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Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions

YOWUSA.COM, 11-June-03
Larry Park

Volcanoes in California, Idaho, and Pacific NorthestAs you read this, know that massive forces tens of miles beneath your feet are building towards what could be another catastrophic series of volcanic eruptions if present trends in the monitoring data remain.  The consequence of a complacent attitude towards living within the destructive reach of an active volcano such as Mount Rainier outside of Seattle, Washington may soon come to haunt the millions of Americans living within a day's drive of the Ring of Fire.  Up until now, the excuse has been that we simply cannot predict when these events will happen.  Yet, the technology to accurately predict such events days, months and even years in advance exists today even as we wait in the dark for another mysterious act of God.  And why?  The answer lies more with how science is funded than anything else. 

Deep Earth Patterns

A little over 150 years ago, in 1851, twenty-one eruptive events from ash or lava eruption to steam bursts occurred in the western United States from Northern California to Oregon and the state of Washington.  Volcanoes involved Mt. Baker (WA), Mt. Rainier (WA), Mt. St. Helens (WA), Mt. Hood (OR), Three Sisters (OR), Mt. Shasta (CA), Cinder Cone (CA), and Chaos Crags (CA).  Are events quickly shaping up to a much larger repeat to recent history? New research data indicates a definite — yes. 

Potentially Active Volcanoes

Revolutionary technology today is observing an alarming deep subterranean process, which is bringing to life an underground system affecting the full state of California, the Pacific Northwest, and eastern Idaho (Yellowstone).  Effects of this activity are providing small clues with regard to microquakes or swarms with moderate magnitudes up to 4's, however the equivalent magnitude of ‘silent' quake activity in the subterranean process are far greater.  Why isn't mainstream science aware of this?  The answer is two reasons: the earth is being very ‘stealthy' and second, mainstream science theories of crustal mechanics are faulty.  (More on this later.)

The Earth is Giving Us Stealthy ‘Clues'

The Earth's plates are comprised of a complex and dynamic number of systems spanning the globe that interact with each other in subtle ways and over long periods of time. However, the tools we use to observe the plates are at the very skin of earth's crust.  Seismographs do allow us to peek somewhat at physical structures and earthquakes also give us some glimpse of areas of activity.  But the earth can move large amounts of deep magma silently, where current technology is blind.  For what little we do see at the surface — as notable points below - how much is unseen in the deep subterranean?

  • A large bulge was recently discovered on South Sister Cascades Mountain in Oregon:

Nature News Service, Science Update, 22 May 2002
Sister develops tell-tale bulge

"After 1500 years of quiet an Oregon volcano threatens to blow.."

"An ominous bulge on a dormant volcano in Oregon, accompanied by the faint whiff of magma from deep within the Earth, suggests that the mountain is rousing itself from a 1,500-year slumber…" 

  • Steamboat GeyserEruptions from Steamboat Geyser — considered one of the tallest and most powerful geysers in Yellowstone can be from 4 days to 50 years apart.  Recent years have seen an increase in the normally rare eruptions.
  • Yellowstone is known to have a massive magma chamber  that has been bulging upward to near 3 ft from early survey work from 1923 to recent (1985)- although a net subsidence from 1985 to present. 

Yellowstone National Park.com, 2003
‘Geology — Calderas' 

Yellowstone "Earthquake data also suggest that soft or molten rock is close to the surface of Yellowstone. Minor earthquakes jiggle Yellowstone hundreds of times each year, but above the caldera the foci of these quakes are extremely shallow, less than three miles below the surface. These clues suggest that the material underlying Yellowstone is still very hot and ductile, as would be expected if a magma chamber still exists.

  • Swarms of earthquakes beneath Mount Hood (Oregon)

U.S. Geological Survey, January 14, 1999
Mt Hood — Information Statement

"..All of the earthquakes in the Mount Hood swarms have characteristics similar to tectonic earthquakes rather than volcanic earthquakes (indicative of magma movement ). The recent Mount Hood earthquakes most likely result from regional tectonic stresses, although they may also be caused by deep seated changes in the volcano's plumbing system. Additional and significantly different geological and geophysical indicators would be expected before any future eruptive activity. Scientists will continue to monitor the situation closely.."

  • Swarms of earthquakes at Coso Volcanic Caldera (California) that has a known magma chamber, where it too has been moving upwards over geologic time.
  • Swarms of earthquakes at Long Valley Caldera (California) which has a known magma chamber that has been bulging upwards over the last few decades.
  • Recent discovery of strong ‘slow' earthquakes moving across Pacific Northwest recurring every 14 months. 

Geodesy Newsletter, 28 Mar 2002

In February 2002 a slow earthquake occurred in the Puget Sound region. Based on recurrence studies another is expected this Spring.

Make no mistake, these events are linked to much larger activity.  They are directly related to what is "going on deep underneath". Mainstream science is unaware of how dynamic the earth crustal mechanics actually turns out to demonstrate — it can change its elasticity of the crust where processes can accelerate at alarming rates.

Research instrumentation which is able to ‘see' deep within the crust is watching a real-time interaction of all of these volcanic areas, from nearly the full length of California (Salton Sea to Mt Shasta), parts of Nevada, Pacific Northwest, and Eastern Idaho. This process has been building and is has been observed to be driven by Southern California from Salton Sea Basin/Mexicali-Imperial Valley rift region moving northward.  While Pacific Northwest activity has been simultaneously responding at key volcanic locations in the Cascades.  Recorded data illustrates a complex plumbing system that is acting as one — or the equivalent of a volcanic version of a much bigger San Andreas Fault except with a ‘Y' to it.

Northward movement of the strongest energy — or the ‘head' — of activity is as far northward as Owens Valley CA latitudes.  Strong Earthquakes — such as Hector Mine 7.1 — have been observed to be symbiotic with the progression.  Over the months, the subterranean progression has maintained a strong presence deep under the Coso Volcanic complex latitude.  In recent data, the process now has strengthened a unified response in the Pacific Northwest subterranean readings.  With the continued influx of solar flaring, the deep process is continuing to gather strength.

As a Catastrophic Process Gathers
Strength, We Debate — Pointlessly

The Holy Grail of those seeking to predict earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions would be if it were to do so with such precision that these events could become as common as Doppler radar forecasts are to weather.  The ability to predict earthquakes and eruptions with extremely high degree of accuracy is here today.  That is, for those willing to show the courage needed to think outside their well-funded boxes of science. 

Current geological theory states that prediction is impossible (or close to it) due to the nature of sudden fracture (brittle fracture theory).  Other researchers who state that animals can sense pending quakes, that humans are sensitive to ‘ear tones' or headaches prior to, that odd cloud formations precede quakes, that ‘glowing lights' occur before/during quakes, that quakes follow sun/earth/moon alignment (ocean & earth tides) or ‘syzygy', are all at odds with a common theory.  The answer is — both are correct.

Huh?  Yes, both are correct.  What has been eluding science is that there is a process that converges with ‘brittle fracture' theory, but diverges on larger scale magnitudes.  Landslides, rock bursts (in caves), man-made detonations all are accurate on ‘brittle fracture/elastic rebound' dynamics.  But what changes from ‘brittle fracture' to an undiscovered process is so new to science that it represents a facinating study all to itself.  A complex process that can only be compared to Classical physics (Newtonian) verses Quantum Physics.  Classical Physics using force, mass, acceleration works accurately in our everyday world, but when applied to the tiny atomic world it doesn't work.  A new model where energy ‘jumps' up or down in unit numbers referred to as ‘Quanta' needs ot be applied. Yet both are accepted as valid and legitimate.

The theory of ‘Self Organized Criticality' which is the basis for ‘brittle fracture' theory in layman's terms is ‘the straw that broke the Camel's back' .  Forgive the humor, but the earth operates in a mode that has a ‘nuclear' straw that ‘blows up the Camel'.   In science's model of ‘the straw that broke the Camel's back', all is silent teetering on the edge of instability - a pending earthquake.  Given this model, there cannot be any of these phenomena (animals, ‘ear tones', headaches, etc).   Yet, the earth does emit energy, very powerful indeed, that has been observed with this technology to disrupt animals, cause body aches in people, cause several different cloud formations to suddenly form, and elevate the temperature of the earth, etc.

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