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UPDATE #1: Volcanoes in California, Idaho & Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-03
Larry Park and Marshall Masters

Foreword by Marshall Masters

Catastrophic EruptionsOne June 11, 2003 we published Larry Park's first volcanism article, Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions, in which we said. "As you read this, know that massive forces tens of miles beneath your feet are building towards what could be another catastrophic series of volcanic eruptions if present trends in the monitoring data remain."  When we published that article, I was hoping for abatement in this trend as natural processes would kick in and nip this ominous trend in the bud.  This was not to be, and Larry's urgent call last Sunday dashed these hopes.  Not only is the trend continuing, but it also has escalated to an entirely new and disturbing level.  Larry's equipment is now detecting a new, more alarming phenomenon -- harmonic resonance.  What does this mean?

A very simple way of explaining what is presently happening under our feet is to think of the hot water systems in our own homes.  At the core of the system is our water heater, which connects to a vast system, one end of which is the municipal water works.  On the other, it connects to a maze of pipes in our homes leading to the various hot water taps that empty into our tubs, showers, sinks and appliances. 

In the midst of this incredible hot water network, we have a simple device called a safety valve.  If the pressure in the water tank becomes too great the safety valve gives way and the flooding and damage is limited to the area of the water tank on the back porch, or in the basement of the house.

Now let's compare this to what is taking place in California, Idaho & Pacific Northwest. 

Present day science sees the calderas, vents, geysers and fault lines in terms of hot water taps, except that they essentially do not always see a connection between them and a larger network.

PlumbingLarry Park's technology on the other hand is observing them as being all connected, no differently than the hidden maze of pipes in your home that connect your tubs, showers, sinks and appliances to a common hot water heater in the basement. Moreover, this is not the only difference.

Unlike our homes where the safety valve on the top of the water heater tank can keep sudden increases in pressure from exploding in hot water all throughout the house, Earth does not have such a centralized pressure release system.

In planetary terms, the volcanoes, vents, geysers and fault lines serve a dual purpose: They are both hot water taps and safety valves.  Not for those who live on the surface of the Earth, but for the planet itself.

Now let's relate all this back to Larry's essential argument.  

Solar FlaresA larger pressure system is pushing the Earth to its limit.  Most likely, from Earth's internal engine forces recently fueled by a series of strong solar flares.

Like a municipal waterworks that has gone inexplicably berserk, the Sun has been pumping incredible amounts of energy into the solar system.

The result is that in the process of absorbing this added energy, the pressures without our planet may be reaching a dramatic climax!

If these natural pressures that are now building below the mantle of our planet as monitored by Larry Park's equipment do not abate , they will overload our plant's natural corrective mechanism and force a cataclysmic surface event with a magnitude far greater than any other event in recorded history.

Now here comes the hard part.  While scientists tend to predict in faraway numbers like "sometime in the next thousand years," Larry's instruments are detecting a trend that could culminate in a cataclysmic surface event sometime within the next 18 to 24 months, and in his update, he tells us how to recognize the precursor events.

Some of these precursor events will make the news.  Others will not, because while they will be observed, knowledge of the events will either be suppressed by governmental agencies for reason or another, or ignored altogether by the mainstream "corporate" media.

— Marshall Masters, Publisher

UPDATE #1: Volcanoes in California,
Idaho & Pacific Northwest Building
towards Catastrophic Eruptions 

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-03
Larry Park

As an update to a previous article, Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions, we present recent readings and a new phase of deep activity — harmonic resonance.  This condition may indicate an ominous phase in the processes underway miles beneath the surface of the earth.  What is harmonic resonance (and what is scalar harmonic resonance)?  Will it continue to build or will it decline?  What does this mean?  This article touches on these subjects and includes recent recording data.

What is Harmonic Resonance?

Vulcanologists are familiar with low frequency seismic waves — called ‘harmonic tremors' that signal movement of magma near volcanoes. Yet, these signals are mechanical in nature and are detected near the surface where magma is pushing in or through an intrusion (dike).  New geologic research has discovered an acoustic form of this harmonic energy prior to eruptions to assist in prediction windows.  Below are some references to harmonic tremors (sometimes called Volcanic Tremors) in their association with typical volcanic activity. The second site shows phases of volcanic activity to alert stages prior to an anticipated eruption.

Volcanic earthquakes and tremors at Karymsky:
"Harmonic Volcanic Tremor"

Philippine Institute of Vulcanology and Seismology:
"Volcano activity determination chart"

Most Volcanoes have magma intrusions close to the surface, whereby these ‘harmonic tremors' indicate that an eruption is potentially imminent.  Near -surface intrusions also permit instruments to detect their presence in typical seismographs and infrasonic (low frequency) microphones, because the vibrations have less rock through which to conduct signals.

Scalar Harmonic resonance is the observable energy, which is powerful, yet requires a new type of technology to observe.  It allows monitoring at the earth's surface of activity deep within the earth's crust similar to how Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) provides detailed view inside the human body. 

What If Activity Is Very Deep?

First, science does not have any history of deep detection of magmatic movement.  A good example is the magma bulge that has recently formed at South Sister Volcano with near complete absence of any microquakes.

Nature News Service, Science Update, 22 May 2002
Sister develops tell-tale bulge

"After 1500 years of quiet an Oregon volcano threatens to blow."

"An ominous bulge on a dormant volcano in Oregon, accompanied by the faint whiff of magma from deep within the Earth, suggests that the mountain is rousing itself from a 1,500-year slumber…"

If activity were deep, that would be a positive in that magma would have to travel through a layer of lithosphere (earth's uppermost crust) before reaching any eruptive potential.  This gives some time, but how much time?

Science calculates historical timelines of upward progression of magma by surface accessible volcanic formations.  A good example of this study has been done on Coso Volcanic Complex, where estimations of upward progression of the magma chamber have been researched.  If exact conditions repeat, a form of ‘count-down clock' in geologic time gives an estimate of future windows.

What If Energy Levels are Greater
Than Any Historic Events?

This defines the problem.  No research studies to date have identified any large-scale interactive series of eruptions involving Southern California to Pacific Northwest and Idaho (Yellowstone). Historic events ages ago have been staggered over geologic time in isolated regions.  An unprecedented case also may foster dangerous complacency believing ‘it's never done that before'.

Science is aware of the slowing of seismic earthquake waves (P-waves) through the earth's crust prior to a large earthquake (where the region of slowing detected).  Current theories hypothesize that intrusion of water into cracks causes the slowing of the waves.  New research data from Terra Research indicate a different process — the rock becomes softer by a change in its rigidity (modulus of elasticity).  This change in rigidity is from the continuous presence of gyro-scalar resonant energy in the crust.

  • Scalar wave – A ‘mass-less' wave which propagates differently than traditional electromagnetic waves (radio waves).  Scalar waves do not oscillate back and forth between magnetic and electrostatic, yet are real waves of energy.  Therefore, to sense them, one requires different technology.  Traditional radio wave technology will not properly sense pure Scalar waves.
  • Gyro-scalar — A ‘precessing' emanation of scalar wave similar to a rate of wobble to spinning top.

Great energy levels ability to affect crustal rigidity may also give another surprise to mainstream science.

Strong Energy = Softening of Lithosphere

Forbidden Secrets of the Earthquake Revealed by Larry ParkStrong levels of scalar energy have the ability to soften the rigidity of the earth's crust.  This process also accompanies the movement or progression of magmatic bodies deep below — (all from observed indications of research instrumentation).  Recent July 2003 recording data indicates a change to strong energy conditions in the form of harmonic resonance bursts at depth levels.  These recordings are ordered in energy magnitude equivalents in increasing size (note: energy equivalence is estimated from empirical recordings of primary precursor scalar burst prior to traditional earthquakes ranging from magnitude 5, 6.8, and 7.9). For more on technology & research data, see Forbidden Secrets of the Earthquake Revealed. 

Scalar BurstFigure 1 is a recording of scalar burst within the earth's lithosphere (recorded 7-20-03 00:15 PST).  This energy is the driving mechanism to earth events.  The character of this waveform is a ‘harmonic tremor' type of signature — or a signature that is the same type that is genesis to ‘silent or slow earthquakes' which science has recently become aware of.  The same energy genesis drives both volcanic and silent earthquakes, with the difference being, one is pushing magma and the other is pushing the earth's crust.

This example has a burst timing signature equivalent to a magnitude 6 earthquake (energy equivalent).  However, the energy is within the magmatic body — thus the ‘pushing' energy. 

Harmonic Scalar Burst

Harmonic resonant scalar burst above magnitude 7 energy equivalence recorded 7-20-03 01:47:59 PST. 

Harmonic Scalar Burst 3

Harmonic resonant scalar burst above magnitude 7+ energy equivalence recorded 7-19-03 03:44:28 PST. 

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