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Earth Changes are Shaking
the Global Economy

YOWUSA.COM, 21-March-2006
Jim Willie, Hat Trick Letter Editor


Sun SpotSee his website for greater details, about the book, about the subject matter, loaded with spectacular graphics and intriguing diagrams of various phenomena. Even a background amateur can observe sunspots, which are the easily detectible with a filtered telescope.

NASA (North American Space Administration) has also recently discovered solar hurricanes and has documented recent research on the subject. See "What Lies Beneath a Sunspot" and its website for more information of solar wind, solar sound storms, and solar light storms from the earthly perspective. A very small amount from the 0.6 x 10 to the power 60 core electrons are pumped by the temperature difference from the core (left) through the plasma (line) into the infinite space as stellar wind (right). This solar thermo-element delivers a negative direct current of 10 to the power 14 A into space from its negative pole (on the right) over millions of years. This electric wind drags along light matter (hydrogen, 4% helium, protons, alpha particles) and no heavy elements. This is the negatively charged solar wind.

Solar Wind

No definitive proof can be offered on linkage. We saw the impact of 27 tropical storms in 2005, 15 of which reached hurricane category and wrecked havoc upon the US Gulf Coast and Central America. Over 3000 people were killed, tens of billion$ in property damage occurred. Moreover, enormous disruption took place to oil & gas production, port facilities, river traffic, warehouses, and more. Energy prices for both crude commodities and refined energy products rose dramatically during the stormy months and their aftermath. This summer might be just as disruptive, maybe worse. Something significant is going on. Believe it or not, Haiti is the most vulnerable to damage and human toll, while Cuba is the best prepared.

Earthquake Activity

An interesting article on the subject can be seen in "The Earthquake Alarm" by the IEEE Spectrum Online. An excerpt pulled is highly illustrative for earthquake prediction.

For decades, researchers have detected strange phenomena in the form of odd radio noise and eerie lights in the sky in the weeks, hours, and days preceding earthquakes. But only recently have experts started systematically monitoring those phenomena and correlating them to earthquakes.

A light or glow in the sky sometimes heralds a big earthquake. On 17 January 1995, for example, there were 23 reported sightings in Kobe, Japan, of a white, blue, or orange light extending some 200 meters in the air and spreading 1 to 8 kilometers across the ground. Hours later a 6.9-magnitude earthquake killed more than 5500 people. Sky watchers and geologists have documented similar lights before earthquakes elsewhere in Japan since the 1960s and in Canada in 1988.

Another sign of an impending quake is a disturbance in the ultra-low frequency (ULF) radio band (1 hertz and below) noticed in the weeks and more dramatically in the hours before an earthquake. Researchers at Stanford University, in California, documented such signals before the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, which devastated the San Francisco Bay Area, demolishing houses, fracturing freeways, and killing 63 people.

How can anyone forget the vivid images, from lost life, desperate actions, and colossal power of the ocean from the Sept 2004 tsunami beginning off the Indonesia, reaching the Indian and Sri Lanka and Thailand coastlines. Lost lives are still not accurately measured but number over one hundred thousand, since so many were swept out to sea. Crushed chests on bodies match crushed lives. The underwater seismic event caused tremendous shifts in the sea depths, resulting in 200-foot (60-meter) waves which moves fully 500 miles at enormous speeds to hit faraway coastlines. Damage occurred far inland. Pakistan withstood an earthquake last October, with tragic loss of life on a grand scale, over 70 thousand lives. The earthly tectonic plates are moving. Something is going on, something big, something on many fronts, something earth shaking and powerful.



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Other linkage has been seen from the studies by Indian scientists, in particular S. and A. Mukherjee. See their website which documents some of their work on changes to the earth's magnetic field as early warning signals for seismic activity.

Risk of Drough and Dust Storms

Finally, concern has arisen from AccuWeather.com meteorological experts that the United States bread basket of prairie states is at risk of becoming a dust bowl once again. See the warning complete with photos on their website. The states expected to be at the most risk are Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and north Texas. Couple these concerns with actual drought witnessed from California in the last few years, well documented in the past by Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Online.

Hurricane Center chief forecaster Joe Bastardi from AccuWeather.com summed up the weather and agricultural threat.

Dust Bowl Impact AreaIt is not a coincidence that the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s were marked by years of tremendous hurricane activity. For example, the record-shattering 2005 hurricane season was the first to eclipse 1933 in number of tropical cyclones, and that may only have been because we didn't have satellites in the 1930s to identify the major storms that failed to reach the U.S. coast.

Hurricanes are generated by warm waters. Warm Atlantic waters played a major role in numerous and powerful storms during 2005. Warm waters are now setting up a possible major drought in the United States.

The threat of prolonged drought could become a reality again. However, it is highly unlikely that the nation will see a return of the dust storms. Farm methods and grain seed strains have improved tremendously. Dale Mohler, AccuWeather.com expert senior meteorologist, is a forecaster for the agricultural industry. He offered an overall assessment.

The dust storms fed off the over-plowed and over-grazed lands of the Great Plains. The agricultural practices at the time, combined with a long period of drought, caused severe damage to farmland in the region. Eventually the topsoil dried up to the point where it was swept away as great clouds of choking dust that stretched for miles… Today's agricultural practices, such as crop rotation and improved irrigation, as well as drought-resistant hybrid crops, would likely prevent the landscape from being as ruined as it was during the 1930s. For example, Illinois endured a terrible drought in 2005, but the state's corn yield was close to normal. However, a multiyear drought in the Great Plains would still be devastating for the nation.

Impact on Energy Prices

The maximum production of crude oil and natural gas requires that conditions remain optimal in productions zones and regions. Few people realize that the United States endures the harshest and most violent weather on earth. My guess when asked years ago was that Bangladesh or India or Indonesia saw the worst weather, from cyclones and floods. No way! The United States has the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, proximity to the equatorial heat and control mechanisms, exposed coastlines (Gulf Coast), and large peninsulas (Florida), with northern jetstreams. The Gulf of Mexico lies in the direct path of hurricanes.

Last year, the world was exposed to Gulf Coast hurricanes, three of them. Gulf oil & gas platforms, connecting port facilities, shipping ports, river passageways, and gasoline refineries were knocked out and damaged. Crude oil rose in price and has stayed high, as the natural gas price spiked then relaxed. Only 75% of Gulf of Mexico energy production platforms for oil & natgas have returned to operations. Higher insurance premiums after two consecutive damaging summers has led to decisions to locate equipment elsewhere, like in the Caribbean and off the South American coastline.

Hi Gas Prices for Summer 2006If weather throws another sequence of hurricanes at the US again in 2006, expect more bull market opportunities to capitalize upon. Some are guessing. My preference is to use science. The above should convince you that something devastating might be with us for a few more years. Links have been included for your benefit, to research further or to enjoy the spectacular wonders of natural science.

The seasonality of energy price variation has been altered. Look for screaming energy prices again this summer, against a possible backdrop of a slower global economy though. If disasters strike again, which is indicated with high likelihood, expect also for federal disaster relief to be doled out. The consequent rise in federal expenditures should be a continuing theme in this new year. Of course such are off-budget items and not counted toward the deficit. We would not want to see anything increase that precious deficit, whether human war or natural warfare.


About the Author

Jim Willie CB is a statistical analyst in marketing research and retail forecasting. He holds a PhD in Statistics. His career has stretched over 24 years. He aspires to thrive in the financial editor world, unencumbered by the limitations of economic credentials. Visit his free website to find articles from topflight authors at www.GoldenJackass.com. For personal questions about subscriptions, contact him at JimWillieCB@aol.com

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