well for those who prefer to bury their collective heads in the sand. Regardless of what you think, it will not change the orbit of Nibiru.