Coronavirus – Planet X Connection Update No. 3: Plan-Demic Blinds Astronomers

| April 11, 2020

The Coronavirus – Planet X ConnectionUp till now, this Coronavirus – Planet X Connection series has focused on politics.  Now it’s time to talk about science, or the more to the point, the engineered absence of it.

I received an email from Planet X researcher, Richard Saint Laurent, with a link to and a very startling article.  The Coronavirus plan-demic has shut down professional terrestrial astronomy for the next three to six months.  Oh golly gee, is this just a little coinkidink?  Methinks not.

Nor does Richard, and we’ve collaborated extensively over the years.  It was his research that led to revisit the Mayan Calendar debate and launched our Signs series of articles.

So, I’m going to connect the dots in a single article.  Then you will see what I see and maybe we agree or not.  Either way, that is what the pursuit of truth is all about, so let’s get to it.

A One-Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind

In the article, Richard sent me he noted two things.  First, that 100 or more significant telescopes are offline.  Second.  With these big boys, guess who is left standing, like a one-eyed man in the land of the blind., April 7, 2020
COVID-19 forces Earth’s largest telescopes to close

More than 100 of Earth’s largest telescopes are now closed, and astronomers are worried about the pandemic’s long-term impacts on their field.

The Sun set weeks ago in Antarctica. Daylight won’t return for six months. And, yet, life at the bottom of the planet hasn’t changed much — even as the rest of the world has been turned upside-down. The last flight from the region left on February 15, so there’s no need for social distancing. The 42 “winterovers” still work together. They still eat together. They still share the gym. They even play roller hockey most nights.

And that’s why the South Pole Telescope is one of the last large observatories still monitoring the night sky.

An Astronomy magazine tally has found that more than 100 of Earth’s biggest research telescopes have closed in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as a trickle of closures in February and early March has become an almost complete shutdown of observational astronomy. And the closures are unlikely to end soon.

Coronavirus Telescope Closures

Observatory directors say they could be offline for three to six months — or longer. In many cases, resuming operations will mean inventing new ways of working during a pandemic. And that might not be possible for some instruments that require teams of technicians to maintain and operate. As a result, new astronomical discoveries are expected to come to a crawl.

Yet these short-term losses aren’t astronomers’ main concern.

“If everybody in the world stops observing, then we have a gap in our data that you can’t recover,” says astronomer Steven Janowiecki of the McDonald Observatory in Texas. “This will be a period that we in the astronomy community have no data on what happened.”

The upshot of this situation is that now when Planet X goes mainstream, the entire field of astronomy has an easy out. “We were self-isolating.”

The South Pole Telescope (SPT)

Of course, goes the crux of the matter, because the South Pole Telescope (SPT) is that one-eyed man and we’ve danced with this fellow before.  In fact, it that first broke the Planet X story about this remote telescope located in Antarctica., April 26, 2006
South Pole Telescope (SPT) — America’s New Planet X Tracker

South Pole Telescope (SPT) — America's New Planet X TrackerAmerica is now spending huge sums to deploy the massive The South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica. The final installation will be the size of a mini-mall and will require a massive C-130 airlift effort to transport pre-assembled modules and a large staff to the most desolate, inhospitable and inaccessible region of the world. Why? Because Planet X / Nibiru was first sighted in 1983 and this discovery spurred the USA to build the SPT — humanity’s new Planet X tracker.

Amongst independent researchers like us at YOWUSA.COM and the equally committed researchers with whom we share data, the 1983 IRAS observation of Planet X / Nibiru has always been a hot topic.  On a private level, we often discuss how the NASA’s IRAS spacecraft first captured infrared images of it back in 1983 with the same lament. Given the lack of corroboration, how can you publish a story that can easily be shot down as a rumor?  That was then.

Now we have the corroboration we’ve lacked for years, The South Pole Telescope (SPT).  Far more powerful capable and survivable than the 1983 IRAS spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope put together, this manned observatory will soon begin tracking Planet X / Nibiru from the pristine skies of Antarctica.

What makes the SPT so interesting here is that this was the very observatory from which the first images of the Planet X system were leaked by an anonymous informant named NibiruShock 2012.  For those who say it was a hoax.  I personally contacted NibiruShock and verified his authenticity.  With that, take a moment to review this video from 2008., January 27, 2014
NibiruShock2012: Nibiru Planet X photos taken January 2008 (Authentic)

This video was personally downloaded by Marshall Masters of

This video created a massive cover-up effort by the DS, and they buried that story.

However, a second whistleblower soon turned up afterward, by the name of DNIr4808n and we posted the following analysis story of his SPT disclosure video., September 7, 2010
Analysis of DNIr4808n SPT Planet X / Nibiru Disclosure Video –

In September 28, 2008 a Youtuber with the screen name DNIr4808n posted an SPT disclosure video. It is 1 minute and 13 seconds long. The first 59 seconds is redacted because it mentioned names. This is why YouTube pulled it the next day and closed DNIr4808n’s account. DNIr4808n’s disclosure never appeared again, until now. The original DNIr4808n was downloaded by Marshall Masters, publisher of and the producer of this video.

The DNIr4808n video was removed from YouTube by the order of the Federal Government.  This was stated by YT and the take-down occurred within hours.   Fortunately, a source sent me the link in time for me to download the video.  This is how it works, back then and today.

Then and Today

Now it’s time to put everything shown above in context.   For this, we go back to the first installment in this QX series., March 17, 2020
The Coronavirus – Planet X Connection

The connection between the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Planet X has less to do with astronomy, and more do to with game theory.  As the Planet X image presented in this article shows, it is a matter of months before the world can see PX despite the cover-ups and why the Coronavirus outbreak is a deadly false flag.

This morning, I got an urgent message from Gloria T., about a Planet X photo posted on my Facebook page by Baz Lupus.  I looked at it, and the first thing I said to myself, “this is the trifecta from hell.”

Bas Lups on Marshall's FB 3/17/20

With a trifecta, you’re betting on which horses will finish first, second, and third, and in that exact order.  What do you say we check out these three nags heading for the finish line?

Baz Lupus 3/17/2020

This image offers an at-altitude observation, and the number of persistent chemtrails crisscrossing the sky is as stunning as the three objects themselves.  Below are the gamma results.

Baz Lupus Analysis -

When you examine the sequence, all three objects are persistent, all the way down to a gamma of 0.01.  Only natural objects are that persistent, and these are behind the clouds.

The common man is lucky to see Planet X these days, although our governments have tracked the approach of the Planet X system for decades.

Let’s tally the score.  Three objects are now visible despite a dense web of chemtrails and 100 major observatories are now blind as a bat.  That is, except for the one big one that is under the thumbs of the Globalists and their DS minions.

No wonder the SPT has been a source of secrecy and cover-up since it was first reported by us in 2006, which brings to those of you who shout, “Why can’t I see it?” no worries. By the time most figure it out, it will already bee too late.

For those who trust their instincts.  Remember the old adage, it’s not the crime.  It’s the cover-up.

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