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Yellowstone and Long Valley Journals

YOWUSA.COM, 05-Oct-2003
Dave Wright

Yellowstone and  Long Valley JournalsIn this YOWUSA exclusive telephone interview with former USGS geologist Jim Berkland, Mr. Berkland discusses eruption harbingers and political motives concerning keep-ing the public informed on the increased Yellowstone activities. He runs the popular www.syzgyjob.org earth-quake prediction web site, was a USGS geologist for six years and worked for the Department of the Interior for more than ten years.

YOWUSA.COM, 18-Oct-2003
Dave Wright

As winter begins to meander its way into Yellowstone, all the businesses and tourist resorts in the Yellowstone area begin to prepare for the entourage of winter tourists and snowmobilers that will bring much needed revenue to sup-port the livelihoods of those that live near the cash-strapped national park. Because they need the tourist money, these same businesses and resorts appear to be putting pressure on the USGS, Yellowstone park officials and other government entities to give favorable seismic and geothermal reports to the public about Yellowstone. The question here is this. If our government entities, the local mainstream media, etc., give reports that everything in "boomtown" (pun intended) is hunky-dory, thereby suc-cumbing to that pressure, does this mean that we should all just return to our daily activities as if nothing is happen-ing? On the other hand, does it mean that we should con-tinue our vigilant scrutiny of these reports and of the conditions at Yellowstone?

YOWUSA.COM, 23-Oct-2003
Dave Wright

Yellowstone and  Long Valley JournalsDespite growing public concern, the official line at Yellow-stone these days could be phrased as "no worries; come and spend money" based on reduced temperatures and seismicity in parts of the park. However, these dismissive findings may portend ominous signs, especially if we look at what is happening in Italy this month. An incredibly huge magma chamber was recently discovered underneath Mount Vesuvius, and now hundreds of families living on the slopes of that smoking giant are opting to accept their government's resettlement offer of $35,000 to leave while they still can! As we continue to cast a worried eye towards Yellowstone, and now to Mount Vesuvius as well, we begin to wonder if an impending XKBO (Planet-X Class Kuiper Belt Object) flyby, such as the anticipated return of Nibiru, could cause the present worldwide increase in volcanism.

YOWUSA.COM, 02-Nov-2003
Dave Wright

Yellowstone and  Long Valley JournalsSeismic and volcanic activities continue to escalate within our Earth as our sun continues to pound us with numerous solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CME), and charged particles of coronal holes. Given the current record-break-ing solar activity, are Yellowstone's "safety valves" resilient enough to withstand this solar pounding while continuing to function properly? The reason for this new concern is that Yellowstone's geysers ("safety valves") appear to be working overtime to vent excess pressure, as evidenced by the recent behavior of the Steamboat Geyser. Steam-boat is the largest geyser in the world! Unlike the antici-pated eruptions of the 1980s, the most recent eruption was a surprise to geologists. To paraphrase the parlance of test pilots, is recent solar activity now "pushing the edge of the Yellowstone envelope?"

YOWUSA.COM, 14-Nov-2003
Dave Wright

Yellowstone and  Long Valley JournalsAs the onslaught of solar flares, CMEs and coronal holes continue to beat the Earth, raising seismic and volcanic activity in Yellowstone and around the world to record heights, they us send a very graphic reminder that Yellow-stone is not the only geologically active area, especially in the United States. In California, six volcanoes/calderas are either active or potentially active. One of these calderas, the Long Valley Caldera, located in the eastern part of Cal-ifornia, is not as large as Yellowstone but is just as deadly and is showing signs of an impending eruption. If contin-ued solar activity continues at its record breaking pace our planet might receive a one-two knockout punch between Yellowstone and Long Valley. If this occurs, our planet will experience catastrophic earthchanges that could change the face of our planet for all time.