Coronavirus – Planet X Connection Update No. 5: Single Point of Truth (SPOT)

| April 18, 2020

The Coronavirus – Planet X ConnectionFor those of you who watched the complete White House presser yesterday, the President telegraphed things we’re likely to see in the coming days.  Of particular interest is what I call the Fauci Finagle.

Going into the weekend, we’re seeing some groovy stuff happening now sports fans, and I’m going to break it all down into four SPOTS (Single Points of Truth.)

Think of SPOTs as the corner pieces of a picture puzzle.

After we empty, all the pieces upon the table and the first ones we seek are the corners because they will connect with every other part of the puzzle.

Here are three SPOTS you want to focus your research efforts on this weekend:

  • FISA
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Meteorites

Folks, speaking for myself, I’m frickin’ weary of all this fear-porn insanity on YouTube and in the MSM.

If you feel the same way, these SPOTs will provide you with three entry points into The Great Awakening and what is happening behind the scenes.  But first, a brief review of current events.

The Fauci Finagle

Dr. Anthony Fauci has fallen from the elevated rank of MSM’s knighted plan-demic czar and the most trusted man in America to that of shill.

Like a carnival shill, he introduced the honest doctors doing the real work now.  Not that he did not introduce them as his team members or subordinates.  Rather, Fauci repeatedly referred to them as his colleagues during his overview presentation, which could have been mercifully short and useful.  He milked it for time to make himself look important.

However, like a four-day-old fish, Fauci stinks from the head down, and that’s not going to change.

So why hasn’t Trump tossed Fauci?  Earlier in the week, Trump retweeted #FireFauci twice.  With Trump does, you’ll never know what he’ll do next until he lets you know.

The behind the reason for the retweets was obvious.

The first retweet was to get everyone’s attention without committing to a course of action.  As expected, the MSM went bat sh*t crazy about firing the most trusted man in America, and while that was happening, Fauci was bucking the demotion.

After the second retweet, Fauci knew he’d run the length of the leash, and the message was clear. Don’t be the third man on a match, or you’ll get burned.  Heel or go to the pound.

Consequently, Fauci is now a hollow face.  A man with a big title and a small role and this was obvious given his demeanor, message, and body language during the presser yesterday.

Why not toss him given that for the Globalists, their minion is now expended ammunition?

Remember that great line from Godfather II?  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  For Trump, Fauci is now a trophy shield – touché Mr. President.

Timing is everything, and Easter Day was the turning point.  America sat through Easter day like couch potatoes or risked severe fines for praying with others.  For many, their thoughts turned to their rights under the US Constitution and a suddenly satanic disappearance of them.

As I said in update No. 4, “No matter your faith, or walk of life, like 9/11, you will remember where you were and what you were doing on April 12, 2020.  For Christians, it will be the first Easter in their collective memory when they could not gather to celebrate.”

And on that note with all the hullaballoo in the QAnon community about the widespread pedophilia, the perp walks will is where the FISA debacle will begin to unravel.


Ah yes.  In the beginning, there was the Constitution and justice for all, and then came FISA and a two-tiered justice system.  Ergo, FISA is the proverbial alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

Once the FISA abuses are fully disclosed, every scam the Globalists orchestrated is toast.  Flynn and others around the President are free, and the impeachment is null and void.  This is essential because, as the Bible tells us, let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

Once the FISA debacle is peeled back, and the whole disgusting affair is exposed, Trump and the Patriots will be without sin.  That’s good because they’d got a mountain of stones to throw and they will.

There is another reason for this.  Treason and sedition are serious crimes, and proving them will require a great deal of patience and a willingness to believe the truth.  However, pedophilia and human trafficking are immediately obvious and highly damming.

The Globalist defense lawyers will ooze spin in the courts, about how wonderful their defendants are, but when they leave the courthouse, they’ll run for the cars, so they are not spat upon by hoards of angry people.  Assuming they’re given bail.

That will only be half the problem for the Globalist.  While that side of the candle is burning, the other side is lit and burning now as well.  All this light will help fuel the Great Awakening.


There is one fact about Hydroxychloroquine, which cannot be denied.  We all know how to pronounce it now.

What is becoming clear to more Americans by the day is the effective manner in which the Globalists have co-opted the MSM.  In terms of the Matrix, Hydroxychloroquine, the Globalists wanted it to be a blue pill that would pass.  Yet, it has become the nation’s new health and medical services red pill.

Here are four superb videos to watch this weekend.  They are well worth your time.




The upshot with these videos is that once the FDA approves an instant test and the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic for Coronavirus, the plan-demic is over.

Therefore, a more present question is why did this backfire on the Globalists?

Evil is powerful and prone to overreach. The smart play would have been to be optimistically guarded but insisting on solid scientific research. Then, work in the background to crap up the whole operation.

Instead, they went a bridge too far and mocked Trump for peddling snake oil medicine.  They must have been sitting in the White House saying, yippee, it’s Christmas every day. The Grinch just dropped his drawers.

Once FDA approval comes through, Trump will hold a presser and, as before, play the MSM attacks back to the MSM.  Then, America will follow the red pill down the rabbit hole, and it’s going to be a deep and dark ride.

In terms Superman fans will appreciate, Hydroxychloroquine just became Pharma’s kryptonite.  This is because of its hidden potential.  It treats Lupus, and Doctors are using in combination with other drugs to great effect.

People are going to learn what the Globalists wanted.  A plan-demic with forced vaccines and work papers, which is why they overreached so foolishly with Hydroxychloroquine, because of all this evil cost real lives.  They and their MSM minions will own lock stock and barrel!

Then, as their spinmeisters and MSM minion scramble to control the damage, the plague will spread upon them as people come to learn that Hydroxychloroquine has other uses, which until now have been suppressed to line Pharma’s pockets.

Each time the spinmeisters think they have it shut down, another suppressed Hydroxychloroquine cure will surface, and the people will begin picking at the scabs of their cover-ups.

Where this all goes from here is anyone’s guess, but as a Patriot, what I would love to see is a new amendment to the US Constitution.


The citizens of the United States are free to collectively bargain for any holistic and conventional health and medical service and product of their choosing.

It’s time the FDA, AMA, and PHARMA work for the people – and not the Globalists.  That is if dreams can come true, before a fast-moving rock lands on you.


On a political and power level, current events are simple to grasp.  It’s a winner-take-all game of musical chairs, and whoever is left standing when the music stops to play, gets to sleep with the dinosaurs.

Never forget, what is driving all events here on Earth.  It is what is coming at us and what it is sending our way.  Namely, objects that would normally have never been in an Earth-crossing orbit.  We will see them as fireballs and meteorites, and a big one just hit in Africa.  The problem is, nobody knows it.

Here, the truth is a real victim.  Watch the news account and note the reason given for the incident by the ‘government official.’

Channels Television, March 28, 2020
Early Morning Blast Rocks Area Near Akure Owo Highway

The explanation of what occurred that being an accidental discharge of explosives in transit didn’t ring true, so I asked him to analyze the video and weigh in.  Here is his reply:

You’re better at math than me. That looks like a 500lb bomb crater, but I don’t see the telltale burns associated with a chemical reaction. Just overpressure damage. That says an impact from an extraterrestrial object (no pun intended).

And you would see burned vehicle parts all over the place. We used to blow 5 ton trucks with explosive c4 in demolition school; there would be twisted metal rubber tires burning all kinds of shrapnel holes. I don’t see that. I see overpressure blown-out windows and roof.

Also…there would be testable chemical residue from a bomb. I know this is a shithole 3rd world country, but the test is very cheap and readily available.  Did this building have any significance in geopolitical affairs?

Why would they blow the street outside and not ram the truck into the building? It doesn’t add up. Impact makes more logical sense and creates a cover story as the world is locked down for a PANDEMIC, which in my opinion, is manufactured by deep state for many reasons. One being the large amount of crap around the nibiru system incoming.

Folks, the stakes are high.  If the Globalists prevail, we’ll be a slave species four countless generations to come, after they slaughter 95% of us.

If the Patriots win, we’ll have the freedom to fight our lives.  Remember, winners never quit, and quitters never win. Our winners are winning, and we must support them with our prayers and our faith.

Where We Go One We Go All

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