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Catastrophic Quakes
May Soon Hit Japan

YOWUSA.COM, 13-November-03
Jacco van der Worp
Foreword by Marshall Masters


Body Resonance

Our body reacts to tremors as well.  Everybody knows the feeling of a rock band playing and we cannot just hear but also feel the music in our stomachs.  That's the sound waves acting directly into our body. There are more dangerous frequencies in this respect.  The government is testing the use of strong sound pulses in crowd control. It's sort of like a stun gun, but a sound pulse of very low frequency will punch you hard in your liver, or your spleen or your stomach, stopping you in your tracks. It is a harsh but effective method, as long as the signal is not applied too long or intensely.  Your organs might oscillate to the point of rupture, killing you by it.  Resonance does not just break glass; it may break you, too.  Different parts of our bodies will respond to different frequencies and resonate with them.  Well, now it gets interesting. As no two organs or limbs are alike, subtle frequency change will result in a different part of the body responding. The same response can be triggered in your body by EM waves hitting it directly .  A microwave will hit all water in your body and make it boil, by resonance alone. That's the principle we use each time we ‘nuke' another pizza. We may not know how it works, but we certainly know it does!

Larry realized this interaction existed in his article already; he even did research into the typical frequency of certain regions of the crust of the Earth.

History of ‘Breakthrough' Technology

Terra Research has conducted nearly 10 years of research and has developed technology that is able to observe the complete seismic genesis process.  It is based on very sensitive scalar detection technology employing ‘mass resonant sensory devices' (MRSD).  It may be said that these devices are similar in nature to our human ability to react to scalar except the sensors react to primary signals.  A book has been published that goes into detail of the research.

Documented in the book are recorded scalar climax burst events prior to earthquakes for M6.8 Satsop WA earthquake, M5.0 Olympia WA earthquake, and M7.9 Denali AK earthquake.  The book extensively documents research data & technology, which has provided the astounding list of findings on earth dynamics.

New Discoveries unknown to current science —

    The earth has specific gyroscalar resonant frequencies specific to latitude (i.e. San Francisco 1.4hz, Coso Volcanic region 1.13-1.15hz, Mt Hood 2.78hz, Mt St Helens 3.1hz) increases northward and is symmetrical to the poles (highest, 14.998hz at N/S poles).

The gyroscalar frequency follows a mathematical equation, that is f = sin(x)^y * 14.998.

X is equal to the latitude in degrees and y can be taken from a graph in Larry's book, it varies between 1 and 5 in sort of a bell shape, its highest value between 30 and 50 degrees latitude.  This resonant frequency is very similar in value to the infrasound frequency used to control crowds. It is not only sound though, it's also free scalar energy emanating from the Earth at roughly the same frequency.

There is another range in our bodies that must be resonating with this.  It is the brain itself.  Since we obviously don't hear the ‘quake tone' symptoms with our ears, as they just don't pick it up, it must be a direct interaction of the scalar energy with our brains, with their audio-processing centers, to be more precise.  This certainly needs investigation, but the phenomenon is real.

More importantly, the phenomenon is real enough that we need to carefully consider the predictions of a "sensitive" like Jody Newlin from Concord, California.

Jody's Unique Ability

Jody has been hearing tones connected with quakes for many years.  She has developed a way to interpret these tones, which come with different symptoms across her body, like aches in feet, legs, back, neck and head, or pressure waves moving through her.  She has experienced these symptoms since childhood.

Over the last few years, she has kept a log of quake tones she heard.  She also started to attribute a period, region and magnitude to her experiences. She gave us this quake log a month ago; it contains over 300 quakes, and she has a hit rate of close to 70% in them.

Of course, we wanted to make sure, so we kept track of new predictions as they emerged on the SyzygyJob web site maintained by geologist Jim Berkland.  Jody usually posts her tones and corresponding predictions there. We were able to confirm her hit rate by logging times of 38 more predictions and hits to predictions made.  We obtained the confirmations through using reputable geological sites like USGS and its Taiwanese equivalent, the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan.

Of 328 quake predictions that had their timeframes closed so far, there were 239 hits, of which 26 were labeled semi-hit.  A semi-hit is a quake of sufficient strength according to the prediction that's a few days outside the predicted window, or a degree of latitude off the mark, or it has the right location but less than half a magnitude below the lower edge of the strength window predicted.

239 out of 328 equal 72.9%; if you are very strict then 213 out of 328 are hits, which make it equal to 64.9%.  Both edges of the interval are mentioned, as even magnitude measurements by official agencies contain some level of inaccuracy.

The simple fact shown by the data is that approximately two thirds of her predictions are correct.

There is no way to explain this statistically, nor can the data be attributed to chance.  We have carefully evaluated and validated predictions, which are truly predictions and not post-dictions. This is because we've tracked Jody for some time and her predictions consistently appear on the web prior to the quake events she predicts. The times of logging of a prediction and a quake cannot be manipulated by her or us.

Of course, we wondered how she does this.  Her answer to our question about what other symptoms she suffers from around a tone was:


Could you give us a list of other symptoms that help you determine location and strength, next to the tones you are hearing? It is important as resonances of the ear don't come alone, other body parts will resonate as well)

Jody Newlin:

Do I have to be specific as to what location they correlate to or can I just tell you what hurts during a tone?  I'll just list the later version...

All of these symptoms are temporary: hours/ 1-2 days.  They occur with ear tones and disappear just prior to the quake hitting. Any of these following symptoms can come by themselves or in combinations during an ear tone: 

  • Sinus/ face pain
  • Nose/ eye pain
  • Cheekbone pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Neck pain
  • Teeth hurt--all of them at once!
  • Lip tingles
  • Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Pressure slam to one side of the body
  • Pressure all over
  • Extremely irritable
  • Right side pain
  • Left side pain
  • Back of head pain: right, left or center back.
  • Top of head/ crown sensitivity
  • Forehead pressure
  • Ear itch/ tickle
  • Ears plug up and crackle
  • Deafness in one ear
  • Stomach-ache
  • Heart palpitations/ chest pain
  • Sudden anxiety/ feeling of dread
  • Nervousness
  • Shot of energy down one leg


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The list of symptoms is impressive and implies that there is both infrasound (low-frequency audio waves) and scalar energy working together in this.  Of course, the infrasound may just be the result of scalar energy transferring into the air at a certain frequency; the air will then vibrate at that same frequency, which is a sound wave.  Therefore, a tone combines with a symptom, giving clues about location and strength of the quake to come.

Prediction for Japan

Based on our long standing observations and hard data analysis, there is a solid case to be made that Jody Newlin does in fact perceive earthquakes prior to their occurrence. In addition to this, her accuracy in prediction is high enough to warrant a serious investigation into her method of detecting earthquake precursors.

For this reason, we are greatly concerned about her recent prediction regarding a catastrophic earthquake in Japan before the end of this month as it has a statistical chance of close to 70% of happening.

She currently predicts a very strong quake for the Japanese mainland, close to the coast.  She mentioned a 7-9+ quake, an exceptional quake and the only time she ever mentioned a 9+ magnitude in a prediction. She also senses that this next major quake will only be the first of a series of major quakes to strike Japan. 

She has also predicted this twice. Her first prediction was for the second half of October, a large hit actually did occur. It was a magnitude 7.0 off the East coast of Honshu, Japan on October 31, 2003. While that first prediction was accurate, she nonetheless insists that this was not the "main hit" and has extended her time estimate into the second half of November.

We've agonized about releasing this article; however, the data we saw on the USGS near real time quake information web site as of November 12 raised propelled us to publish this article.































These are all quakes for the western edge of the Pacific plate, and five of them are in the 6+ in magnitude. There is obviously a serious motion starting at the Western edge of the Ring of Fire.  Japan, brace yourselves!

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