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It Is Time To Cast a Worried Eye
Towards Yellowstone

YOWUSA.COM, 22-August-03
Larry Park and Marshall Masters


Sudden Crustal Change — How?

Just as a microwave oven heats food in an empty chamber, the earth generates powerful scalar energy that forms a ‘scalar microwave'.  This energy is exothermic to the crust — as demonstrated in the dramatic thermal increase in areas of Yellowstone.  This same effect also transforms the rigidity (hard to softer) of the crust.  Russian scientists are aware of this phenomena and are researching to understand this in hopes of prediction.

Mass Resonant Sensory Device
(MRSD) - Scalar earth sensorHowever, without scalar sensory technology, the oscillations of rigidity changes will not be correctly understood.

Observe the graph at website below showing crustal rigidity becoming softer (RG-parameter, downward=softer).  What is important is the sharp variations shown in the graph which is from the ‘scalar resonance'.  Prior to the main earthquake, scalar resonance was being released in powerful burst stages.  Not observable with current geologic sensors, the bursts were inducing saturation of the rock, transforming its rigidity.

Geophysical Observatory "Borok" UIPE RAS
About change rigidity before Long Valley Earthquake

"New parameter ("rating" of earthquakes), reflecting rigidity of earth crust, and founded on definition of preferential character of destruction in the centers small (background) earthquakes — fragile or ductile is offered"

Science is on the right track here; crustal rigidity is a true precursor to earth energy. However, this change in rock strength is a major concern in dynamics of supervolcanoes such as Yellowstone.

Science Awakening to Thermal
Anomaly Prior to Earthquake

Science is awakening to the phenomena of crustal heat prior to large earthquakes. Amazingly, science is even commenting on the hopes of predicting earthquakes from this new announcement.  The ‘prediction' word was deemed nearly impossible given reliance on the ‘self organized criticality' models.  Yet, theory still needs some catching up to the real earth dynamics.

Science @ NASA, August 11, 2003
Anticipating Earthquakes

"Friedemann Freund, adjunct professor of physics at San Jose State University and a scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center, explains: ‘In the 1980's and 90's, Russian and Chinese scientists noticed some strange thermal anomalies associated with earthquakes in Asia — for example, the 1998 Zhangbei earthquake near the Grat Wall of China.  This earthquake occurred when ground temperatures in the region were around –20C.  Just before the quake, thermal sensors detected temperature variations as large as +6 to +9 degrees, according to Chinese documents"

"Satellites equipped with IR cameras could be used to detect these hot spots from space.  In fact, when Freund and colleage Dimitar Ouzounov of the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) examined infrared data collected at NASA's Terra satellite, they discovered a warming of the ground in western India just before the powerful January 26, 2001, quake in Gujarat.  ‘The thermal anomaly was as large as +4C,' says Freund."

However, without observing and understanding the true complex nature of scalar genesis, scientists can be fooled by thermal alone.  Pacific Northwest quakes act differently in leading up to the main scalar burst (with subsequent quake following shortly afterward) — there may not be a notable thermal warning. Also, thermal anomalies can persist for long durations without a quake, especially in volcanics — another chance of misleading data.  This is due to the silent quake nature of events not seen by current technology.  

Science Gaining Further Insight
Into Electrical Nature of Energy

Again, from same article prior, scientists discover that stressing granite generates electrical voltages at the rock's surface. Yet scientists will find that scalar energy from the earth is far greater potential in generating voltages, rendering the simple lab results as an exception case. (transferral of charge has been issue of this theory — same obstacle that Greek scientist and quake researcher P. Varotsos encountered in scientific debate).  Even the scalar energy will show only glimpses of partial voltages in regions — it can be unreliable in precursor detection.  Only primary scalar sensory devices correctly observe the earth generated energy.

Science @ NASA, August 11, 2003
Anticipating Earthquakes

"In one laboratory experiment, Freund and colleagues placed red granite blocks under a 1,500 ton press—mimicking in some ways what happens miles below the Earth's surface.  A sensitive camera developed at JPL and GSFC monitored the rock and detected infrared emissions.  Furthermore, a voltage bult up on the rock's surface.  This leads Freund to believe the cause might be electrical."

"What causes rocks under pressure to emit infrared radiation? No one is certain.  The frequency spectrum of the emissions shows that internal heat from friction—e.g., rocks rubbing together—is not responsible for the radiation."

Yes, science is on the right track.  The energy is electrical.  The source is scalar.  Note that scientists discount any ‘rock rubbing' or friction as cause.  Another correct path — the energy is not from friction or rubbing.

But Science is Missing Four of the
Five Types of True Earthquakes

Without scalar technology, science will continue to not see, detect, or observe four other real types of earthquakes and their precursors.  Science can only observe the smaller section of the iceberg because it is limited by theory (mechanical based) and by sensory techology.   Only with the advent of very sensitive Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) equipment has science recently discovered the ‘slow' or ‘silent' earthquake (refer to first volcanics article for web site reference).

What are the five true earthquakes?

  • Earthquake Boom — a high frequency (audio) form of earthquake.  See: www.thetop.com/terraresearch article "Mystery of ‘The Earthquake Boom' — a real earthquake.
  • Traditional Earthquake — that we all know as the vibrational & destructive movement of the earth.  Known as the ‘Earthquake'.
  • Earthquake ‘lurch' – a movement of a section of earth noted in ability to affect pipelines (shear).  This is a rare event.
  • Fast version of Slow Earthquake — wave moves in many minutes to hours instead of days to weeks.
  • Slow or Silent Earthquake — wave moves in days to weeks.  Recently discovered by science.

As you can see, there is a whole ‘family' of earthquake types; waiting for science to discover. The spectrum is from very slow to very fast — audio ‘boom'.  These are all observable with scalar sensors (precursors & subsequent event).

The important factor to supervolcanoes and volcanoes is the Slow Earthquake — it is the ‘mover' of mass, including magma in transferring pressure.  This workhorse is the unseen process that accelerates pressure while generating very strong scalar energy.  Only the large wave versions of the Slow Earthquake are observable by GPS systems, scalar instruments see a world alive of this phenomena.

What is The Risk — If A Supervolcano Erupts?

To get a sense of what it would be like, the following is a true account from Mt St Helens pyroclastic blast.


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Mt. Saint HelensOn a ridge in the ‘red zone' less than 5 miles from the summit and moments before succumbing to a massive eruptive blast, USGS geologist David Johnston shouted "Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!".  This was the last radio transmission from David to USGS Cascades Volcanic Observatory in Vancouver Washington when Mt. St. Helen's north face bulge gave way Sunday morning May 18, 1980 - unleashing the equivalent of 500 Hiroshima atomic bombs. Over 150 square miles of majestic forest were instantly flattened from a high velocity searing hot lateral blast, leaving defoiled trunks arrayed in layers as toothpicks viewed from above.  The mountain disgorged ash continuously for 9 hours afterward.  Mr. Johnston's body was never found.

For a supervolcano, this scenario would be hundreds if not thousands of times more powerful.  The devastation of ash — high heat and burial risk — would endanger all life up to 600 miles in radius, not just a nearby pristine forest.  Only to understand the unbelievable amount of ash capable of a major Yellowstone eruption, see web site for graphic of historic documented ashfall.  Up to 20 states in the US will be either fully affected or partially.

The Why Files, 26-July-2003
Huge volcano sleeps under YellowstoneClick Here For Larger Image

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