Coronavirus – Planet X Connection Update No. 1: The Silent War

| March 28, 2020

The Coronavirus – Planet X ConnectionWe are transiting a unique time of extreme fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and for what? That’s the nagging question these days.  Consequently, more people are beginning to ask that dreaded, most feared, ugly, reviled, and often nagging question of awareness. “What am I really seeing here?”

In my recent interview on Coast to Coast AM, Gorge Noory hit the nail on the head when he expressed his views about the Coronavirus being a flu bug on steroids and that there is more to all this than meets the eye.

The problem is, how can you imagine that which does not meet the eye?  The answer is simple: look down at the floor beneath your feet.

The use of laminate flooring such as Pergo is ubiquitous throughout America, but what do we see?  What looks like oak or bamboo is a decorative graphic sheet about as thick as your fingernail.  Beneath that veneer, is a thick plank of engineered wood product made from wood fibers.

One could visualize this unseen fiberboard as a compressed, glued-together mish-mash of sweepings from a sawmill floor.  A deplorable necessity best hid from view.  Where have we heard that before?

Granted, it does not look like anything, in particular, but fiberboard gives us a resilient and robust floor to bear the load.

Over the year, Americans have formed a simple zeitgeist understanding of laminate flooring.  We see the beauty of oak or bamboo, knowing that beneath it, a silent, unseen strength is what gives us sound footing.

The Silent War

We’ve seen hot wars and cold wars, but this war for the future of America and freedom across the globe a silent war is being waged, and in a classic sense, it is a battle of good vs. evil.  It will end in one of two ways.  Very badly or totally awesome beyond belief.  It is not ours to win, but ours to lose and there shall be no half-measures.

Know this my Dear Readers, we have entered a time called the Great Awakening—a time when humanity learns how it has been divided and abused under the boot heels of evil.

In the coming months, we’ll learn that Globalists do not invade.  They infiltrate, which is why the Deep State is so deep and wide.

We will be shown the dark deeds of prominent personalities and it will shock our collective sense of humanity, and we will see those responsible face justice.  But most importantly, we will all begin to see ourselves one nation once again and together, we heal ourselves from these artificial divides.

How do we get there?  It begins with little things.


What is happening now is the same reason why schoolyard bullies pick on the new kids to laugh at their expense.  Consequently, what do most school kids do when they see a confrontation coming?  They stand back and enjoy the show, which is precisely what all of us need to be doing.

Not because we’re indifferent.  Hell no. It’s because those in awareness know we’ve got some serious skin in the game, which is why our mission is not to become distractions.  Besides, the new kid has all the right moves.

Our silent war is more than a schoolyard tussle, and in terms of the Globalist agenda, the bullies have a bloody nose, one of many more to come.  Hence, they’ve been backed into a corner called disclosure, and they are desperate to avoid the consequences.  Sometimes they are heavy-handed and others, far more subtle.  For example, President Trump recently stated:, March 20, 2020
Trump: This Invisible Enemy Is No Match For The Spirit And Resolve Of The American People

I want all Americans to understand: we are at war with an invisible enemy, but that enemy is no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people,” President Trump declared online this week. “It cannot overcome the dedication of our doctors, nurses, and scientists — and it cannot beat the LOVE, PATRIOTISM, and DETERMINATION of our citizens. Strong and United, WE WILL PREVAIL!”

Nothing subtle here, so what’s the point?  Let’s see the same quote on, March 21, 2020
Confronting the ‘Silent Enemy:’ Trump on New York’ Disaster’ Area, Coronavirus Efforts

[The coronavirus] is the invisible enemy and we will be successful in defeating it; sooner than some people think,” Trump said.

Notice how the inserted “[The coronavirus]” into the quote.  Then compare that with the quote above.

It is evident that President Trump never made an inference that the “invisible enemy” is anything other than that.

Yet, those in awareness know the real inference. The Globalists are the “invisible enemy,” and for years, they have methodically embedded operatives in government, business, academia, and the media.

With particular regard to the media, CNN is the most heartbreaking for me.  I worked with CNN in the late 1980s when Turner was running it.  It was a magnificent time of actual investigative reporting. I’ll always cherish that time.

Today, it pains me to watch CNN. It has become a disappointing remake of the sci-fi classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Each morning at 4 AM, the pods open and out step an army of slimy zombie reporters, all pointing in the same direction and shrieking the same rant.

This wholesale abandonment of excellence is terrible enough, but now their desperation is pushing them to a whole new level; to suppress the right of free speech for the most powerful leader in the world.

You see, these days, the ugliness of the MSM is not just what they say, but that they do not want you to hear as well. Ergo, a Washington Post headline, reads, The media must stop live-broadcasting Trump’s dangerous, destructive coronavirus briefings,” and now NBC and CNN say they will likely stop broadcasting POTUS Coronavirus briefings.

Each day President Trump does his daily Coronavirus briefing, which is another day he controls the news cycle and the narrative.  Whoever controls the cycle controls the narrative, which is why the Washington Post, CNN, and NBC want to suppress the Coronavirus briefings.

So here we are, during a global pandemic, and the media wants to suppress information about what the government is doing about it?  It’s because President Trump has co-opted the false flag along with the narrative.  Like a Karate Kid, he’s leveraged the weight of a larger opponent to his advantage.

The Tides of War

So far, this year has not gone well for the Globalists.  Trump now holds both the initiative and the narrative. Therefore, the question is, how long Trump and the Patriots hold onto this advantageous position?  The short answer is, they’ve been ready for it.

This silent war began the day President Trump came down the elevator with the First Lady, and until recently, the globalists and their media embeds have dominated the narrative.  In the process, they have helped to divide the nation as we lurched from one invented crisis to another, starting with Russiagate.

Russiagate was round one of a larger, slow-motion crapola-gate of fear and anger.  Fueling the flames has been a very profitable activity for Globalist news outlets.  However, all things eventually come to an end, and so did crapola-gate.  The elites have finally expended their heavy ammunition, and the only Republican in Senate who voted to impeach President Trump was himself, a Globalist.

After all of their big schemes failed, the Globalists found themselves in a position of crapless vulnerability, and this is why they hit the panic button and launched a deadly false flag.

The China Virus

The Globalists used a nation they control, namely China, to launch a deadly false flag to wreck the world economy to cost President Trump the election.

This Coronavirus is a bioengineered virus, and it was, most suspect, released covertly.  Worse yet, the knowledge of the outbreak was knowingly suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), resulting in a needles global pandemic –  death by design.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, supply chains were already moving away from China.  Now, this corrupt debacle will accelerate that trend; instead of mitigating it, with CCP spin that no one believes.   China has become a James Bond bad boy where the CCP is now the diabolical SPECTRE in service to demanding Globalist masters.

Consequently, for the Globalists, this false flag was like sacrificing one’s Queen to achieve a checkmate.  The problem was, the King had a Plan B.  So where did this come from and from whom?

The Silent Warriors

We are in a war that is silent to us, but across the veil, it is thunderously loud, because this is the time of Good vs. Evil.  The silent warriors of the Alliance are a freedom-loving incorruptible breed apart to the dismay of the Globalists.

Ask anyone who has raised his or her arm to take the Oath of Enlistment. They’ll tell you that if you’re a Patriot, it’s because you honor the oath.  This kind of integrity and strength is difficult to handle for those who use fear and compromise to leverage weak people in power.

Furthermore, the Patriots have two huge advantages.  FISA works both ways, and the Patriots have inherited the Globalist intelligence-gathering systems.  Using signals intelligence and game theory to respond to evolving circumstances, they are the masters of maneuver warfare.  They are far more agile than the prodigious Globalists when it comes to the strategic interplay of move and countermove.

So what does it all boil down to, you may wonder?

This Chinese virus false flag is terrible, but it is being mitigated and used to advantage.  It will pass.

Right now, the Q community is more abuzz with “the Purge” as they call it.  CEOs are stepping down in record numbers and large numbers of embedded Globalist minions in government are being shown the door.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Pain is coming and right now, Globalist muscle is the target.

While Americans fight over toilet paper, these low-ranking minions are helpless, and they know it.  Here’s the 1-2-3 of it:

  1. How do you Globalist thugs catch a flight out of the country with closed borders?
  2. Now that everyone is self-isolating, how can the Globalists create a false-flag terror event to dominate the news cycle for a day or two by slaughtering innocent people on the streets and in their houses of worship?
  3. How can the media protect these Globalist thugs from disclosure coverage while President Trump holds the news cycle narrative?

Given all this, while this mysterious goings-on evolves in the shadows what can we do to stay one jump ahead.  Here is a quick-study suggestion.  Review Chapter 115.


?2381. Treason
?2382. Misprision of treason
?2383. Rebellion or insurrection
?2384. Seditious conspiracy
?2385. Advocating overthrow of Government
?2386. Registration of certain organizations
?2387. Activities affecting armed forces generally
?2388. Activities affecting armed forces during war
?2389. Recruiting for service against United States
?2390. Enlistment to serve against United States
?2391. Repealed

That’s right folks.  We’re playing keeps now.  If the Globalists prevail, billions will perish by design and we will be a slave species for countless generations to come.  If the Patriots prevail, so will every God-loving man, woman, and child.

Remember our laminate flooring analogy.   Now we know the veneer is not what it appears to be and for those who keep the faith, imagine our Patriots as tiny bits of wood and sawdust.  Individually, they are typically not unique, but when gathered, they become a force for good and what binds them and us together is the eternal glue of freedom.

News flash from the front lines of the silent war: Good is winning, and it will keep on winning.

Meanwhile, for those of us in the nose bleed seats, what’s our part in all this?  It is to be calm and have faith, so praise the Lord, pass the hot chocolate and enjoy the show. As I said, this new kid has all the moves.

Where We Go One We Go All

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