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The Kolbrin Bible: Evolution and Creation of Man

YOWUSA.COM, 17-July-2004
Steve Russell

The Kolbrin Bible: Evolution and Creation of ManEvery religion throughout the world has its own story of human creation because it is the cornerstone for under-standing who we are, our purpose and our destiny.

As with the majority of religious beliefs, this story can be traced back through the varying civilizations of the world to its original Sumerian sources through an elaborate de-inter-pretation process. The Kolbrin is unique in this respect because very little is left open to interpretation due to the clear and precise nature of the writings that reflect and elaborate on the Sumerian versions.

The Kolbrin unambig-uously defines our creation stemming from Panspermia, through evolution, and to the point of our divine creation. The Kolbrin elaborates for the first time how the gods made us in their image, and it is not as you will expect.