Comet ISON Part Duex?

| December 8, 2013

Comet ISON Part Duex?We’re living in a time of increasing deception and evil suppression. One that leaves us wondering about the real meaning of Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) and the heavy-handed manipulations of the PTB, that seem to be growing worse by the day. Yet, there is an upside to this story for seekers of truth.

Comet ISON like all objects that cross Earth’s orbit requires close study, but at the start, this comet was given rock star status by NASA when they announced it as the comet of the century. The result is that Comet ISON is now Comet ISN’T.

Nonetheless, come January 17, 2014, Earth will fly through Comet ISON’s inbound dust tail path and there may be a few nasty surprises in it for us. Consequently, there is a lingering doubt. Could there be a Comet ISON Part Duex? Other than that, the show is over and this is not the first time we’ve gone this same path. GO


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