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It Is Time To Cast a Worried Eye
Towards Yellowstone

YOWUSA.COM, 22-August-03
Larry Park and Marshall Masters


So What Can I Do?

The amount of time for complacency has past.  Now, you need to make a personal commitment to become informed and continuously aware of this building threat — especially if you live within 600 miles of Yellowstone Park.  This is because in a worst-case scenario, the hot ash could bury you alive, as it did to the residents of Pompeii.

For those of us including myself, Larry Park, and all those we hold dear who happen to live West of the Mississippi and beyond the 600 mile Pompeii perimeter surrounding Yellowstone, the issue becomes one of common sense disaster planning.  In this regard, the worst danger in the worst-case scenario will be volcanic ash from the eruption.  We may understand best this ash danger in the context of what happened after the buildings collapsed on 9-11.

FT.COM, 11-September-2001
Eyewitness: 'I saw them jump from the 80th floor'

911 Wall Street employeesWall Street employees ran, a stampede in tears. "There were hundreds of emergency workers underneath, I don't know how they could have survived," said one. Nearby, people sought refuge in the subway, but the sandstorm of debris had reached there, too.  Others grabbed for coffee-filters to act as makeshift masks. Some just stood and vomited, lungs full of dust.

Keep in mind that the Mount St. Helens eruption caused 3M to send its entire supply of surgical masks to Washington and that was a pipsqueak compared to the worst-case potential of a Yellowstone eruption.

Nontoxic Dust MasksSure, the best thing to have plenty of disposable nontoxic dust masks on hand, but if they're not handy, do as the New Yorkers did on 9-11.  Snatch up a #4 coffee filter to keep the ash out of your lungs.

Better yet, keep a good supply of #4 coffee filters on-hand for the many folks who'll never bothered to keep a disposable surgical or dust mask handy.  The warehouse clubs like Costco have them in great big bundles for just a few dollars.

Army PonchoAnother good idea is to drive on down to your local Army surplus store and buy you and your loved ones some boots with thick high traction soles and ponchos.  This is because you'll want to be fully clothed in a heavy ash environment, regardless of how hot it may be outside.

Emergency RadioWhile you're there, check out the hand crank radios.  They'll be the best way to tune into the local emergency channels for news on where to find food, water, shelter and above all — loved ones!

Do you remember when the news media had a hysterical field day poking fun at the government for suggesting that we stock up on duct tape and plastic sheets?  Yah, well our sound-byte driven media showed as much common sense as the haughty fools of Pompeii who happened to be busy repairing quake damage to their homes on the day Vesuvius erupted. Buy the duct tape and plastic, lots of it, and keep it handy!  You'll need it to keep the ash out.

In addition, you'll need some basic supplies like batteries, food, etc.  If you have three people in your family, order 3 extra five-gallon jugs of spring water from your delivery service, or just make sure you have at least 5 gallons of emergency water set aside for each member of you household.

Why batteries for a blanket of volcanic ash?  When the rain begins to fall, it will mist with the ash and become an acidic mud that will cause power transformers to short out.  So expect massive power failures, which means plenty of flashlight batteries and it wouldn't hurt to stock up on some inexpensive candles as well.

In addition, while you're driving from here to there picking up inexpensive survival supplies, start discussing how and where you and your loved ones can meet, in the event you separate after a disaster occurs.

These were just a few suggestions, and Janice Manning has also prepared a list of useful disaster web sites, which appears at the end of this article.  I urge you to consider the scientific data presented by Larry Park and the use Janice's link list to collect some well thought out advice.

— Marshall Masters

It Is Time To Cast a Worried
Eye Towards Yellowstone

Larry Park

YellowstoneTo date, United States volcanologists have been lucky — Mt. St. Helens and Mt Pinatubo devastating climactic eruptions have given unmistakable warning signs. Many lives were saved by civil authorities responding to geologist's advice through ‘red zone' restrictions or evacuations.  However, the worst-case scenario is what geologists dread — zero warning.  This is precisely the case for a deadly stratovolcano –Mt Rainier - which puts upwards of 100,000 lives at risk where there may only be 15-30 minutes to run for high ground from a sudden Lahar (volcanic mudflow).  Yet this pales in comparison to a sudden cataclysmic eruption of a supervolcano.  Many times the lives are at risk from these giants. Yet scientists do not know what these giants can do.  Their theories are giving a false sense of security.  It is imperative that science ‘wakes up' to the real dynamics, before it is too late.

This article will attempt to reveal the critical phenomena eluding science and the signs that are currently being interpreted through a lacking model of the earth.  New technology, not currently in the hands of scientists, does observe the true nature of earth dynamics.  The urgent warning sign will be discussed where readers will get insight into what is said officially, what is not said, and what is not known (by official geology) - regarding current conditions of supervolcano Yellowstone.

A few terms defined for article discussion:

  • Scalar wave — A ‘mass-less' wave that propagates differently than traditional electromagnetic waves (radio waves).  Scalar waves do not oscillate back and forth between magnetic and electrostatic, yet are real waves of energy.  Therefore, to sense them, one requires different technology. Traditional radio wave technology will not properly sense pure Scalar waves.
  • Scalar — A difference in energy potential between two reference points, with a vector. Think of an arrow; the tip to tail length defines the strength; the pointing direction of arrow determines the 3-D direction it is pointing (from-to).
  • Gyro-scalar — A ‘precessing' emanation of scalar wave similar to a rate of wobble to spinning top.
  • Resonance — a natural vibration or a vibration frequency.

The Instruments Were Right

Since the first volcanism article, Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions, the supervolcano Yellowstone has had reports of concerning developments prompting closure of a section in Norris Geyser Basin due to rapid heating of the ground, new steam vents, and increased geyser activity.  The LDI II system is accurate (see: www.thetop.com/terraresearch for instrumentation technology).

YOWUSA.COM, 11-June-2003
Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions

"Revolutionary technology is observing an alarming deep subterranean process, which is bringing to life an underground system affecting the full state of California, the Pacific Northwest, and eastern Idaho (Yellowstone).  Effects of this activity are providing small clues with regard to microquakes or swarms with moderate magnitudes up to 4's, however the equivalent magnitude of ‘silent' quake activity in the subterranean process are far greater.  Why isn't mainstream science aware of this?  The answer is two reasons: the earth is being very ‘stealthy' and second, mainstream science theories of crustal mechanics are faulty."  


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Predicted Phenomena — All From Instrument Data

Just a few of the discussed phenomena in first volcanism article — with subsequent events:

  • June 11, 1st volcanism article — "technology is observing an alarming deep subterranean process, which is bringing to life an underground system affecting the full state of California, the Pacific Northwest, and eastern Idaho (Yellowstone).  Effects of this activity are providing small clues with regard to microquakes or swarms with moderate magnitudes up to 4's" 
  • Aug 21 event: "Rare magnitude 4.4 hits Wyoming near Yellowstone Park, Aug 21 — notable shallow depth of 0.3 miles"  
  • June 11, 1st volcanism article– " …instrumentation that is able to ‘see' deep within the crust is watching a real-time interaction of all of these volcanic areas"…"Recorded data illustrates a complex plumbing system that is acting as one — or the equivalent of a volcanic version of a much bigger San Andreas Fault except with a ‘Y' to it." 
  • Aug 21 event: "The ‘Rare' M4.4 quake is in line with a eastern arm of the ‘Y' to Yellowstone."  
  • June 11, 1st volcanism article — "Yet, the earth does emit energy, very powerful indeed, that has been observed with this technology to.." ,"..and elevate the temperature of the earth."  "17. Scalar emissions can elevate crustal temperature increase a number of degrees C prior to earthquake."
  • July 11 events: "Norris Geyser Basin (section) shut down July 23 due to significant increase in thermal (ground temp to 200F), new steam vents/mudpots, & geyser eruption increases. Most recent change in thermal activity began July 11"  http://www.nps.gov/yell/press/0362.htm
  • June 11, 1st volcanism article — "19. Volcanics activity generates harmonic scalar resonance precursors."
  • July 19/20 events: Strong harmonic scalar resonant recordings July 19 & 20.  

It should be noted that volcanic signature events have been monitored by instrumentation back to 1999 and documented in confidential reports.  It wasn't until June of 2003 that sources recommended going public with current developments, thus the first June volcanism article.

Another issue at Yellowstone, scientists are concerned about a large bulge that has formed at Yellowstone Lake bottom.  Is 100 ft high and 2100ft long — referred to as ‘inflated plain'.

Park lake hints at buildup to huge blast (large bulge in ‘inflated plain' at Yellowstone Lake bottom).

New Warnings — Scientists Take Heed

Forgive the urgency, but scientists need to understand that current crustal models may be rendered dangerously incorrect.  In deep powerful conditions - that current instrumentation continues to record - the earth can ‘fool' all leading volcanology to date.  Yes, this is correct!  Throw out all volcanology models.  In very powerful scalar resonance the upper crust itself is alarmingly transformed into a soft state.  The presence of thermal anomalies is an ominous sign — coupled with what instruments indicate activity at depth.  If a scalar resonance develops near the supervolcano, the magma chamber just a few miles below can breach the roof.  The roof is containing the colossal pressure.  A sudden change if the crustal strength — i.e. softening — can lead to a dramatic failure with little to no warning.

Other scientific research is recognizing this phenomena of magma recycling from the upper crust — not from deep below.  However, the new surprise awaiting science is how it can quickly transform the rock by a ‘scalar resonant' effect.

The Why Files, 26-July-2001
Recycling at Yellowstone National Park

"You wouldn't look at the Yellowstone Caldera and think ‘recycling.' We neither.  But it turns out that the giant volcanic hotspot in Wyoming has been reusing rock for at least two million years.  And that recycling offers clues about when the titanic volcano will next erupt." … "The finding may alter our view of how much magma and heat are leaving he depths of the Earth, Bindeman adds, since we may be counting the recycled heat twice. ‘If a volcano is still eating its own roots, it is not new magma which is coming out of the mantle.'"

[1] [2] [3] [4]


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