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Earth Changes are Shaking the Global Economy

YOWUSA.COM, 21-March-2006
Jim Willie, Hat Trick Letter Editor

Foreword by Marshall Masters

Earth Changes are Shaking the Global EconomyYOWUSA.COM reader George Brooks of Orlando, Florida tipped me on this excellent Earth Changes aritlce Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Letter newsletter.  George sums it up perfectly when he says, "This is an Economic newsletter --but it is describing Earth changes, coming fast and hard.  He says Hurricane Season 2006 will be bad, and things will only get worse." Thanks George for sending this in.

We prefer to do original articles on YOWUSA.COM, but this was simply too well written to ignore, so I contacted Jim and he granted reprint rights.  We've published the parts of his article we feel are relevant to our research efforts.  (You can read the full article on the Gold-Eagle web site.)

By our estimates, the global impacts of Earth Changes in 2006 will mirror those of 2005.

Knight Ridder Newspapers, Dec. 29, 2005
America's weather was extreme this year

WASHINGTON - It's not just your imagination. America's weather went wild this year.

It began with a record downpour in the Nevada desert and record warmth in Alaska, and it's ending with floods in California and wildfires in Texas and Oklahoma that have killed four people and consumed 37,795 acres.

Along the way, at least 214 climate records were smashed or tied, thanks to a slew of hurricanes, 21 straight days of 100-degree-plus temperatures in Fresno, Calif., and wildfires that have burned 8.64 million acres, nearly a quarter-million more than the previous record, set in 2000.

Extremes were everywhere. Above-normal heat covered twice as much land as usual. Excessive rain and/or snow blanketed three times as much land as normal. Average daily low temperatures were warmer than normal across four times as much U.S. territory as in average years.

Already in 2006 we've had snow in Los Angeles and San Francisco as a staccato of low pressure fronts continue to slam the West Coast, tornado swarms in the Midwest, massive die-offs of seabirds in the Pacific Northwest and the list goes on.  We view these as part of an incremental process to date, and YOWUSA.COM research findings suggest that 2007 will be noticeably different from past years.  Not by degree, but by kind.  It will be the year when we really get it.  This is not just a human thing and nor is it a short-cycle peak.

This is the real thing, and it is going to hit us first in the pocket book as Jim's article will show you in 2006.  My suggestion is that you enjoy 2006 because with 2007, the Earth Changes will start hitting us like a celestial jack hammer.

—Marshall Masters, Publisher



Earth Changes are Shaking
the Global Economy

Mild US winter has laid the foundation for a stable crude oil price and sharply reduced natural gas price. On the flip side, weather factors have led to expectation of big price jumps in summer. We have some stark evidence in the last year of global warming, melting polar ice caps (see Greenland and Antarctica), and tropical storms (see Gulf of Mexico hurricanes). My forecast is for big increase in oil price this summer, with more disruption to production. The energy market price seasonality has also been disrupted, now soft in winter from warmth, volatile in summer from storms.

The melt of the both polar ice caps and Greenland has sparked wide publicity. Even Canadian drillers have noted the creep north of frozen lands in autumn and spring shoulder months. They benefit from spring frozen tundras (muskeg) for easy truck traffic. Fantastic photos were grabbed by the jackass, to display the melt of Greenland coastlines from 1992 to 2002, thanks to Arctic Climate Impact Assn. Red zones indicate melted zones, as white indicates dense snow coverage and ice. Global warming has become a serious concern, a clear signal of yet another big hurricane season. It confirms the hurricanes of 2005 and warns of more in 2006. Expect disruption to Gulf of Mexico oil platform production.

The melt of the both polar ice caps and Greenland

Some unusual details are alarming but informative. The earth's largest reservoir of fresh water is located in Antarctica. Researchers at the University of Colorado estimate its ice sheets have shrunk at 36 cubic miles per year, between 2002 and 2005. This amount equals roughly 30 times the water Los Angeles requires annually, or enough to raise ocean water levels by 0.02 inch per year. In total the West Antarctic Ice Sheet contains water capable of raising the ocean sea level by 20 feet. Researchers at the Jet Propulsion Lab report that Greenland glaciers near the Arctic circle are melting twice as fast as five years ago. This amounts to 38 extra cubic miles per year of fresh water to the Atlantic Ocean. Vivid images of the extreme winter hurricanes in the movie "Day After Tomorrow" (very bad title, preferring "Winter Hurricane") are conjured in my mind. At issue in that movie was the phenomenon of changes to salinity (salt level) in the ocean major currents which govern global weather, such as the Gulf Stream off Newfoundland.

Chandler's Wobble of Earth Axis

We might be smack dab in the middle of a much bigger geophysical problem on a global scale. The global warming is a symptom, one of several. The earth's rotation is undergoing a shift reduction in its wobble (called the "Chandler Wobble") as it spins on its axis. The normal wobble might release energy in a controlled safer manner. The sun is currently emitting a heavier flow of solar wind, waste from its furnace of helium fusion, which might be having an effect on the poles of attraction. Disaster relief organizations are poised for an even more turbulent 2006 hurricane season, tied to both warmer temperatures and destruction to the Amazon Rain Forest. Something significant is going on.

This wobble anomaly is bringing forth extreme phenomena almost everywhere we care to look. For the sake of discussion, consider the earth from its molten core to the last molecules of the upper ionosphere as a single closed system. It is under great stress. Severe disturbances in the earth's interior and crust will naturally trigger increasing levels of stress throughout the natural environment. The stress might easily extend to our human populations. Remarkably, the earth is rotating without its usual wobble of roughly ten meters on its axis. Changes have been noticed in the last few years. See Wobble#1 and Wobble#2 for details on the Chandler Wobble and an attempt to link the correlation of the wobble to geological events.

The International Earth Rotation Service research indicates that the Spin Axis has shifted suddenly by 278 centimeters in the past six years, nearly at 3.5 times the professionally imputed IERS rate. Implications to earth's weather systems are profound. The website run by Michael Mandeville of Earth Monitor makes a conclusion.

Earth Monitor, Michael Mandeville

More deeply, the greater portion of this net motion apparently occurred within the past few months, not over the course of the previous six years. In any event, we may have livid proof in front of our eyes of Cayce's famous prediction about the shifting of the poles. During the 1930's he predicted, in answering questions about future changes which would impact humanity, that a shifting of the poles, or a new cycle would begin, in the years 2000/2001, eventually to culminate in catastrophic upheavals. We are very close on Cayce's schedule. In fact, this current wobble cycle began in 1999/2000 and is closing or terminating abruptly leaving us hanging in mid-air so to speak, waiting for the outstretched ballerina of the Earth to regain her sense of balance after an ambitious leap… which… she may be unable t…

The last major anomaly in the MIN phase of the X WAVE was during 1936, which induced a major phase shift and sharp change in direction of the drift of the pole. Following that anomaly, the frequency of 7.0 plus quakes nearly doubled from some 18 per year to over 30 per year. The year following the anomaly saw many major increases in volcanism. We are likely headed towards a similar 20 year season of increase in tectonic activity, beginning with a major increase in volcanism during 2006-08 and the occurrence of more 7.0 plus quakes, even as many three per month for many years afterwards. This activity, combined with the effects of Global Warming on the creation of Super Storms, are likely to keep the news channels quite busy.

This anomaly will be of significant interest to fans of Edgar Cayce, the famed sleeping prophet. He predicted during the mid 1930's that a new cycle of the shifting of the poles would begin in 2000/2001 and thereafter an increase in the "upheavals" in the Earth. Since this anomaly has appeared in a "cycle" of Chandler's Wobble which began in 2000, just after the completion of the MIN PHASE in 1999, we are now seeing Cayce's prediction fulfilled with remarkable fidelity.

Solar Flares and Solar Wind

Solar flares emanate from the sun's surface. Due to mass & weight differences, the solar surface contains far more electrons (negatively charged) than the solar core with protons (positively charged). An electron is 1830 times lighter than a proton. Lighter objects tend to sit at the surface, more so than denser objects at the center core. Think about the concept of a centrifuge. The effect from increased solar flare activity might be to overload the earth's north and south pole with charges particles, and lead to an uncertain effect on their ambient temperatures. Experts believe that the Chandler Wobble causes earthquakes, volcanoes, El Nino water temperature changes, and global warming, with eight charts which demonstrate (if not prove) the correlation with empirical evidence. The wobble is evident in a 6.5 year cycle.

Solar flares emanate from the sun's surface

Dr. László Körtvélyessy, born in Hungary but lives in Germany, is the world's foremost expert in certain niches within the earth sciences, especially related to the influence of the sun on the earth with respect to electrical factors. His book "The Electric Universe" is a full treatment of the complex inter-relationship between the sun and earth, regarded as being of historical importance.

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