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It Is Time to Revisit Planet X / Nibiru

YOWUSA.COM, 24-Aug-2003
Jacco van der Worp

It Is Time  to Revisit NibiruModern civilization is facing the same tribulations as those that beset the ancient Mayan civilization and caused its downfall as a direct result of Earth changes. While some try to compartmentalize the Earth's many current freakish phenomena, one singular causality the largest increase in solar activity in over 400 years is clearly to blame.

Clearly, our Sun is now perturbing all of the natural sys-tems in Earth's biosphere to include: Widespread droughts, freakish heat waves in Europe, increased volca-nism, and more major deep quake activity. This, in turn, raises the question: Could it just be a natural cycle of the Sun? Perhaps so, but an equally plausible explanation could be that our Sun is but one step away from the true causality an inbound Planet X-class Kuiper Belt Object (XKBO) such as the Planet Nibiru, mentioned in the ancient Sumerian texts. If so, the worst of it is yet to come.