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Part 3: A Gathering Storm

YOWUSA.COM, 17-July-04
Dale Caruso



Not only do we begin a new century, but a new millennium as well.  It seems that the year 2000, did not intend to go unnoticed in the weather record books either.  According to NOAA's annual report for that year:

Global temperatures in 2000 were 0.39C (0.7F) above the long term (1880 1999) average*, the sixth warmest year on record.

During the past century, global surface temperatures have increased at a rate near 0.6C/Century (1.1F/Century), but this trend increased to a rate approaching 0.2C/Decade (0.36F/Decade) during the past 25 years.


The next year in this new Millennium proved to be yet another year to break old records (set the year before).  According to the NOAA annual report on Global weather for that year,

Global temperatures in 2001 were 0.51C (0.92F)* above the long term (1880 2000) average**, which places 2001 as the second warmest year on record.

Moreover, they saw no reason to expect that this trend was going to reverse itself any time soon:

During the past century, global surface temperatures have increased at a rate near 0.6C/century (1.1F/century), but this trend has dramatically increased to a rate approaching 2.0C/century (3.6F/century) during the past 25 years.


The year 2002 brought even more of the same when it came to overall climatic conditions.  It seems ever apparent that, with each year, Earth's climate has demonstrated a pattern of change that falls well within the definition or pattern that will ultimately bring about an abrupt climate change.

NOAA records for that year clear show that Global temperatures in 2002 were:

0.56C (1.01F) above the long term (1880 2001) average, which places 2002 as the second warmest year on record.  Both land and ocean temperature ranks as second warmest on record.

In addition, their evaluation of Climate trends for the year 2002 was beginning to sound much like a broken record:

Data collected by NOAA's polar orbiting satellites indicate that temperatures centered in the middle troposphere at altitudes from 2 to 6 miles made 2002 the second warmest year for the globe.

Reading the data from 1997 to 2002 it is quite obvious that the climate is changing and again, by most standard scientific definition, it most certainly can be placed into the category of "Abrupt Climate Change"  matching the data indicating the patterns and pace of change as thus far discovered and analyzed by paleoclimatologists.

More records are poised to fall as this year sets new ones.

"It's not so much that we had an outbreak, but that we had three, maybe four outbreaks in a week's span," said Daniel McCarthy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Storm Prediction Center.  "That is very unusual."

An interesting piece recently appeared at WHIOTV.com (the website for WHIOTV  an Ohio television station) looking at this record setting outbreak of tornados.  The piece speaks to the issue of what cause tornados, weather patterns and the like.  However, it is important when reading statements from officials or media pieces to look for the small items, remarks, often just a sentence that may speak volumes to something considerably more significant.

In discussing the causes for this weather pattern, WHIOTV's report states:

The jet stream was the key, keeping a persistent pool of cool air over the Rockies (it snowed in Denver this weekend) and allowing warm, humid air to linger over the East.

The warmth and humidity helped thunderstorms form, but the jet stream played another important role.


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It happened four or five times during the 10 days, and there was deadly weather with each.

It happens every spring — but this year, forecasters say, it stayed in place without a break.

"So every time there was a little ripple in the jet stream coming through, it just triggered another bout of tornadoes," said Greg Forbes, a meteorologist at The Weather Channel.

That was an interesting piece, but there were a couple of very telling remarks to substantiate the fact that there is a significant change happening to our climate as a whole.

In case, you might have missed them, "Typically, big tornado outbreaks move through and the atmosphere needs time to gather strength again.  Not so this time."  In addition, "It happens every spring — but this year, forecasters say, it stayed in place without a break."

Here is an interesting statistic from NOAA's Storm Prediction center

Largest Number of Tornadoes for any
month since 1950 - The Deadly Dozen:

1. May 2004


2. May 2003


3. June 1992


4. May 1995


5. June 1998


6. May 1991


7. May 1982


8. June 1990


9. June 1993


10. May 1998


11. May 1999


12. June 1999


It is said that a good statistician only presents the most complete and precise set of data possible.  However, it is up to others to read and apply that data.  The question, as we have seen, is not whether the government is massaging, managing or hiding data.  It is there, readily available for any and all who care to read it.  That includes scientists, lawmakers and policy formulators, the media and the public.  The real question is, aside from NOAA weather specialists, "is anyone reading the data?"

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