Survival Intervention for Those in Awareness – Planet X Publisher Carles Esquerda

| November 16, 2017

Survival Intervention for Those in Awareness - Planet X Publisher Carles EsquerdaShow #179
Host: Marshall Masters

Our first interview with Carles Esquerda of the Alcione Association, publishers of the book, Hercolubus or Red Planet, was in April 2010. The Alcione Association has freely distributed nearly two million copies of the book, “Hercolubus or Red Planet” since 1998.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term Hercolubus, it was used by the ancient Atlanteans to describe what the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews called “The Destroyer” and what the Sumerians called “Nibiru.” Today, we call it Planet X, or The Planet X System, since it is a brown dwarf star with planets and moons in orbit around it.

In this interview, Carles and Marshall discuss the changes they’ve seen since 2010 happening to those who follow their work. Surprisingly, both see the same evolutionary process where the topic has evolved from a topic of interest to a topic of concern as the result of increasing Earth changes, weird weather, and global politics, among a range of disturbing issues.

While some would expect a degree of panic to accompany such a change, what Carles and Marshall are seeing is something more profound. A calm shift towards developing the inner self in preparation for the coming Planet X tribulation, an event that will last seven to ten years.

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Marshall will also discuss the book he is now authoring, Radio Free Earth, and will offer a useful insight into the kinds of popular two-way radios preppers should reconsider as their first choices.

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