Compliance Masking is Setting Us Up for Multiple COVID-19 Waves

| July 18, 2020

Compliance Masking is Setting Us Up for Multiple COVID-19 WavesPresident Trump makes frequent references to the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.  While the Q community is weighing in on with political explanations, none I’ve followed have fully grasped the real importance of the President’s references.

I have, and I call it the Globalist-Marxist agenda:

  • Perpetuate the COVID-19 with multiple waves: The population must be prevented from naturally developing herd immunity, and hence will be susceptible to future variants of the virus. Masks only suppress herd immunity.
  • Block Effective Generic Therapies: Safe and inexpensive therapeutics such as Hydroxychloroquine are vilified, and yet doctors continue reporting excellent results. This is why this is a plandemic.  The plan is to create fear, and for that, you need a body count.
  • Create incubator regions for future variants: Each blue state with a mandatory mask order will be a core incubator for subsequent waves of COVID-19 so that new waves can propagate nationally via adjoining states.

Absurd, you say?  Nonsense, you say?

Forget opinions.  We have too many of them, and they make weather forecasters look accurate.

In other words, now that I’ve stated the agenda, it’s time for me to make good my brags.   To do that, we’ll take a quick look forward and then go the past for powerful facts.

Second Wave Warnings

A consistent drumbeat from the Democrats is that there will be future waves of COVID-19.  Given their strategy, this is a self-fulfilling prediction, assisted by the MSM.

The following article about Hydroxychloroquine by the Detroit News is a classic example.

The Detroit News, July 2, 2020
Hydroxychloroquine lowers COVID-19 death rate, Henry Ford Health study finds

HydroxychloroquineA Henry Ford Health System study shows the controversial anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine helps lower the death rate of COVID-19 patients, the Detroit-based health system said Thursday.

Officials with the Michigan health system said the study found the drug “significantly” decreased the death rate of patients involved in the analysis.

The study analyzed 2,541 patients hospitalized among the system’s six hospitals between March 10 and May 2 and found 13% of those treated with Hydroxychloroquine died while 26% of those who did not receive the drug died.

The study is vital, Zervos said, as medical workers prepare for a possible second wave of the virus and there is plenty of research that still needs to be conducted to solidify an effective treatment.

Detroit News pounds the Globalist agenda by saying, “medical workers prepare for a possible second wave.”

In contrast to that, we’re seeing doctors and their patients on conservative news outlets, talking about generic drugs and medicines that are highly effective therapeutics for COVID-19, and the MSM is doing more to suppress this life-saving information than to promote it.

OK, so let’s get to the bottom of this whole mess.  Namely, herd immunity.

Herd Immunity

The best way to fight COVID-19 is with a healthy immune system, which is a principal reason why most that catch it, never have a sniffle.  We’ll cover that in more detail later on, but first, let’s define the cornerstone concept issue for this plandemic., July 15, 2020
What Is Herd Immunity?

Herd immunity, or community immunity, is when a large part of the population of an area is immune to a specific disease. If enough people are resistant to the cause of a disease, such as a virus or bacteria, it has nowhere to go.

Herd Immunity

While not every single individual may be immune, the group as a whole has protection. This is because there are fewer high-risk people overall. The infection rates drop, and the disease peters out.

Herd immunity protects at-risk populations. These include babies and those whose immune systems are weak and can’t get resistance on their own.

Understanding the importance of herd immunity is essential because it is the defining imperative of the Globalist agenda to suppress herd immunity from forming naturally and thereby gaining control of a populace.

That was then.  Now the clock is ticking, and the grand plan is now facing stiff resistance.

To frame this, let’s take a look at 1918 Spanish Flu, to see what President Trump is trying to point out to us.   Masks only create new infection waves.

Masks, Baking Soda and the 1918 Spanish Flu

When good people learn of an effective prophylactic or therapeutic, they share the information and take action.  Consequently, this honesty will dissipate the panic needed to control through division, and fear and the momentum falters.

One could say that during the 1918 Spanish Flu, baking soda was the Hydroxychloroquine of its day.  Like Hydroxychloroquine, special interests opposed it and forced Arm and Hammer to retract its advertisements.

Baking Soda and the 1918 Spanish Flu

Was baking soda really the Hydroxychloroquine of its day?  Watch this video of an actual survivor explain why her family members never contracted the Flu.  As the only ones in a small town, they did more to expose themselves to infection than most.

Be sure to watch this video all the way.  You’ll learn something that could save your life, and in the process, you’ll understand how Americans face pandemics without a Federal hotline.

Guidance 2222, Mar 9, 2020
Covideo1918 Virus Pandemic 1918 Survivor pure BAKING SODA & WATER ON A DAILY BASIS


1918 influenza pandemic survivor interview Mrs. Edna Register Boone BAKING SODA ON A DAILY BASIS IN YOUR WATER IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT IS “ALKALINE”.



Assuming you’ve watched the entire program and I sincerely hope you have, we now three big questions to answer.

  1. Why Edna’s family was the only one in town to use baking soda as a prophylactic?
  2. Why didn’t the town doctor query Edna’s mother as to why her family was not infected?
  3. Why didn’t the town doctor know about baking soda therapy?

This simple therapy could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and why didn’t it?  In other words, who screwed the pooch?  Was it big pharma, medicine, or government?  Partly, but more to the point, it was the media, though you wouldn’t know it for all their backslapping.

This brings us to what works and what hurts.

What works is baking soda. It is effective, as Edna explains, and yet, countless victims died, never knowing that.  In terms of what doesn’t work for the greater good is compliance masking.

The Masks of Slavery

Last May, President Donald Trump shared a tweet that argued compliance masking to control the spread of the coronavirus represents a “culture of silence, slavery, and social death.” He’s absolutely right, but the key point here is, do masks work?

Interestingly enough, the answer comes from a sacred institution of the left Berkeley, or “Berzerkeley” as locals like to call it.

Berkeley Libray, May 23, 2020
Did Masks Work? — The 1918 Flu Pandemic and the Meaning of Layered Interventions

“Were masks effective in the 1918 flu?”

I was recently asked this question for an article that just appeared in the Smithsonian Magazine. It’s a fascinating exploration of the politics of masks in California during the 1918 flu, and the fact that Mayor Davie of Oakland was jailed for not wearing a mask in Sacramento.  However, my statement at the end of the article applied historically, is not correct by itself. I’m quoted as saying the gauze masks of 1918, “may not have been much use to the user but did offer protection to those around them.” I had in mind the ultimate public health lessons learned from the 1918 flu way down the line, in a study concluded a little more than ten years ago.

But back in 1918, public health leaders who studied the problem thought that the mask laws and mask use by the public were minimally effective.

Graph showing comparable infection rates in Boston and Sacramento during the 1918 flu epidemic

Kellogg, Wilfred H. Influenza, A Study of Measures Adopted for the Control of the Epidemic. California State Board of Health. (Sacramento: California State Printing Office, 1919) 22.

Wilfred H. Kellogg - 1918 Influenza Report

This is from a study published in 1919 by the California State Department of Health. The above graph showed very little difference in death rates between Stockton, which mandated the wearing of masks in public, and Boston, which did not. So, early on, authorities were skeptical of the effectiveness of masks, but they also felt that masks were not used properly.

I studied this 1920 report scan image, with a particular focus on the graph.  After years of image analysis, you get an eye for anomalies.  What does this mean?

Organic data will present natural patterns whereas manipulated data will have clear tells if you know what to look for.

What I saw was a ripple wave pattern and to help us focus on that, I’ve created an enhanced version of the graph presented in the 1920 report.

1920 Spanish Flu - Enhanced

This was a perfect blind study, and what it shows is that Boston, MA did not require masks, and it had only one wave, with some residual infection.

Stockton, CA, on the other hand, had much higher death rates overall plus not one, but three waves as represented in this study.  The bottom line is self-evident.  Compliance masking spreads the virus quickly so that more can die due to therapeutic suppression.

Simply put, the Globalists and Democrats want to end lives for power, whereas, Trump and the Patriots want to save lives for God and country. That’s right; there is more to this than a flu epidemic.

But Wait… There’s More

President Trump recently blocked Huawei 5G for national security reasons, and other countries like the U.K. are doing the same.

Although the President is justified based solely on security, yet, one cannot help but wonder if that is a good cover for having to deal with something far more sinister.

For the sake of argument, I present the following scenario.

With the CCP, everything is a weapon.  COVID-19 and Huawei 5G could be complementary parts of an immensely powerful weapon system.

To make it work, Huawei 5G needed to be operational worldwide.  This technology would be the even trigger mechanism in the system.   The receiver was the intended version of COVID-19.

The ideal weapon is a virus that can spread without detection.  The original design would be that the infected would never know it.  As for the few who do experience symptoms, they will be extremely light and dismissed as a mild cold or Flu.

As a stealth weapon, the intended version of COVID-19 would be virtually undetectable.  By the time governments comprehend what is happening, it is already too late.

The launch of this global weapon system was still years off, and its eventual deployment would be contingent on two things:

  • Huawei 5G global networks are operational
  • COVID-19 is ready for deployment

What is the end game with this strategy?  Once the system is active globally, Beijing will hold a cocked gun on the leadership of every country in the world, and nuclear weapons will become obsolete.

For this reason, the CCP refuses to disclose vital information about the virus.  They do not want to reveal damming secrets that would challenge their control or aims.

If this had worked, our choice here in America and elsewhere would be simple.  Learn Mandarin and serve the Party, or die.

Was There a Divine Intervention?

God works in mysterious ways, and I believe we did and were saved most unexpectedly.

For the sake of argument, COVID-19 development effort in the Wuhan Lab was tracking on three fronts, contagion, symptoms, and 5G activation.

Work on the virus was in its early stages, and the winner was contagion.  The trouble was, they were too good at making the virus contagious, and one of the laboratory staff accidentally contracted an early version of it.

With this, the staffer became patient number one and walked it out the door with it.  Of course, this person no longer exists, which brings me to the ‘so what about the rest of it,’ question.

Once the CCP leadership knew they had an accidental release, the game was afoot, so they launched their preplanned campaign, confident that the WHO would protect their scheme.

Then, according to plan, simultaneously cornered the market in PPE as they sent infected residents of Wuhan out into the world to spread the weapon.

Bottom line.  A vicious Globalist scheme to dominate the world collapsed after their engineered virus hoisted them on their own petards.

Now, as to something far more sinister I mentioned earlier?  Was it security?  No.

Consider this.  Countries signed on the dotted line knowing all this; ergo, security could have been addressed before the contracts were signed.

There was a more pressing reason for blocking Huawei 5G – staying free.


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