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The Kolbrin Bible: Introduction

YOWUSA.COM, 17-March-2004
Steve Russell

The Kolbrin Bible: IntroductionHave you ever heard of a book called The Kolbrin? Jim McCanney mentions it on his web site, and it has been rumored that Nikola Tesla acquired his knowledge of elec-tricity from this book.

A quick search on Google will only reveal some minor apocalyptic quotes that hint at a possi-ble link with Zecharia Sitchin's Nibiru information. In the past, only a very select few, some might say an elite group, have had access to this book.

Now, the current caretakers of this ancient knowledge believe "these are the days of decision, when humankind stands at the crossroad," and are making the book available subject to explicit conditions.

YOWUSA has had the great fortune of finding a copy of The Kolbrin, and we hope you will join us in what will be a groundbreaking series of articles.