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Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions

YOWUSA.COM, 11-June-03
Larry Park


What the Debate is About —
Who's Theory Says What

A broken, outdated theory: Imagine a wine glass –representing a fault - in a vise.  The pressure of the vise is from plate movement or plate tectonics.  Given enough pressure the wine glass shatters. This is the analogy to ‘brittle fracture' earthquake genesis.

What really happens: Now imagine a powerful opera singer who sings a note at the same resonant frequency of the wine glass.  Reaching a peak resonant power that matches the wine glass ‘tone resonance' will result in the wine glass shattering.  The result is the same, a shattered wine glass or fault (note: pressure in the fault is necessary for this process too)

Prior to large earthquakes, the fault in the earth will resonate powerfully just like the wine glass.  This building process continues until either the wine glass resonant energy is dampened or the final burst of resonance occurs.

What is this energy?  How does it occur?  Some scientists have measured low frequency electromagnetic waves — or like radio waves — prior to earthquakes.  A notable example was Antony Fraser-Smith on the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. However, this technique is elusive. That is due to the nature of the energy.  Special equipment & sensors are required to detect it where traditional electromagnetic equipment will give very poor results.  The emanations are ‘scalar' and the strength of the energy is very large. 

Faults resonate naturally in scalar.  Power is built within faults from collapse of this resonance leading to even stronger resonant conditions.  Strong resonating faults can be detected at distances over thousands of kilometers.  Un-impeded, the process continues until the climax burst with earthquake following.

Biological entities such as humans, animals, and insects are affected by scalar emanations.  Strong scalar emanation causes indirect ‘ear tones' in auditory complex in the ears, cause magnetic sensitive biologicals to be affected, results in changes in magnetic fields (sliding refrigerator magnets) — thus insect disruption & bird sensitivities, cause sudden ionization in upper atmospherics leading to ‘bubble chamber' like condensations, causes luminous phenomena such as glowing lights, the list goes on and on.

What is interesting is that the earthquake starts much earlier than the traditional mechanical movement. Recent discovery of ‘Silent' or ‘Slow' earthquakes — which violate ‘brittle fracture' theory — are just the beginning phase of a traditional quake.  However, this occurs more on a molecular basis in that crustal rigidity or modulus of elasticity changes (i.e. becomes rubbery).  This is why P-waves are observed to travel slower before large earthquakes.

How did all of this knowledge come to be?  From years of measurements of hundreds of earthquakes in California, Washington, and Oregon using very radical technology unknown to mainstream science.  It has taken a number of generations of sensory equipment to perfect while also unravelling the mysteries of the complex processes leading to the genesis of the earthquake.

History of ‘Breakthrough' Technology

Terra Research has conducted nearly 10 years of research and has developed technology that is able to observe the complete seismic genesis process. It is based on very sensitive scalar detection technology employing ‘mass resonant sensory devices' (MRSD). It may be said that these devices are similar in nature to our human ability to react to scalar except the sensors react to primary signals.  A book has been published that goes into detail of the research.

Documented in the book are recorded scalar climax burst events prior to earthquakes for M6.8 Satsop WA earthquake, M5.0 Olympia WA earthquake, and M7.9 Denali AK earthquake.  Book extensively documents research data & technology, which has provided the astounding list of findings on earth dynamics.

New Discoveries unknown to current science —

  1. The earth has specific gyroscalar resonant frequencies specific to latitude (i.e. San Francisco 1.4hz, Coso Volcanic region 1.13-1.15hz, Mt Hood 2.78hz, Mt St Helens 3.1hz) increases northward and is symmetrical to the poles (highest, 14.998hz at N/S poles).
  2. Sudden scalar impulses emanate from faults & feed gyroscalar resonance to faults up to thousands of kilometers away
  3. Resonating faults can ‘quiesce' or ‘quiet' other faults as one frequency becomes dominant. This action tends to disperse quakes equally in time and location (primary events, secondary aftershocks dominate and are inverse to quiesce as region of primary is saturated from primary event).
  4. Solar activity generates waves of scalar that feed fault resonance and lead to earthquakes. A delay process of three to 10 days from initial solar impact is typical to burst climax.
  5. Gyroscalar resonance stimulates the mesosphere/ionosphere to potential ‘air glow' condiitons.  Can change thermodynamics (accelerate) in re-entry vehicles or create charge accumulation conditions within the metallic body traversing scalar fields.
  6. Scalar impulses from the earth can disrupt aircraft directly above (scalar penetrates faraday cage skin of aircraft). May cause ‘flameout' in sensitive designs if impulse is endothermic.
  7. Animal, insect, & human disruption reliably occurs from earth scalar emissions. However, the genesis process can take weeks, disturbing biologicals without a good match to the resulting quakes.  This is due to the final process or climax that leads to the quake verses the ‘competition' of differing frequencies quelling other fault activity.
  8. Syzygy has been observed to create the strongest resonant building cycles — however, the final process involves the interaction of differing frequencies competing for climax burst.  This interaction can alter the ‘window' timing, as events tend to quell others and space more in time/location.
  9. Slow or Silent earthquakes are part of the genesis process (climax burst) but of a different amplitude to frequency ratio (of scalar energy burst).
  10. Traditional Earthquakes have large amplitude to frequency ratio with a scalar burst of 10 to 15 seconds (many hours prior) corresponding to M5.0, 40-50 second scalar burst to subsequent M6.5 to 7.0, 8 to 10 minute scalar burst for subsequent M7.8 to 8.3.
  11. ‘Earthquake Boom' - Upper frequency version of the earthquake family has a high frequency content in burst genesis vs latitudinal frequency.
  12. Faults are not necessary for earthquake genesis (just a scalar burst climax).
  13. Lighting strikes pulsing at latitudinal frequency (match) will result in a surface quake (within seconds).
  14. A ‘lurch' version earthquake can occur — notable by pipeline breaks.
  15. Earthquakes generate powerful waves that transfer thousands of kilometers away.
  16. Modulus of Elasticity changes as energy builds prior to earthquake.
  17. Scalar emissions can elevate crustal temperature a number of degrees C prior to earthquake.
  18. Powerful low frequency resonant quakes can occur (1 to 2 hz) at low vibrational levels in a wide region lasting many hours, with a prior scalar resonance up to 24 hrs previous.
  19. Volcanic activity generates harmonic scalar resonance precursors.
  20. Strong gyroscalar resonance disrupts some traditional seismic sensors causing mysterious ‘sinewaves' to be recorded.  This from thermic & magnetic disruption.
  21. Powerful scalar transients from earth can destroy microelectronics.
  22. Faults emanate peculiar frequency components unique to themselves.
  23. ‘Slow' earthquakes are also ‘movers' of magmatic bodies (i.e. the same genesis process & subsequent mechanical movement occurs at depth).

Just one or two of these discoveries would be of major significance.  Yet, this list is not from theory, it is from research data — from observing what the earth does with instruments that can ‘see' the full dynamics of the earth.  It is time to move away from debate of theoreticals to real data, away from statistics, chance, probability to real waveforms, real energy, real processes.

What Should Science do?

James O. Berkland, GeologistThe most important step science needs to take is to open up the paradigm model rather than continue to detract sources of insight.  Geologist Jim Berkland is very correct on the path of syzygy and animals, ‘ear tone' sensitives are accurate in detection of earth generated waves, unusual cloud formations are real and earth generated.  Perhaps with the ‘rest of the story' coming to light, the studies which tried to find a correlation with a few puzzle pieces missing becomes understandable.

Is the Technology Ready?

Yes. The most useful instrument in observing the earth is employing a form of a very large radio telescope that stretches from border to border — the electrical power grid.  With proper filters and a scalar resonant receiver, the earth signals & activity opens up the crust as an MRI machine opens up the view of the body. Locating activity is done by frequency (tones on a piano — in Fast Fourier Transform) and signal characteristics.

Mass Resonant Sensory Devices allow accurate validation of local emanations just as Doppler Radar allows accurate weather monitoring .  Special MRSD coils allow fault mapping when faults are resonating, thus allowing mapping of buried faults or faults which have not revealed themselves from prior recorded earthquakes.   Of note — a mapped fault which is not on the books measures strong scalar which follows just east of Nev/CA borderline in South Lake Tahoe.  This mapped fault aligns with angle edge of fault that is on the ‘books'.

A private form of consumer device is close to market. Sensor TR8500S in current testing with complementary filter amplifier.

Is there timing to any Volcanics?

Perhaps the best answer is that close monitoring will be important.  Yes there is an unprecedented level of activity going on, but it currently is deep.  However, science should be aware that the earth dynamics allows events to occur far faster that mechanical models would suggest.  This is due to the changes in crustal mechanics from so much energy saturating the crust.  The subterranean activity is real.   Another double-edged sword to this energy is that it tends to ‘quell' other seismic events — thus the seeming lack of large quakes recently in California. But at the same time, this powerful resonant energy can quickly stimulate a region with a fault and accelerate the genesis process.  These dynamics are the very reason science has been puzzled about the change in ‘time prediction model' regarding Parkfield.  Deep activity started to occur before the optimal window of Parkfield CA anticipated earthquake.  So it has the ability to quell but the flip side is what is ‘alive' that is causing the change.

Move Forward –or- Intensify the Debate?

We have the opportunity to resolve one of the most complex and yet fascinating forms of God's nature, the earthquake; Or we have the opportunity to engage in a harmful debate (such as threatening fines) which likely will prevent any advance information to be disseminated or used in a positive respect for our society.  We now are rushed into an arena where we never expected or prepared for — having information such as a prior large earthquake which forces a position of making decisions, who should know and who shouldn't.   I do not wish this horrible dilemma on anyone.  Facing this reality in foreknowledge of other seismic events has brought only one conclusion, we must work to get information to all as best and accurate as technology permits, with society working together to adapt to consequences just as reports of pending hurricane technology is today.

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