Qx – The Democrats Are Marching to Gettysburg

| November 24, 2019

Qx – The Democrats Are Marching to GettysburgThe impeachment process in the House is about pointless, never-ending investigations. It is the same Deep State thinking that has embroiled our nation in one endless war after another. Now, it has embroiled us in this second American Civil War, which is every bit as bitter as the first.

The Second American Civil War  began before Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in the land and had less to do with political parties and more about Globalist seeking to perpetuate this crisis until the nation fails, at which time, they plant the flag, That is when every American, will shoulder the color-blind yoke of socialist slavery.

In this article, we’re going to examine both sides of this conflict, why the Democrats are figurative, marching to Gettysburg, why they will be severely beaten so badly that the likely outcome will be the end of the two-party system in America.  Something that is long overdue.

This is because what is coming ahead for 2020 will be sickeningly brutal for America, but as necessary as chemotherapy for a cancer patient.  After that, we have a glorious reunification that heals the wounds of this awful time.

The key to understanding how all this will unfold; begins with the Battle of Gettysburg, the pivotal battle in this Second American Civil War.

From Socialism to Gettysburg

The Democrats are publically bent on starting impeaching President Trump, and they feel mighty and powerful.  They have the largest numbers, control the House and own the media. Going into this fight, they feel as confident as the Japanese in the lead up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Had the Japanese been able to sink our aircraft carriers and take out our dry docks, they may have been able to force America to the peace table on their terms.  They screwed the pooch instead, and after Pearl Harbor, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was heard to say, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” He was right.

When the Democrats send their impeachment lunacy to the Senate, they will not awaken a sleeping giant.  Rather, he will be waiting for them, and it will be a political slaughter and for one simple reason.  While they can impeach Trump in the media and politically in the House, it takes law and facts to impeach.  Ergo, the Democrats are bringing pen knives to a gunfight.

The Democrats are waging a political war against the Patriots who are lying in wait with a first-class military-grade campaign. Yet, like headstrong five-year-olds playing with loaded machine guns, the Democrats just don’t get it.  They fail to understand that their opposites are not waging a political war at their level.  Rather, they are military experts laying a brilliant and deadly trap for the Deep State and the Globalists they cater to. Click-click.  Boom!

Yet, the Democrats, blinded by hatred as hell-bent on this confrontation, and so they are marching to Gettysburg with an agenda, just as Confederate General Robert E. Lee did, except this time, the Patriots hold the high ground.

The March to Gettysburg

Comparing the two sides of the Second American Civil War is fairly straightforward.  Red is the new gray, and blue is still blue, just as it was during the First American Civil War when the Democrat party was the party of slavery, and they were brutal about it.

This time, the Democrats are not wearing blue.  They are the ones in Gray, so to speak, and marching their agenda-driven army to a near-certain demise, just as Robert E. Lee did at Gettysburg.  Why demise.  Because, after this battle, the Confederates no longer possessed a war-winning army, and this is why Sherman’s March to the Sea was the coup d’état for the South’s willingness to fight.


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In those days, the Democrats were mean and bitter about fighting for slavery.  However, it was Republicans, led by Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves.  Nonetheless, the Democrats were just as hard-hearted back then as they are today with the Trump and Patriots, or the “deplorables” as they like to call them.

So where and when did the tide turn for blacks in America?  The Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1–3, 1863. After that battle, the South no longer possessed a war-winning army, and so one must understand how that defeat came about.

The March to Gettysburg

The outcome for the Democrats after sending their articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial, they will fail for the same exact reasons Lee did at Gettysburg:

  • Follow the Agenda: The Democrats are agenda-driven, and the problem with agendas is that they cloud your thinking. You cannot objectively view the battlefield, and this will lead you to make a grave tactical error.  Lee was desperate to follow his agenda to end the war, and this was his undoing.
  • Ignore the Intelligence: Some blame J.E.B. Stuart’s failed attack on the Union rear, but that’s bad rap.  When Lee ordered Pickett’s charge, he knew exactly what he was sending his men up again, a difficult uphill slog over obstacles, against a high-fortified Union line with cannons. Simply put, Lee unwittingly destroyed his army because he was propelled by a desperate agenda that clouded his thinking, and he ignored the obvious intelligence.

Is this kind of analysis is useful to the Democrats? No, because they are so blinded by their own hate-filled agenda; they do not see that Patriots hold the high ground and that they are marching like reckless idiots into a Patriot killing field.  Hence, a Senate trial will be a bloody war of another kind.

A Bloody War

The First American Civil War was the first modern technology war in human history.  Both sides were incredibly inventive and used new technologies, such as telegraph systems, observation balloons, trains, armored warships, submarines, and so on.

Imagine what Napoleon could have done with all that?  Or more to the point, what would have happened to Napoleon if he had?

When the Confederates charged the Union lines at Gettysburg, they marched straight into cannon volleys of grape shot.  Canvas bags filled with a mass of small metal balls or slugs that would tear through the ranks like the mother of all shotguns.  Both sides used grape shot to great effect, but then, there was chain shot.

Originally created to disable enemy warships by destroying their masts, chain shot was a heavy chain with a solid ball on each end.  When used against ground troops, it was devastating.

After being fired from the cannon, the chain shot would spin through the air like a huge lawnmower blade.  When it hit advancing troops, it would cut through the ranks, dismembering and killing every man its path, with horrible efficiency until its energy was spent.  The carnage was unbelievable.

I make this point because we need to understand the motivations that drove those men to march into something as horrific as this.  What would compel them to waste their bodies on flying pieces of chain for a cause?

The answer to this is not found in the history written by the victors.

While slavery was a horrible thing, modern historians often fail to mention is Northerners owned black slaves and that blacks in the South also owned black slaves.  These are facts of history.

So what motivated the Confederates to die by the thousands in such a horrible way?   This is the key to understanding what is coming next.


Wars typically begin for one reason and end for another.  While the First American Civil War ended with the freeing of the slaves, this is not why the war started.

The motivation for starting the war on the Union side was to save the Union, and not to free the slaves.  That came later.

For the Confederates, the war was about freedom from the meddling of Northern banksters and industrialists.  They wanted to govern their own affairs without being the financial puppets of the North.

However, the anvil around the South’s neck during the First American Civil Was slavery, and it put them on the wrong side of history.

Today, the Patriots are fighting for the exact same reason as the Confederates.  To be free of the tyranny of those who seek to enslave them.   The difference is the Patriots are on the right side of history, and proof of that is that an ever-increasing number of blacks and other minorities are finding common ground with the Patriots.

Minorities are shifting their support from the Democrats who come only come out for the vote, making big promises, only to disappear in a do-nothing rush afterward. Consequently, minorities like the Confederate rebels, too, want to govern their own affairs without being the financial puppets of socialist elites as well.

But, more to the point, when it comes to the motivation for starting a war, who gets hurt and why?

Victory Disease

While the Battle of Gettysburg shows us the motivations and risks for both sides, it does not reveal how the Patriots will deliver a humiliating and decisive defeat against the Democrats in a Senate trial, should we get that far.

For this, we must move forward into time to World War II and the Battle of Midway that took place between 4 and 7 June 1942.  Midway was Gettysburg equivalent for the Japanese because, after that battle, they no longer possessed a war-winning navy.

The Nazis had a similar outcome in Russia during the Battle of Kursk in July and August 1943. The Russians baited them into a salient, and the result was the largest tank battle in history.  It was a bloody mess, and two Russians fell for every German, but the Russians won because, after that battle, the Nazis no longer possessed a war-winning army.  Furthermore, had it not been for the Battle of Kursk, the Allied invasion of France would have certainly been beaten back.

What led the Japanese and Germans to such devastating defeats?


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Victory disease is what got them.  They were so accustomed to winning that they bought their own propaganda.  Overconfident in themselves, they overreached and were devastated by their own hubris.

Interestingly enough, the secret that enabled the Allied victories during the Battle of Midway and the Battle of Kursk was not secret rocket fuel or wonder weapons.  It was intelligence, and here is where the Democrats in the House are foolish, naïve children marching into a carefully laid trap.

Intelligence is the Key

The key to the Allied victory in the Battle of Midway was intelligence.  America broke the Japanese Naval code and used this information to ascertain the exact point of attack at Midway Island.  They used this to lay a trap, and the Japanese sailed straight into it and lost 4 major aircraft carriers, as opposed to sinking just one American carrier.

Likewise, the key to the Allied victory in the Battle of Kursk was also intelligence.  This time, it was provided to them by British Intelligence services, which had broken the German Enigma machine encryption codes.  Consequently, they knew months in advance where the attack would happen and when and shared this with the Russians.

The Russians then used this intelligence to lay a deep trap in the Kursk salient, with large tank armies and a large network of fortifications, they could defend in-depth and they used all this to great effect.

Another thing the Russians had going for them was simplicity.  Earthen tank traps and T-34 tanks, which were reliable and easy-to-produce medium tanks, and very effective.  On the other hand, the vaunted but high complex Tiger Tanks the Germans primarily built for the battle were mostly sidelined due to mechanical failures.

So how does this apply to what is happening today?

When Trump was elected, the Democrats were so wrapped up in their victory disease they didn’t see it coming, and what the Patriots found when taking office was all the dirt the Democrats should have buried or removed but didn’t.  Remember, they had victory disease in the lead up to the election and simply could not comprehend what Trump and the Patriots would do to them.

Today, we hear about the FISA court.  A sickening failure of our government that has created a horrible underverse of spying on everything we say and do.

Well, FISA is still here, and it works both ways.  The Democrats used it to spy on Trump, and now he’s using it to spy on them, and the Patriots have all the dirt on them.

Now that we’ve established the relevant history let’s fast forward to the impeachment efforts in the House of Representatives and why are the Democrats rushing into their own Gettysburg.

Hounds to the Hunter

The Democrat party leadership in the House is under an uncoordinated attack from two opposing forces.  In military terms, this is called “hounds to the hunter.”  You drive your prey into a killing field of your choosing and then slaughter them.

The Patriots and AOC and her gang of socialist activists on the far left are diving the Democrat leadership.  For them, the impeachment is about one thing and one thing only – power.

The socialist activists on the far left know about all the dirt and corruption that is rampant in the Democrat party leadership.  They also know that if they drive their leadership to a Senate impeachment trial, the Patriots will tear them into doll rags, and this is exactly what the far left wants.  To the victor goes the spoils.

AOC is not to be underestimated. This woman is smart, sinister, and motivated in ways others cannot imagine.    For her and her fellow travelers, the socialist utopia solution is for Trump to do their dirty work for them.  This way, they can easily snatch control over the Democrat party and do as they please for as long as they can hold onto power.  Something they hunger for and covet with every fiber of their being.

The other side of this uncoordinated, “hounds to the hunter” onslaught is Trump and the Patriots.

Trump is a Military Operative

The Patriots are a military operation.  They love this country and have taken an oath to defend the Constitution with their lives if need be, and this kind of passion is what motivates men to march into deadly cannon volleys just as they did at Gettysburg.

Current events began after the 2012 Benghazi attack.  This was when Hillary Clinton’s corrupt arms sales debacle went sideways, and as we’ve reported in previous Qx articles. This is our nation’s warfighters drew a line in the sand.

Trump is the figurehead, and before he was elected, the Patriots did a complete deep scan of his personal and business history.  They knew what he’d encounter and wanted to make sure there weren’t any skeletons in the closet so to speak.  Trump really is clean, and this is why the Patriots recruited him.

They also knew his personality and that he enjoys being a disrupter, and now he is out disrupter in chief. Or more to the point, disrupter-troll in chief, and sometimes, it’s just downright embarrassing to hear him troll the left as he does.

But there is a method to his madness because the Patriots are running this not as a political campaign, but as a military campaign.  Remember, each time you see Trump trolling the left, it is hounds to the hunter in action.


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Have followed all this closely for nearly two years, I find that the moves and countermove by the right are straight out of the “hounds to the hunter” playbook.  In fact, watching the Patriots work is like reading the Cliff notes for The Art of War by Sun Tzu and On War by Carl von Clausewitz.

Simply put, the Democrats are marching to their destruction in a carefully laid trap.  Brilliant, but what happens after the bloodletting?

Peace and Reunification

The South is resentful about the outcome of the First American Civil War.  Not because of how it ended, but because they never got closure on the motivations that propelled them into that terrible conflict.

Why? Because they were on the wrong side of history. That being said, removing their heritage by destroying war hero monuments is putting the left on the wrong side of history as well, because this is how terrorists and the Chinese communists like to rewrite history.

The key point though, is that this time, the Patriots are fighting for the same freedom reasons as the Confederates did, but without the disgrace of slavery.  A decisive advantage.

Conversely, the left is dominated by socialists, who seek to enslave America with oppressive government schemes and the only history that will be on their side, is what they lie about to themselves.

This is why America will in a perpetual state of shock as the Patriots drain the swamp.

Worst yet, the Patriots will do it as slowly as they can, so they inflict the greatest amount of pain on the Deep State and Globalist evil-doers.  We’ll see them flip like pancakes as Barr and his investigators make orange the new black. Hello Gitmo.

Yes, at first, there will be all kinds of wailing and hair pulling on the left, but this will subside as the Patriots begin revealing the depravity of these people and the horrific crimes against humanity they’ve committed.  Then, with people spitting on them in the street, it will be lights out for the Democrat party and they’ll have to rebuild or fail altogether.

In the meantime, what about the country and all this terrible division?  It will melt away because there is a huge difference between Gettysburg and today.

At Gettysburg, two opposing sides firmly believed in the justness of their cause.

When the impeachment trial in the Senate begins, there will be no just cause, for what will be revealed because in a Senate trial will the corruption, filth, and an unbounded lust for power that has driven a wedge into the fabric of the American society will be exposed.

When all Americans see this for what it really is, they will be like an old married couple who, after years of terrible fights, realize one day that it was not them.  But rather, a self-serving interloper in their marriage and when they decide to toss that piece of crap out of their marital chamber, they’ll be able to work things out and to find peace with each other once again.

This is how it will work.  That is how all Americans will join together and say, never again!

Where We Go One We Go All


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