Hold Fast – Defiance Brings New Hope

| March 8, 2021

QxThese are challenging times for hope, and that’s a shame because something magnificent has happened.

Yet, the full extent of this seminal event is being covered over by the Globalists.  So what is the new mantra?

Pundits on the right tell us all is lost and that we’re living on a vacuous die of ‘hopium’ because the economy is collapsing under a mountain of debt.

Then they segue from this to the urgent need to buy precious metals as well as to remember to mention them for the referral.

Golly gee, haven’t we been here before?  During the Y2K crisis of 2000, there was a genuine concern in the computing industry about critical systems failing on January 1, 2000.  It was a Titanic that did not hit the iceberg, so why the panic?

The panic was drummed up by precious metal dealers and their Y2K fear porn.  They capitalized on public concerns then and they’re doing it again.  So what are these folks against?  Hope, because hope is, unfortunately, bad for business.  Okey dokey, that’s the noise from the right.  Now to the left.

From the left is silence.  They need to bury the significance of this seminal event so as to keep it out of public view.

Why?   This event is an act of defiance, that will replicate itself across the nation if not the world.  Unforeseen by all, this brings new hope.

What happened?  A Republican Governor was played like a total dumbass, and to save his butt, he handed the Patriots a huge victory.  A win is a win.  We’ll take it because this is the tool we’ve been waiting for.

Like a woodcutter’s metal wedge, this seminal event will eventually split the COVID control conspiracy wide open.

In this article, we’ll examine this event and the fantastic opportunity it presents to the freedom-loving people of the world.

Winter Storm Shirley

On February 10-12, 2021, citizens in the Deep South and the Ohio Valley were hit with a massive ice storm that resulted in death, suffering, and economic disruption.  Particularly hard hit was Texas because Governor Gregory Wayne Abbott feared the CCP more than his constituency.

Abbott, went along with the communist apparatchiks at the EPA to get along, and for what?  To set Texas up for communist vengeance with a green energy policy that only served to create a crisis within a crisis.

Texas Ice Storm Feb 2021

As someone who lived in Texas for ten years, it was easy to see this faux pas would be Abbott’s political death knell, and he knew it.

I have friends and family in Texas, and I’ve been speaking with them about this.  All they do when I ask, “What do you think about Abbot now?”  They just growl.  Not a good sign.

Then out of the blue, on March 2, Abbot announces that he’ll open Texas 100% and end compliance masking.   Texans are not sniveling fools.   They have a defiant heritage as a people as in Remember the Alamo – Again!

Did it save his butt?  Not likely.

Abbot is still at the top of the primary this guy out list unless he gets tells Texas mea culpa.  First-time shame on me; second-time shame on them.  Then, he gets his “bitch is back” game face on and begins taking big wet bites out of the Biden agenda.  That could work.

This is so typical of the dark side.  They always overreach and they squeezed a Governor to punish his own state for the sake of petty vengeance and he did a dumbass thing.   Then, an unforeseen and urgent need for a CYA solution turned into a magnificent win for all freedom-loving people.

OK, it was CYA.  So what!  A win is a win.  We’ll take it because now, Texas is the wedge.

Texas is the Wedge

This analogy is for those of you who have cut firewood at some time or another because it illustrates why Texas has become a Patriot wedge.

To put this in perspective, let’s imagine the Globalist’s use of COVID suppression as a large log or round of extremely hardwood with plenty of knots.  So far, we’ve been whacking away at it with a small hand ax and getting nowhere.

Why?  COVID suppression of free speech and the right of assembly is like a vast, unwieldy piece of hardwood.  We’re barely able to get our arms around it, let alone cut it up into firewood with an ax. Hence we suffer it.

However, now we have an opportunity for those who know how to do it and which tool to use.  For me, my favorite implement of destruction for most wood-cutting chores is an 8lb splitting maul.  For the nasty jobs, a hefty metal wood cutting wedge is the implement of choice.  You get it started into the piece and then hammer it like hell until the wood splits.

Texas is that wedge, and when Abbot’s order to end the lockdown and masking comes into effect on Wednesday, March 10, it’s time for everyone to grab a hammer and start hammering because now we have a wedge.

However, you may wonder.  Why isn’t South Dakota a wedge as well because Gov. Kirsti Noem (R) refused to lockdown her state?  The answer in a word is “numbers,” so let’s do the numbers using three states that went for President Trump during the 2020 election:  South Dakota, Mississippi, and Texas.

Everything Is Big in Texas

Let’s begin with landmass size.  In terms of sheer size, it takes a bundle of states to equal to Texas, which dominates the Deep South with a huge landmass.

Texas Size Comparison

To put that in perspective, let’s visually compare Texas’s physical size relative to the country’s Southwestern and Eastern regions.

The first point to keep in mind is what you see when looking at a map because you’ll have to work hard at ignoring Texas.  But what about people?   Is Texas big on people too?

You know what they say, “Everything in Texas is big.”

As of 2019, the population of South Dakota was less than a million came at 884,659.  How does that compare with Texas?

The City of Fort Worth tops that 942,323.  This brings us to Mississippi, with a population of 2,967,297, which is over 3X times larger than South Dakota.

Mississippi’s population is larger than that of Houston, the largest metroplex in Texas, with 2,323,660 residents.  However, if we give Houston a Mulligan and throw in El Paso with 685,434 for good measure, Big Mo ain’t so big anymore.

The point here is that not only does it take a bundle of states to equal Texas in terms of landmass, you also need a bundle that can top the 30 million residents of the Lone Star State.

This explains why Gov. Kirsti Noem (R) was so easily downplayed by the media.  Noem is a national hero and someone I’d love to see replace Feckless Pence alongside Trump, but the simple fact is, she governs a sparsely populated state.   With less than a million people, the MSM was able to bury N.D. without the public blinking an eye.

However, thanks to Abbot, opening his state, the nation now has a Democrat COVID eyesore, and as the old saying goes, “All eyes are on Texas.”

Once again, we’ll see people having colds and the flu again, making money, enjoying life, and getting on with it.   For the Globalists, this is going to be slow pain as the consequences of this event propagate.

Defiance is not an armed insurrection, though the MSM is sure to present it that way.  Instead, defiance has a proud tradition thanks to Mahatma Gandhi and Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Without rising up with armed insurrection, they prevailed against nations and governments that were publicly committed to the rule of law.  This could not happen today.

Today, we have a hopelessly corrupt and captured judiciary, and America is no longer a nation committed to the rule of law.   Worse yet, our Supreme Court is doing everything it can to help our nation’s enemies.

Let’s see how they handle the consequences of what I call the “Texas Defiance Ripple.”

Texas Defiance Ripple

To illustrate the Texas Defiance Ripple, let’s imagine we’re standing at the edge of a large pond.  We pick up a large rock and throw it high up into the air so that it lands in the middle of the pond with a large splash.  In this case, the stone will land on the 10th when Abbot’s orders go into effect.

Gov. Abbot

When the stone lands, it will make a large local splash.  Then the subsequent effect of that impact, ripples outward, as part of a more paced and subtle process.  Essentially, the big splash generate ripples that propagate to every part of the pond,

This is precisely what is happening now, and over time, we will see these ripples manifesting more unplanned outbursts of peaceful defiance elsewhere in the country.

In the meantime, what about Trump, Q, and the Patriots?

Only Believe Your Eyes

Since the election, the Patriots have been inundated with false hopes, suppression, mockery, propaganda, and misinformation.   This breeds the kind of hopelessness and despair that precious metal dealers find lucrative.

So what do I hear that I believe in now?  Nothing and nobody, and this includes Donald Trump.  Yes, Trump is our guy, and we love him, but during his CPAC speech, what became clear to me is that the Q and the Patriots have had what we could call a Kasserine moment.

From the beginning, Q and the Patriots’ message has been to trust the plan and enjoy the show.  The Q show is sucking hind teat right now, which means that “The Plan” is no different from any other military plan.  They fail upon the first contact with the enemy, which is why Trump’s CPAC messaging was uninspiring for many.

Battle of Kasserine PassA case in point is the Battle of Kasserine Pass (14–24 February 1943).  In this first large-scale encounter with the Nazis in World War II, the U.S. Army suffered a humiliating defeat.  Not once, but twice.  Our tank warriors were ordered to charge the Germans, and it was a catastrophic replay of the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Our men went into battle believing that they had the best equipment, training, and leadership, and a more professional army decimated them with better equipment and vastly superior leadership.

It was humiliating, and this failure brought America to a seminal moment.  Accept defeat at the hands of the Nazis or regroup and fight on to victory.   America chose to replace General Frendendall, and on March 6 of that year, Major General George S. Patton took command.

General George PattonTrump is often compared favorably with Patton, who was a considerably more aggressive general.  He had a lust for Nazi blood, and the smarts to make it happen, which is what he did at the Battle of El Guettar on March 23 of that year and the same area, the Eastern Dorsal chain of the Atlas Mountains of Tunisia. Note, this battle is portrayed in a lengthy scene in the 1970 biographical film Patton.

Now, back to Trump’s Kasserine moment during the CPAC speech.

While we have a plethora of ideas about why the MAGA movement looks so weak now, and for me, it’s all happy bullshit.  I’m done with all the second-guessing fear-mongering.  I only believe what I see.  It makes life more simple and frankly, more hopeful.

Look at it this way; how inspiring would it be for Trump to tell the country that “The Plan hit a snag, and we’re regrouping.”

While Veterans will understand this predicament, most Patriots have zip for military experience, and news like this will crush them.  This is not the messaging Trump, and the Patriots want to offer because most Patriots have never served a day – anywhere.

At least, this is the reasoning I see with Trump and the Patriots because the last thing they want to see is amateurs mucking up the battlespace with well-intentioned complications.

“Trust the plan” is now less about hope and more about battlespace control and countering a simmering public pressure to take up arms.  Here is where I’m beginning to see a pattern when it comes to civilian messaging.   The Alliance is weak with it because they see the battlespace as their sole domain.   It’s not.   They’re wrong as hell and here is why.

When we listen to folks with connections to the military, what do they honestly admit?

That we could lose this battle, and that if we do get our butts whipped, it’s game over for the human species.

In that event, the Globalist will eventually euthanize 95% of us.  Those who survive are certain to die as slaves, as will their progeny for generations to come.  And this is what these jokers call “enjoy the show.”  Are you serious?

As for me, I’ve been there, seen it, done it, and bought all the tee-shirts.  I’m done with it.  Trump, Q, and the Patriots are fighting the good fight, but they do not own this fight.

It’s we, the freedom-loving people of the world, and whether we know how to fieldstrip an assault rifle or not doesn’t mean jack.  People, it’s our fight, each and every one of us, and we need to stop being whipsawed by Globalist propaganda and embarrassing game theory hiccups.

We’re not sitting in the bleachers like some prize for two competing adversaries.  We are the Children of God, and the rest of the world is praying that Americans finally figure that out before we get our butts whipped.

So with that in mind, just what in the hell can we little people do after all.   A lot and anyone who tells you otherwise is a”lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

Don’t Tell Me – Show Me

If you’re a Patriot, your message to Trump, Q, the Alliance, and other Patriots needs to be “Don’t Tell Me – Show Me.”   Enough of these flowery speeches, we need to see real results, so what does that look like?  Trump just showed us.

Epoch Times, March 7, 2021
Trump Sends Legal Notices to RNC, NRCC, NRSC to Stop Using His Name and Likeness

President Donald Trump sent cease-and-desist letters demanding that Republican National Committee (RNC), the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) stop using his name and likeness, a Trump adviser told The Epoch Times.

In a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando last Sunday, Trump instructed supporters to donate to his campaign website and the Save America political action committee (PAC). The move suggested Trump was building financial leverage over the RNC. The cease-and-desist letters substantiate that theory.

The only thing we see with the GOP is a good loser happy to take crumbs from the Communist Democrat dinner table.  It has proven itself to be an insufficient force for positive change for working families.  They just want our money and our votes.  Then they throw us away until the next time they need money and votes.  Obviously, a trick learned from the Democrats.

Likewise, Trump’s promises that he may run again in 2024 and that the best is yet to come didn’t move the ball down the field.  Not even first and ten.

However, Trump’s cease and desist letter was exactly what we need to see because Patriots are sick and tired of Trump trying to restore our faith in a corrupt GOP and their RINO backstabbers.  They’re dug in like ticks and they sell us out at every turn.

On the other hand, we also need to be mindful of the principal concern of the Alliance.  That angry amateurs muck up the battlespace and thereby cause us to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

What happens if we take up arms?  Stick a fork in America, we’re done.  The country will balkanize into conflict. That’s when the guacamole hits the fan.  The communists in the White House will declare a national emergency and beg the U.N. to intercede.

Of course, Beijing is sitting in the wings and licking its chops, so let’s not feed the enemy because we think we’re so impotent that we must take up arms.

God made it so that at this moment in time, there are 7.8 billion human souls on the planet, and over 7 billion are good God-loving people.  In other words, we do not need clever plans or faster than light quantum computers to figure out the future.  We only need to wake up and organize.

If we make tactical mistakes, it does not matter because there are so many of us. All we need to do is to sit down on the bastards and let them eat vacuum.  What does the Alliance offer?  A smaller body count.

This is the reality that Globalists are terrified of and why they use COVID to separate us and to prevent lawful assembly, especially regarding God.

They know, that if we assemble, they will be disassembled.

This is because communists do not have real power.  What they have, is the ability to force their will upon us, provided we allow them.  Real power only comes one way, from God to man, and it is about freedom.

God wants us to be free because it is the foundation of free will and free will is the energizing power of intention.  It is only through intention, that universes come into being.

Ergo, we’re not victims.  We freedom-loving people being murderously suppressed Co-Creators.  Once we grasp that, it’s time to play musical chairs with the Globalists with a twist.  When the music stops, we sit on them and crush them.

This is why defiance is what we need to do and look for and encourage it in others.  We’re already doing it, we just need to be even more aggressive and we are.  There are new examples of that happening each day as more freedom-loving people each day abandon this ‘hurry-up and wait’ military crap from the Alliance.

Thanks for fighting our fight guys, but this is our world and our species, and each one of us God-loving folks has skin in the game.  Therefore, how we play that game is the issue.

Doing the 52

Many of us are depressed because our mouths are closed, and our ears are tuned to the happy bullshit of self-interested political shills and precious metal dealers.  Enough!  Enough!  Enough!

Then again, you may wonder.  I’m just one little person.  What could I do that would make a difference.  Here is the answer.

Yes, you’re one little person, no bigger than a drop of water in the grand scheme of things.  But think about it.  What is a Tsunami, if not a vast collection of drops all traveling in the same direction?  With this in mind, here is a new plan.

We’ve got 52 states including DC and Puerto Rico (TBD), and if every one of us freedom-loving people gets some skin in the game, victory is certain.

After you finish reading this article, sit down and think about your own 52.  Here are some examples of 52 things you can do each month to crush the Cabal once and for all.

Allocate $52 each month for subscriptions to reliable news agencies.  I’m not talking about the $100+ kung fu wah-wah training programs.  I’m talking about three or so subscriptions to Patriot news sources who are fighting the good fight each day.   It is essential we support honest journalism and my personal favorite is The Epoch Times.

If you cannot afford $52 a month for news subscriptions, you still access to the Internet.  So, set aside 52 minutes each month to write letters to elected officials demanding to know why they’ve betrayed the country.   They have to answer, and the goal here is not to reason with them.  The goal is to make them more worried about what you think as a voter, as opposed to what the sociopaths in Beijing want.

Become a Cyber Ghost for FreedomFor those of you who want to get some, the righteous targets are the paid disinformationalists that attack us each day on the Internet.  In a previous article, Become a Cyber Ghost for Freedom, I laid out a plan to do precisely that.

What surprised me is that almost everyone looked at the article headline and disappeared.  OK, I get it but check this out.  The people with the cajones to fight these thugs read it.  They liked it and shared some leading-edge cyber tools with me, and I was able to update the article with excellent technical concepts.

If you get the fever to go one-on-one with the bad guys, you might want to read that article someday.

In the meantime, whatever you do, NEVER advocate violence.  There is no need for it.  Our power comes from God, and God wants us to get up off the couch and use it to create a better world, a world free of these sociopath monsters.

So that’s the drill.  Forget group consensus, attaboys, and victory laps.  It’s just you on your lonesome, Bunkie.  Sort out your own do the 52 plan and start doing it.  As time goes on, you’ll learn things, see things, and adapt as necessary.

But for God’s sake, stop listening.  Start looking at what they’re doing and what you can do in peaceful defiance about it.  DEFY!  DEFY!  DEFY!  DEFY!  DEFY!  DEFY!  DEFY!

Believe in God; believe in yourself; believe in the future, and dare to say no!


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