Signs No. 56 – High Risk of Catastrophic Meteor False Flag Event

| September 8, 2021

Signs No. 56 – High Risk of Catastrophic Meteor False Flag EventThere is a lot of chatter about a false flag event on or about September 11, 2021.  An often-repeated concern is that it could come in the form of a meteor false flag event.  It’s no longer conjecture.

The concern is genuine because the fireball numbers for August 2021 are the highest for that month in all recorded history.   To put this concern in context, let’s briefly review the etymology of the term “false flag.”

It began with pirates in the Caribbean.  They would hoist the flag of a nation friendly to the desired target and use this “false flag” as it was called to mask their attack. Only when just upon their target would they lower the false flag and raise the skull and bones.

Now, as to the present, our August fireball data indicates that we will begin to see a sky full of shooting stars and fireballs through the end of the year.  There may be impacts, but more importantly, these objects could mask the use of space-based, kinetic weapons.

The Outer Space Treaty signed in 1967 banned nuclear weapons in space, but there was a loophole, and our Air Force has just the thing for it.  Thanks to the DS, no doubt the Russians and the Chinese already have this weapon technology too.

We’ll get into all that in more depth in this article, with my Wrath of God meteor false flag scenario, but first, let’s do the numbers.

August 2021 Fireballs

Fireballs are reported worldwide, and the American Meteor Society which is the primary source for North America, for this dataset.

AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs

Multistate/country fireballs cross the borders of multiple states and countries. For this reason, this is a critical category in the dataset because of the distance these fireballs must travel to receive reports from across large geographic areas.

AMS Multistate Fireballs for 1/2017 to 8/2021

August came close to beating the record level set in March, of this year.  From 2018 through to 2021, there is a statistically consistent uptick.   We’ll be keeping a watchful eye for September.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs

It is a commonplace occurrence for Multistate / Country Fireballs to be reported as huge events because a huge event occurs when 100 or more eyewitness observers report a huge fireball event.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs for 1/2017 to 8/2021

While the numbers for February and March were stunning, August, like July, is midway in the high-low range, so this is another statistical push.

AMS Monthly Total Fireballs

The monthly total fireballs are the most critical category in this dataset. When we look at the monthly total of fireballs for July 2021 relative to AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs, we see a shift towards smaller objects.

AMS Monthly Fireballs for 1/2017 to 8/2021

August of last year was high and for months, we’ve wondered if August 2021 would top that.  It did and by a huge margin.  If this trend continues into September, it will certainly do so for the rest of the year.    This report is what brought about the Wrath of God meteor false flag scenario discussed below.

Yearly AMS Fireball Totals

Assuming we are passing through the outer dust rings of the Planet X system, are we’re moving into a thicker ring where there is a higher likelihood of a catastrophic impact event? This brings us to the annual totals.

AMS Yearly Fireballs for 1/2017 to 8/2021

With three and a half months to go in this year, the chilling news is that as of August, the number of fireballs to date for 2021 is within a hairs-breath of 2016 and 2017.

This redoubled our concern for the remainder of 2021, that we may begin to a very dramatic uptick in fireball observations as the Planet X system continues moving upwards into the Northern sky.   This is critical because the Planet X system has a debris cloud and more of this cloud is above the sun now.

Earthquakes Since 1997

At the outset of our Signs series, J. P. Jones created a dataset spreadsheet that tracks the total number of earthquakes each month beginning with 1997. The updated table below now includes August 2021.

Earthquakes for 1/1997 to 8/2021

Note: In Signs 54 – USGS Jiggered the Numbers, we revealed the extensive and intentional earthquake event underreporting by the USGS, so please keep this in mind when reading earlier installments.

Monthly Earthquakes 1/2017 to 4/2021

When we look at annual global earthquakes for the dataset for January 2017 to August 2021, we continue to see a hi-lo pattern.

Monthly Earthquakes for 1/2017 to 8/2021 We’ve shown that the USGS, is very dishonest in its earthquake reporting, and we’re throwing a bit of salt over our shoulders now when we report on this dataset.  Let’s hope that changes soon.

Wrath of God False Flag Scenario

We worry about rocks falling from the sky.  It’s in our DNA.  The problem is, they are so random, we’ll probably never know where they will hit until it is too late.  Well, that could change and quickly.

To do this, we’ll describe the weapon, how it could be used in a meteor false flag attack, and what a likely target would be.  In this case, the NE coast of America, from Martha’s Vineyard to Bar Harbor.

The Weapon

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who dreams up this doomsday stuff?”  Well, we do according to this revealing article by, September 10, 2020
These Air Force ‘rods from God’ could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon

The 107-country Outer Space Treaty signed in 1967 prohibits nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons from being placed or used from Earth’s orbit. What they didn’t count on was the U.S. Air Force’s most simple weapon ever: a tungsten rod that could hit a city with the explosive power of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The idea is like shooting bullets at a target, except instead of losing velocity as it travels, the projectile is gaining velocity and energy that will be expended on impact.  That’s how Project Thor [U.S. Air Force] came to be.

Thor Space Weapon System

Instead of hundreds of small projectiles from a few thousand feet, Thor used a large projectile from a few thousand miles above the Earth. The “rods from God” idea was a bundle of telephone-pole-sized (20 feet long, one foot in diameter) tungsten rods, dropped from orbit, reaching a speed of up to ten times the speed of sound.

The rod itself would penetrate hundreds of feet into the Earth, destroying any potential hardened bunkers or secret underground sites. More than that, when the rod hits, the explosion would be on par with the magnitude of a ground-penetrating nuclear weapon – but with no fallout.

It would take 15 minutes to destroy a target with such a weapon.

No doubt the Chinese and the Russian have their own counterparts but to use them without provoking a nuclear global war, they can deploy them without detection.

False Flag Meteor Attack Scenario

Air Force ‘rods from God’ uses tungsten rods that are 20 feet long, by one foot in diameter.  So it’s just a big telephone pole, but how much does it weigh?

Consider this:

  • The approximate density of Gold at room temperature is 19.30
  • The approximate density of Tungsten at room temperature is 19.25

Some people think they own solid bars of gold, but in fact, they were sold heavy, gold-plated bars of Tungsten; so much for the telephone pole dismissal.

When these tungsten-based kinetic energy weapons fall from the sky, they will look no different from natural fireballs, and here is where the false flag scenario comes in.

To mask the use of a kinetic space weapon such as this, the ideal strategy is to wait for a natural swarm of meteorites and fireballs.

If that swarm comes from behind the sun, that is even better.  According to NASA, they do not look for objects behind or next to the sun and the same holds true for the Russians and Chinese.

This brings us to the target.

Targeting for Effect

How many prophecies and predictions have we heard about New York City being destroyed in a nuclear ballistic missile attack?

Granted, New York was attacked on 9/11 but what if this time, the Marxists wanted to send a message to America’s Bourgeoisie without prematurely igniting a global thermonuclear war?   Where would they target their Thor weapon equivalent?

America’s most influential Bourgeoisie is found in New York City, in places such as the Greenwich Village neighborhood in Manhattan.  Due to COVID, the Bourgeoisie is buying properties in Maine at a breathtaking pace, in an area of the state I call “Maine’s Cancel Coast.”

Maine's Cancel Coast

This summer, after owners on the Cancel Coast, put their homes on the market, with hours, they receive several overbid offers.   Consequently, Maine realtors have become most effective in creating overbid wars and they are cashing in.  Houses that sell for $130K inland, are selling for three times that much on the Cancel Coast.

This trend began during the mid-1980s with the NCY Bourgeoisie.

Maine is where NYC liberals like to summer and retire and the growth was steady for years.  However, since COVID, the pace of acquisitions has exploded along the coast of Maine, has taken on a frantic pace as NYC liberals flee for the safety of Maine.

They are fleeing to Maine because it is the safest state in the union, and it also happens to be where you can purchase a gun without a permit, and open carry without a permit.  You can also carry 2.5 oz. of recreational cannabis as well.  Wow, that’s more fun than a boatload of lobsters.

Speaking of lobsters where do the lobster fishermen in Maine live?  Before 1985, they used to live near the harbors but now they live inland and commute to their boats.  This of course requires driving past countless numbers of Biden/Harris signs on the front lawns.

With this in mind, let’s assume the Marxists want to target the East Coast Bourgeoisie?   If they use a sea impact that is the smart approach as 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water.  This plus massive fireball sightings globally and they’ve got the perfect cover for a false flag event.

So what’s in the cross-hairs?

Adios Cancel Coast

If the Marxists target their kinetic space weapon to impact the Continental Shelf off the East Coast somewhere between Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine, the resulting tsunami from the impact will hit the coast like hydraulic sandpaper and devastate everything from Martha’s Vineyard to Bar Harbor.

Of course, everyone will be told it is a natural event while everyone on the left will be dumbstruck, some folks in the fly-over states will quietly chalk it up to the “Wrath of God.”

The hardest hit will be the metro area population of Boston which as of 2021 is 4,315,000.   This will dominate the news cycles and Maine will get a secondary mention by the MSM, even though it is the primary target.

However, for Maine, it will be catastrophic as four-fifths of the state’s population lives within ten miles of the coast.

Is Boston the real reason for the attack?  No.  Maine is and this is the false flag my buckos.  Now let me tell you about a legitimate reason for the attack – arghhh!!

The Hidden Agenda

Liberals never learn from history that Marxists have murdered more people in purges than all the wars combines and every useful devoted idiot is expendable for the party.

The hidden agenda in this scenario is that America’s Marxist Globalist enemies will use this false flag to prepare a land invasion path into America.  They will use a dual-coast pincer movement and Northern Maine will be the East Coast side of the attack.

After the impact and tsunami, there will be nothing left along the Route 1, Highway 95 corridor.  Easy pickings and the attack will also have other significant immediate benefits – the destruction of two critical US Navy facilities.

Naval bases in Maine

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where the Navy services nuclear submarines and the Bath Iron Works where the Navy is building its next-generation destroyers.

Unfortunately, one million in Maine will perish as a result of the Tsunami.

However, the real pearl for the Marxists lies 150 miles due North of Bar Harbor on the Coast and this region of Maine will escape the impact event and tsunami unscathed.  Oddly, the pearl is in this scenario is actually a pototoe.

Presque Isle, Maine

Presque Isle is what you could call an Idaho Mini-Me because the wonderful rolling hills of this last bastion of America to the North are ideal for growing potatoes and they grow a lot of them.

Presque Isle Maine

If you’re talking conspiracy theories with retired vets in Presque Isle, they’ll dice them and slice them to perfection.  Many served in nearby Limestone Maine, the site of the Loring Air Force Base.

Loring AFB

At the end of the Cold War, the military decided to shut Loring AFB down, and on 16 November 1993, the last B-52G departed the base.  It has since been in limited use for limited civilian purposes since and new owners will find it to be in working order.

So why on Earth could a small community at the very end of America’s Great White North be such a prize for the Marxists?

The answer is simple.  The land is not only perfectly suited for growing potatoes, it is also ideal for tracked vehicles.  Namely, tanks and such.

Chinese Tanks on Parade

According to our sources in Canada, the nation sold its gold reserve to the Chines who are also allowed to station PLA forces in Canada to guard their gold and they are there in force.

While America is staggering to rebound from a massive loss of life during the Biden’s “dark winter,” the Russians will assist the Chinese in moving forces into Canada in preparation for a pincer attack into America.

The first target of the summer campaign will be Loring AFB as it has excellent rail, highway, and waterway connections.

As for Central Maine to the West of Highway 95, the terrain is bad for tracked vehicles and the locals have lots of dynamite, chain saws, guns, and ammo and they know how to use them.  The Chinese will go around them and forward along the already devastated coastline unopposed.

At this point  you may be saying “Whoa Marshall, China will invade a bunch of potato farms in backhoe nowhere Maine sounds a tad bit far-fetched.”

To which I say, “Au contraire mon ami.”

WABI5, Oct. 21, 2020
Train transporting military tanks spotted in Hermon

HERMON, Maine (WABI) – People driving along Route 2 in Hermon Wednesday morning may have thought a military invasion was being prepared.

M109 Howitzerns Going to Presque-Isle, Maine

According to the Maine National Guard, these howitzers are being moved out of Maine.

They were being stored under a contract with the federal government.

The tanks are headed to Presque Isle and will then be moved to an unknown location.

An unknown location?  If they are going to be moved out of the country, why are they being sent by train to the middle of nowhere?

Also, what the reporter calls “tanks” is actually heavy artillery.  Also, keep in mind, these tanks were moved on November 10, 2020, during the Trump administration.

What was shipped is the M109 155 mm self-propelled artillery system and there was a mile of them on that train. Some people say, “It’s just maneuvers.”  If so, where are the support vehicles?

So Dear Readers, if invading a bunch of potato farms in nowhere Maine is a little far-fetched, why did our government move much of the Maine National Guard’s heavy artillery pieces North.  To guard a few potato farms in Maine, near the Canadian border?

While you’re chewing on that, keep looking up.  Hell is coming to visit.


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