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Are Earthquakes the Key to Unlimited Free Energy?

YOWUSA.COM, 25-Jun-2003
Larry A. Park

Are Earthquakes  the Key to Unlimited  Free Energy?For as long as humankind can remember, earthquakes have come as sudden, unexpected horrors. The incredible amounts of energy they release rip our homes, business and lives into pathetic doll rags. Now, juxtapose that thought with the fact that humankind has studied Nature's other energy engines and found ways to use that knowl-edge for its own benefit.

For example, we drill for oil and geothermal energy; we dig for coal; we use the ancient technology of sails to capture wind; we use the motion of the ocean tides to power great generators.

So what is preventing us from making similar use of the basic energy machines that power the phenomenon we know and fear as Earthquakes? Our own lack of imagination and those who enforce our slavish dependence upon non-renewable energy sources combine to blind us from seeing these opportunities. It does not have to be this way.

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