California Sinking into The Ocean, PG&E, Finding Nibiru

| October 29, 2019
End of Days with Michael DeconI always have a good time with Michael on his End of Days podcasts, and we cover a lot of ground. Interestingly enough, he tends to start my interviews y observing that he gets a mix of positive and negative remarks about me. So tell me something I don’t know because the folks who pan me never read my material. On the other hand, and the ones who do send me inspiring emails. What do I think about the folks who pan me? Pan yourself. As for me, I’m helping the awesome people who appreciate what I do, and as for the rest, fate will decide their futures.
End of Days, Michael Marshall Masters – California Sinking into The Ocean, PG&E, Finding Nibiru
In this show, I get into our recent Signs articles with Michael.  He follows this research very closely and is a first-rate host in terms of his subject expertise.  And oh yeah, he’s a cool guy to hang out with.

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