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Political Expediency Propels Columbia Disaster Investigation

YOWUSA.COM, 03-Aug-2003
Larry Park and Steve Russell

Political Expediency Propels Columbia Disaster InvestigationThe Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) plans to release its final report within the next few weeks. In it, the board will undoubtedly conclude that the most probable cause of the accident was falling foam.

We will show that the CAIB's original line of investigation was pointing to something puzzling in the atmosphere during reentry.

It seems that once they realized the road this would take them on, they shifted their focus primarily to fall-ing foam. The result is that NASA will put new safety procedures into place to guard against foam, and the shuttle will continue to fly.

However, science has paid the price, and the window of opportunity to gain more knowledge of the scientists jok-ingly refer to as the "ignorosphere" (because they know so little about it) and its interaction with Earth's energies is rapidly closing.