Climate Crisis – Pastor Paul Begley and Marshall Masters – Free eBook Download

| March 5, 2022

Climate Crisis Summit - Pastor Paul Begley and Marshall MastersPeople come into awareness about what is happening to our planet in many ways.   Most, through dreams, visions, and premonitions.

What triggers them?  A number of things but weather tops the list which is why I was so delighted to appear as a speaker at the Climate Crisis Summit with Pastor Paul Begley on March 11, 2022.

My illustrated presentation was in two parts with a 70-slide printable HD eBook for summit attendees and readers.  Please download and share freely with others.

Climate Crisis with Marshall Masters
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The first part of my presentation dealt with climate crisis as a perturbation.  Not only on Earth but on all planets with atmospheres in our solar system.

This way, our climate crisis becomes more understandable, and during my presentation, I also premiered a new Nemesis image that is quite stunning – and chilling.

In the second part of my presentation, I switch to when California Sinks into the Ocean.  Thanks to the brilliant work of J.P. Jones, we have identified harbinger events that will occur prior to The Big One on the West Coast of America. If you still live in California, you’ll want to know this.

Climate Crisis with Marshall Masters
Click Here to Download Free eBook

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