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Yellowstone Journal: How Accurate is Earthchanges TV Reporting?

YOWUSA.COM, 28-February-04
Dave Wright and Marshall Masters


February 21, 2004 (3.6)



  • Latitude = 43.577N, longitude = 110.370W.
  • Near west Wyoming border.
  • http://wwwneic.cr.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/neic_fdad.html
  • Approximately 140 miles from Yellowstone.

February 25, 2004 (3.5)

Earthquake Location

Reading Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

Latitude coordinate numbers are located on the vertical bar, i.e. 44 degrees, and are read horizontally.  Longitude coordinate numbers are located on the horizontal bar, i.e. 110 degrees, and are read vertically  North latitudes coordinates are designated if they are above the equator.  West coordinates are designated if they are west of the Greenwich Meridian Time Line (GMT line) for North American coordinates. 


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If an earthquake occurs near Yellowstone then the coordinates must be between latitudes 43-45 North (N) and longitudes 110-111 West (W).  Using the 140-mile definition of "near" which Jim Berkland says should only be 20 miles, then the 5.3 and the two 3.5 earthquakes occurred nowhere near Yellowstone.  However, the 3.6 earthquake did occur near the west border of Wyoming (near Yellowstone), which could be construed as being good enough for government work by some. 

Reporting Discrepancies Found

What we found during our investigation was very interesting.  The February 6th and 15th earthquakes were in the same general location. However, according to 140-mile "near" definition, the locations were nowhere near Yellowstone. 

The location was near some oil fields near the east border of Wyoming according to world aeronautical charts used for plotting aircraft flights.  In addition, the February 25 earthquake occurred in Utah 200 miles Southwest of Yellowstone.  This is still outside of 140-mile "near" definition.  Therefore, the only earthquake that did occur "near" Yellowstone was the February 21 earthquake.

YOWUSA.COM Summary of Findings

Earthchanges TV's reporting is subject to error, through loose interpretation.  What concerns us is that they stalled our request for clarification, which indicates to us an internal doubt at Earthchanges TV  Until Earthchanges TV goes public with a detailed response to these inaccuracies, we advise our subscribers to be suspect of their reporting.

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