Communications Blackout – Interview and Free eBook Download

| March 21, 2022

Communications Blackout with Marshall MastersWe keep hearing the phrase “communication blackout” bandied around but what does it mean? An event lasting a few days or weeks and life goes back to normal.  Or, does it mean the phit hits the shan and we go down hard?

It is hard to imagine life after the Internet and cellular service, but this is the very risk we face.  A huge disruption that blindsides our entire economy when we can least afford it.  But what could cause it to happen?

In this groundbreaking interview with Michael Decon, I share a prediction given to me by the guides while authoring my book Being In It for the Species in 2013.

The Michael Decon Program
Marshall Masters – Communications Blackout

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Please note, the program originally aired Sunday, March 13, 2022, on YouTube and was censored and removed shortly afterward due to the mention of the “C” word.  Undeterred, Michael Decon posted the interview on Spotify.

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