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Earth Changes

yowusa.com/earthThe fact that our planet is changing for the worse is becoming clearer each day.  In December 2004, humanity received a horrific reality jolt with the life-crushing Indian Ocean Tsunami.  On the heels of that came 2005 with a new all time record as the hottest year in history, plus the longest and most violent hurricane season in history.  These changes are explained by those who remain dismissive  as “normal cycle peaks.” Others put the blame solely on humankind with a myopic Earth-centric view.  We reject both viewpoints.

YOWUSA.COM has actively researched Earth changes since early 1999 and we began  publishing our findings with the first of the Cries of Nature articles in September 2000. It was our search for the primary engine of these documented Earth changes that launched us into our search Planet X-class Kuiper Belt Object (XKBO). A term created by Marshall Masters to describe a Kuiper Belt Object in a long period orbit around our sun, with sufficient mass to trigger life-threatening global Earth changes as the result of a flyby event. 

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