Deprogramming Progressives

| November 21, 2020

QxAs the election debacle unfolds, what do those in power see?  They see a voracious demand for justice by the silent majority of Americans, who now believe they are disenfranchised by a stolen election.

How are the Globalists responding?  They’re attacking the will of the Patriots to fight and win.

This is why the two-tiered belief system taught by Globalist communist elites is designed to support their power and exorbitant lifestyles by eliminating critical thinking amongst the masses.

How are the Patriots responding?  They’re already doing it.  Stop the Steal rallies, and protests have popped up across the country, and by God, they’re magnificent!

In turn, how are the Globalists responding to a vocal, silent majority?  They’ve upped their attacks on the will of the Patriots to fight and win as never before.

In turn, how can Patriots flip this equation?  By deprogramming Progressives once they can no longer reconcile what they are seeing with their own eyes versus what the media-tech-giant-big-pharma political machine is telling them they see with their own eyes.

This is when they can be mentored to restoring their critical thinking facilities so that unvarnished and unsuppressed truth can do the rest.   With this in mind, let’s see how this works.

Worker’s Paradise

In the 1990s, I operated a tour agency specializing in independent travel to the former states of the Soviet Union.  This was a terrible time for the people as inflation wiped out their savings, and hardship and uncertainty hung over their lives.

Over the course of those eight years, I traveled to Russia once each year and sometimes more.   As a tour operator, I could things, go places, and meet people, ordinary tourists could not know or imagine.  What it taught me is a good definition of life under communism, and here it is.

Communism is sheer unadulterated power over others.  Or in other words:

  • What do you have with one door and one communist? A toll booth.
  • What do you have with one door and two communists? A bureaucracy.

Consequently, what I witnessed first-hand in post-Soviet Russia was bewildered citizens struggling to cope with what happens after the illusion of a worker’s paradise had failed them.  Bear in mind that these struggling Russians were no different than the citizens of twenty-four other nations who imported their brand of communism and, like the Soviets, fell into despair, far short of utopia.

Unfortunately, the real problem with modern Democrats / Progressives is that they are equally committed to creating a similar utopian failure for America. Yet, they have no earthly idea of what failure looks like beyond the word “free.”

For the many Russian immigrants I’ve known for decades, this present situation is a nightmare.  To them, it is 1917 and the rise of Lenin all over again. Like in Russia, Progressives in America have been mesmerized by the misleading poetry of communism and the poets who spew it.

What these immigrants know and what newbies never seem to grasp is what happens after communism.

After the people swoon to the poetry and put the poets into power, they are violently cast aside by the unseen monsters that funded and enabled them.  After that, the poetry quickly morphs into a dirge of misery and death.

Hence, American Progressives are like five-year-olds with a loaded gun and a short-sighted view of history.  If the disaster they hope to create happens, the consequences will become sad news to them, but not to the critical thinkers who opposed them.   Either way, everyone will be in the same boat.

And yes, we’ve stood upon this precipice once before.

A Dog in the Fight

Today, POTUS lawyer Sidney Powell tells us we’re in the second 1775 revolution, but this time Patriots are not facing a colonial power.  They’re facing a global communist conspiracy to destroy America to extinguish the light of freedom for all peoples of the world forever.

In 1775, one-third of America (or much less by some accounts) stood up as Patriots to create this Nation.  Another third sided with the British, and the remaining third acted like they didn’t have a dog in the fight, no matter the outcome.

Ergo, in this second 1775, Americans who casually believed they do not have a dog in this fight are just as likely to die in a brutal work camp or re-education center as their Progressive counterparts who are virtually ignorant of Josef Stalin’s bloody purges. This is because they lack the critical thinking skills to see the truth of it.

What do Progressives see instead?  A 24/7 stream of venomous disinformation and attacks by the voices of righteousness orchestrated attack by big media, big tech, and big pharma to suppress and punish those who refuse to march in lockstep with the Globalist communist ideal.

In simple terms, their strategic goal is to suppress critical thinking by a clear majority of Americans.  For Patriots, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Trump and the Patriots have the strategic scope of this debacle well in hand, and while it may seem disheartening now, there is a voracious demand for justice building across the country, and nothing can stop it.

Hence, the tide of battle is turning in favor of democracy and free and fair elections.  Millions of Patriotic Americans have risen to the call and have taken to the streets to show their support.  The courage these magnificent Americans are so willing to offer inspires me with a powerful love of Nation.  Go team, go!

But what can we do as individual Patriots to take this to the next step?  Patriots must flip the Globalist communist strategy by deprogramming Progressives to thin their ranks.

The key component of this strategy is critical thinking.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a skill that comes naturally to conservatives but which is intellectually and emotionally suppressed in Progressives vis-a-vis Globalist communist indoctrination.  So how does that work?

Critical thinking is about our individual ability to be good cynics.  As critical thinkers, we instinctively employ rational analysis that is free of bias to arrive at conclusions that are internally-directed and internally-disciplined.

In short, conclusions born of critical thinking are based on truths that resonate within the individual, provided they are free of external meddling and coercion.

On the other hand, like cultists, Progressives are programmed to believe they represent the last best hope for humankind and are further programmed to believe this high ground position is unassailable.

This forms the basis of their high-minded, smug moral superiority, which they believe entitles them to unwarranted violence against others, and cancel culture hate speech designed to humiliate and silence all those who fail to appreciate the communist ideal.

As a Patriot, if you allow yourself to be caught up in this moral high ground way of thinking, every effort you make to encourage critical thinking amongst Progressives will turn into a fractious dog pile.

Ergo, when a Progressive you barely know says, “you’re a Trumper and a nutcase conspiracy theorist,” what do you do?   You NEVER answer with something such as, “and you’re a lying Biden communist,” even though you’d love to say it. Instead, bite your lip and need to focus on what matters most – saving our precious democracy.

If Patriots are to remain free, we must win, which means undermining the power of Globalist communist elites.  While Trump and the Patriots are fighting the big fish, we fight the small fish by weakening the will to fight and win the Progressive membership.

Provided you are willing to be a patient mentor for freedom, here is where the centralized control of the Globalist communist works to your advantage.  Likewise, time and hope are on your side as well.

Time and Hope

Patriots understand that the truth is on their side and that they stand on the right side of history.  However, in this time of controversy, the aim of the Globalist communist propaganda machine is to undermine the belief that there is not enough time to reverse this stolen election, and therefore, there is no hope.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Granted, we’re inundated with a steady drip of bad news that is broadcasted by corrupt media and their tech-giant travelers each day.  Likewise, big pharma is spending a king’s ransom on hate messaging against the President too.  Altogether, it is a never-ending cacophony of mixed messages, hate, and disheartening prognostications.

Consequently, everything happening now seems like an insane hopeless mish-mash.  In the end, those who know; understand that this will eventually be decided through a legal process spelled out in our Constitution, and it will inevitably lead the Nation to the very steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In anticipation of this, the Court has organized the Justices along lines that parallel the battlefront states as seen in the SCOTUS Order list released on Friday, November 20, 2020, below.

SCOTUS Order List - 11/20/2020

This is critical because an assigned Justice reviews district Courts’ appeals that make it to the Court.    Therefore, what is important about this list are the specific assignments to the various Federal appeals Courts and their jurisdictions as follows:

  • Pennsylvania – 5th Circuit Court: Samuel A. Alito
  • Michigan – 6th Circuit Court: Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh
  • Wisconsin – 7th Circuit Court: Justice Amy Coney Barrett
  • Georgia – 11th Circuit Court: Clarence Thomas

Fortunately, Chief Justice, John G. Roberts of the Court, who is viewed by many Patriots as a closet Globalist, is not in an immediate position to the block appeals that are certain to emerge from these states.

The point here is that no matter whatever hullabaloo you see and hear, President Trump and the Patriots have long known what the Democrats were going to do and how to answer it.  They have things in hand.

All this is not entirely a matter of faith as President Trump and the Patriots have thwarted each of Pelosi et al. attempts to drag him out of the White House has failed.

As the old axiom goes, “it’s not over till it’s over,so take heart, Patriots.  Our hope for the future is built upon the love of country and a proven track record of victory.

Likewise, instead of being bowled over by seditious media and tech giants and questioning your resolve, never forget, our Constitution gives us time to prevail over these injustices.

With these ample reasons for hope in mind, center your deprogramming strategy on truth and time.  Do so, and you will have the emotional wherewithal to be an effective mentor for freedom.

Mentoring vs. Confrontation

Politics is a messy business, but Progressive deprogramming is less about confrontation and more about patient mentoring.

Remember, the whole two-tiered belief system taught by Globalist communist elites was designed to support their power and excessive lifestyles by eliminating critical thinking amongst the masses.

However, this strategy, as are most others, is subject to duality.

On one side of the coin, you see the beginning of communism, and on the other, the end of it.   If you are to undermine the will to win an unholy war for an American worker’s paradise, you need only do one thing.   Show Progressives the other side of the coin the media never shows them.

Do not expect this to work with the hard-core Progressive communists for the same reason there are Russians today who still believe that Josef Stalin was the best leader in the history of their Nation.

However, once a Progressive loses that inviolate certainty of the communist ideal, he or she becomes susceptible to the Great Awakening now taking place all across our country.

Conversely, if you reward that with judgment and hate rhetoric, you’ll only flip them back to the Globalists, and then they’ll Crazy Glue themselves to the dogma.

Here is where you must employ love, patience, and the wisdom of Matthew 7:1 KJV “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

How do you do that?  You slowly thin their propaganda card deck, one card at a time.

Playing the Propaganda Cards

When Progressives watch their favorite news shows on television, they’re continually programmed to set critical thinking aside.  After all, only MSM activists have the right to be wrong because everyone else is too stupid to figure it out for themselves.

With each broadcast, they hand their devoted viewer a new talking point playing card and never explain it much beyond the signal one needs to look for before playing that card.

For Patriots, deprogramming a progressive does not begin with challenging these artificial beliefs, nor is it about who dealt them.  The point here is to look at the card itself.

When you hold a playing card up with the front of the card facing the other players at the table, what do they see?  They see a unique message with height and width.  However, when that card is turned end-on, the card’s edge offers little in the way of height and width.

Nonetheless, Progressives are well-programmed with messages on how to use their propaganda playing cards.  Playing a propaganda card is easy.  When they recognize the card they need to play, they deal it from the deck and parrot its mindless message.

Beware, if you answer that by refuting it with alternate facts, they’ll pull another card from the deck to answer that challenge.

Of course, if you keep on rejecting their cards, they’ll play the universal hate speech Joker.  A one-smear-fits-all, strike below the belt messenger card.  At that point, you will be branded as an unworthy pile of lowlife, primordial fascist pond scum.

Ergo, to prevail, you must avoid triggering the Joker card for as long as possible.

To do this, you listen and let them parrot.  Progressives are like cultists. They love it when people pay attention to them, like hungry mullets.  This is when they feel power over you, and this vindication feeds their self-righteous worldview.

Remember, Progressives are not critical thinkers.  They are propaganda parrots who love reciting it more than sex.  So disarming them begins by encouraging them to parrot their propaganda.

Therefore, you never play your cards at all.  NEVER!   In this game of freedom poker, you’re the house, and they are the player.  You force them to deal with their propaganda cards in a way that makes them see the card edge-on, as opposed to the face or the back of it.

Also, you want them to play as many of their propaganda cards as possible, so politely ignore their deprecating insults and personal attacks.

If you must, act like they have a point or whatever it takes to encourage them to show you more cards.  For example, say something such as, “You’ve raised an exciting point.” Then ask more questions, so they offer you more of their propaganda cards.

Remember, you never play your cards.  Instead, you always encourage them to play their cards by being a professional listener.  Here are the four rules:

  1. Never Anticipate: A bad habit is to think you understand what the other person is saying before they are finished and then using that remaining time to contemplate your answer.  Inevitably, your answer will be as asinine as your propensity to anticipate, and you will lose.
  2. Never Clip: The one thing that makes people mad is when you interrupt them to give your answer before they can finish their statement.  Again, you lose.
  3. Pause for Effect: Before you ask another question or offer a comment, wait a few seconds after they stop speaking before doing so.  A short pause like this will make your comment or question appear respectful and well-considered.  Also, it will make them feel self-important.
  4. Ask Confirming Questions: This is a potent strategy.  Say something like, “It’s important to me that I understand what you are saying because you have something vital to say.  Here is an example.  “With this in mind, may I share with you what I believe I heard you say so that you can correct me wherever necessary?” It is a power trap, and nine times out of ten, they’ll step on it.

The goal of these four listening skills is three-fold.  First, you want to draw the Progressive in, and second to make them invest as much time and energy into you as possible.  This way, you can achieve the third goal: to find their weakest cards without playing your hand.

At some point in the process, the Progressive will have considerable time invested in explaining things to you.  At some point, they’ll likely want to see what their time investment has brought them.  Granted, it may or may not happen, so never assume it will.  Instead, wait for it.

When it comes, this is the time to play your Trump card.

Your Trump card is a straightforward question that cuts through the propaganda message portrayed by the propaganda message in their weakest card.  How do you play it?  The same way you catch a big fish.  You dangle the bait and wait for them to strike.

Ideally, you want that strike to happen with the following conversation, so you could do that by saying something such as, “You’ve given me powerful information that I need to understand because it could change the entire way I think.  I’ll need to contemplate all this, and so I hope we can have another conversation to follow up on all this, and the starting point for me is this one thing you mentioned.”

Now they must either forfeit their time investment in you or engage you again.  Either way, they’ll mull that over, and before they walk away, this the time to set the playing field.

You challenge them to follow through on their dominance by asking a simple question such as, “When we have our next conversation, let’s begin with that question, shall we?” They can say they will not or agree to come back to it.

When you have that second conversation, this is the ideal time to play your Trump card, with a question that turns the card edge-on.

Again, do not play your cards and keep the conversation short.  This is when you can plant a very tiny seed of doubt in their world view.  Be polite.  Water it.  Feed it.  Let it grow.  Be careful not to assume a quick result.  Rather, the more seeds you plant, the better.

This is one way to deprogram Progressives, who are beginning to harbor tiny doubts.  If you’re successful in playing your Trump card, in the still of the night, they’ll be looking up at the ceiling as that tiny seed of doubt grows into a personal “Jack and the Beanstalk” conundrum.

Should they finally allude to their conundrum, for heaven’s sake, do not preach or act like a thoughtless Progressive by taking a holier-than-thou victory lap like a giddy, ego-driven yutz.

Instead, be a loving mentor and a good American and always show goodwill, compassion, and respect because if we cannot heal our Nation’s wounds, they will fester for generations to come.

Patriots, we can never forget, but we must forgive, or this will all happen again.


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