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Planet X / Nibiru Inbound: Finding Gems in the Disinformation

YOWUSA.COM, 28-Oct-2004
Jacco van der Worp and Marshall Masters

Nibiru Inbound: Finding Gems in the DisinformationThe whole Nibiru issue has begun rebounding notice-ably since the 2003 flyby promised by Nancy Lieder's Zetatalk web site and Mark Hazelwood's Blindsided. Their much-promoted non-event in 2003 virtually killed the rapidly growing interest in Nibiru. However, Nibiru is unavoidable and regrettably, the vast amounts of disinformation surrounding it. How-ever, when you cut the wheat from the chaff, this disinfor-mation does contain fresh sources of hard data amongst the usual heaps of rehashed speculations and misleading calls to action. This is because disinformation, unlike pro-paganda, must have a basis in truth and we're starting to see some real gems. Therefore, we are resuming our active reporting on with this, the first of a new series of articles on Nibiru, for the benefit of our loyal subscribers.