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UPDATE #1: Volcanoes in California, Idaho & Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-03
Larry Park and Marshall Masters


Where Is Current Activity?

Super Body ResonanceThe earth reveals areas of activity by frequency (pitch) by location.  This is different from harmonic resonant frequencies, which tend to be higher.  Below is a capture of recent active energy regions.  These readings indicate a wide body that is interacting together in its frequencies much like a chorus of lower to higher pitched voices.  The high peak lower grouping is from latitudes from Southern CA to OR/Idaho regions (active body is a ‘Y with one leg connected to southern CA for Idaho leg).  Lower peak group is the Pacific Northwest.  All of these regions are now starting to resonate as a connected ‘super body'.  (Note: 8.26 Hz spike calibration reference — recording 7-19-03 15:41:12 PST — 1 min).

What Does This Mean?

Energy is deep, very strong and is indicative of its continued buildup.  However, the earth is very dynamic and may lead to a phase of decline — only time will answer.  Currently the energy is buffered with a layer of lithosphere, which gives time before any potential risk.  Nevertheless, science must realize that factors may accelerate the ‘count-down clock' in breaching this buffering layer.  A ‘super body', which accelerates in energy levels of harmonic resonance, may saturate and change the rigidity of this buffer layer.  Adding to the considerations are the tremendous pressures involved in this ‘super body'.  The fact that persistent gyro-scalar readings have now become the norm indicates that this body is not lacking in deep earth forces or pressures. Unfortunately, just as a magma chamber from deep with stealth appeared with no warning, we may not have much traditional science sensory warning in the future.

Included in the ‘superbody' regions are two ‘supervolcanoes' (Yellowstone Caldera & Long Valley Caldera).  Given an accelerated ‘superbody' resonance with a massive pressure scenario, these monsters can breach with little to no warning.  Hopefully, the earth will give notable clues to pending danger, but the clues may be small.  This puts a great pressure on the decision makers; perhaps too great to decide on small events.

  • Science should pay close attention to any microquakes, swarms, or other seismic activity in volcanic regions.
  • Gases should be carefully monitored for any change in magmatic element traces.
  • Deformation or sudden changes in deformation in volcanic regions.
  • Changes in activity in previously dormant geysers.

It may also be possible that historic ‘superbody' activity has resulted in only one region of volcanic eruptions as the presence of this energy has never been observed.  However, the fact that there is presence of activity in such wide range of very powerful volcanic regions gives concern for a multi -region event potential.  History has recorded volcanic events encompassing a wide region as demonstrated back in 1850's involving Washington, Oregon, and California*. Science has also witnessed the large swarm series at Long Valley Caldera simultaneous to Mt St. Helens eruption. Although science believes these events were not ‘connected' — instrument data observing deep interactive processes disagrees with this position.


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Updates Will Follow

Terra Research will continue to monitor data 24hrs 7days a week to track developing conditions.  We will provide updates to keep readers abreast of conditions.  Included in updates will be any notable information from official seismological reports.

 Terra Research field research vehicle 
performing readings at Mt Hood Oregon.

Terra Research also may employ a fully instrumented research vehicle, which has internal array of sensory equipment where regional areas may be investigated to assist in locating activity (mobile technology able to ‘map' blind faults from surface emanations — faults not on current maps have been located; a couple are illustrated in research book.).

*History of "1850's" cluster of regional California,
Oregon, and Washington volcanic events:

*1844 –Mt.St. Helens — Goat Rocks dome elevation — [Burnett 1845: 109-110; 1902: 423-4; Gary 1923: 76-77]*1846- Mt. St. Helens — Ash — [Coombs 1960: 13] * 1846- Mt. Baker — Ash (?) — [Majors 1978; 43] *1846- Mt. Rainier — Ash (?) — [ Plummer 1893] *1847- Mt. St. Helens — Ash — [Kane 1925: 136; Holmes 1980] *.1848- Mt. St. Helens — Ash ("fire") — [Harris 1976: 185] *1849- Mt. St. Helens — Ash — [Gibbs 1855: 469] *1850- Mt. Baker — Ash — [Harris 1976: 241] *1850- Mt. St. Helens — Ash — [Harris 1976: 188] *1850- Cinder Cone — Ash — [Harkness 1875: 411; Finch 1937] *1851- Cinder Cone — Ash — [Harkness 1875: 411: Finch 1937] *1852- Mt. Baker — Ash — [Winthrop 1913: 38, 280] *1853- Mt. Baker — Rockfall; debris flow (?) — [Plummer 1893: 3] *1853- Mt. St. Helens — Lithic Ash — [Stevens 1936: 251] *1853- Mt. St. Helens — Lithic Ash — [Stevens 1936: 251] *1853- Mt. Hood — Ash (?) — [Miller 1853] *1853- South Sister — Ash (?) — [Miller 1853] *1854-Mt. Baker — Vast rolling masses of dense smoke — [Gibbs, ed. Clark 1955: 496; Davidson 1885: 262] * 1854-Mt. St. Helens — Ash — [Plummer 1898: 42; Harris 1976: 186] *1854- Mt. Rainier — Ash (?) — [Gibbs, ed. Clark 1955: 321; Matthes 1914] *1854-1857 — Chaos Crags — Steam: Ash (?) — [Williams, 1932] *1855- Mt. Shasta — Ash (?) — [Eichorn 1857: 13] *1855- Mt. Baker — Small clouds of ash — [Davidson 1885; Majors 1978] *1856- Mt. Baker — Dense smoke — [Majors 1978] * 1857- Mt. St. Helens — Ashclouds — [Holmes 1955; 1980] *1857- Chaos Crags — Steam — [Williams 1932: 347*1858- Mt. Baker — Fire and Smoke — [Davidson 1885: Majors 1978] * 1859- Mt. Hood — Column of fire, ashfall on snow, mudflow (?) — [Steel 1907; Harris 1976] *1859- Mt. Baker — Jets of flame; dense clouds of smoke — [Coombs 1960]

[1] [2]


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