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Yellowstone Journal: Yellowstone is Sleeping Again… Or Is It?

YOWUSA.COM, 18-October-03
Dave Wright


The Importance of Micro quakes

An area experiencing a large number of micro-quakes and small earthquakes (less than magnitude 2) is an area where stress is not building up.  Large earthquakes in those areas are unlikely.  Conversely, areas where stress has been building up due to the lack of micro-quakes will experience larger earthquakes.  The areas to the south and along the margins of the old Yellowstone caldera have experienced larger earthquakes (magnitude >3) than areas within the caldera or over the new hot spot location to the northwest of the old caldera.

The significance of the Norris Junction earthquakes

Norris Junction earthquakesRecently, a magnitude 4.4 earthquake occurred at Norris Junction (northern edge of the old caldera), and a magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred at Little West Thumb (center of the old caldera).  These quakes are important in this analysis, because they did not occur in cooler and more rigid rocks to the south and east of the caldera, but within the highly fractured rocks of the caldera and at the contact between the caldera and the new hot spot to the north.

What Will Cause a Yellowstone Eruption?

The violent outpouring of gas and magma froth during a supervolcano eruption requires a very strict set of conditions.  First, supervolcano eruptions are temperature dependent.  Water absorbed within the magma must superheat to the extent that it will separate from the magma as bubbles of steam.  Pressure buildup within the magma chamber has to be high enough for the water to remain liquid.  Water is constantly bubbling up from the magma to form a gas cap at the top of the magma chamber.  When the pressure of that gas exceeds the pressure that keeps the fractures closed in the rocks above the chamber, steam will work its way up those fractures towards the surface.  So long as the temperature of the magma is not rapidly rising, and so long as the magma can release its water slowly in belches and burps, supervolcano conditions will not occur.

Supervolcano conditions can develop either when the roof rock on top of the magma chamber does not give and allow hydrothermal gases to escape fast enough, or when the mantle hot spot sends up a scalar pulse of heat that raises the magma temperature faster than the safety valves in the overlying rock can reduce the pressure.  However, that special set of temperature/pressure circumstances may not develop under the Yellowstone Park for a number of reasons.  The geologic conditions that led to prior eruptions were different, and unlike the complex structure and plumbing that exists now around the new hot spot.

Is the Yellowstone Supervolcano Overdue?

Yellowstone Hot SpotsIf we can accept the ages given for the last eruptions, and if a supervolcano h

I posit that the reason that Yellowstone has not yet reached those conditions and might not reach them for some time yet is due to the complex underground plumbing created by the two adjacent collapsed magma chambers (cf. Willard Lake and Sour Creek domes).


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Outside Influences Could be Causing These Trends

Sun SpotsPerhaps changes in our solar system could be causing the increases in seismic events. The sun is enduring its greatest number of sunspot occurrences in recorded history, causing all the planets to radiate more heat.  If Yellowstone went through a similar rise in magma temperature 40,000 years ago and did not blow, it is very likely that a critical situation will not arise today or in the near future - until the hot spot (and next magma chamber) has moved far enough from the old caldera that the safety valves stop working.  The increasing amount of seismicity in and around the old magma chambers is a good thing.  The fact that there are so many micro quakes indicates that the rock is slowly giving to increasing pressure.  That means that the safety valves to the new magma chamber are working.  Let's hope that the current heating cycle ends soon. If it doesn't, then this heating cycle could override the safety valves to the new magma chamber, and then Yellowstone just might experience its next eruption. 

In the meantime, keep watching the Yellowstone web sites.  We don't know how hot it might get in the magma chamber, and a rapid pulse of heat could override the safety valves in the Yellowstone caldera.  Stay informed…be prepared.

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