California Uses Firestorms to Launch Agenda 21

| October 29, 2019

California Uses Firestorms to Launch Agenda 21As I write this, I’m waiting for the end of what is now the fourth PG&E voluntary power cutoff, and keeping warm has become an odd consequence. No power = no heat (unless running from a fire.) Ergo, with all these firestorms, why am I freezing my behind off?

The “official” reason for the blackouts is to prevent wildfires from taking lives. There are also other explanations, such as politics and poor forest management. Bottom line. It’s all a cover-up because this is about Agenda 21.

My dumb luck is that I’m currently in Grass Valley, CA working my next book.  Win-Win Survival Communities: Prepare for Cooperation – Not Confrontation. Therefore, I can give my readers a unique view of what is happening now on the ground.

The Reasons Do Not Stand

Those living in major cities like Sacramento and San Francisco, all agree 100% with this “official” blackout. They also happen to immune to the misery because PG&E is very careful not blackout the very people who created this fiasco. Why curse the darkness when you can be a hypocrite?

The first PG&E voluntary power cutoff blacked-out over 1 million homes in California, and this latest one now puts it at 2.5 million. People liked the absence of electrical hum that defines our lives these days. Consequently, they felt calmer, and all report sleeping better. Gee, that was nice, but this has become a pain in the patooty.

Consequently, for those without power, current extreme cold temperatures are making these voluntary blackouts are a curse for all those in the affected areas. “PG&E is torturing us,” is the mantra for this folks now because the only thing PG&E is protecting is itself. Even with the power turned off, the fires are still happening but from different causes.

Yesterday, a fire started in the Northern end of Grass Valley. It began in a homeless encampment, and a considerable amount of resources were used to put it out as quickly as possible.
Yesterday, a local I know was on social media and found an old woman living a few miles from his location. She said that her battery was phone battery was down to 7% and that her oxygen tank was empty. He told her that he’d come and get her and take her to an emergency shelter, but her phone gave out before he could ascertain her location. He called for assistance, but her position could not be determined.

A few hours after that, the power came on for about 8 hours before going off again. One can only hope this woman and the countless others like her who cannot live without electricity will get through this.

So what are the folks in the affected areas thinking?

Local View of the Crisis

What about those in the affected areas? What are they thinking and saying? This is important because the media has virtually blacked out this aspect of the coverage, which I suppose makes us the new power deplorables. As such, the prevailing thoughts about this blackout are about liability and forest mismanagement.


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Also, California property owners are finding it virtually impossible to obtain permits for the construction of fire ponds, so that helicopters can find water close by. The insanity of this is that insurance companies are now pulling out of entire zip codes and giving property owners a two weeks notice.
The result is a combination of state fire insurance funds, and private insurance is filling the fire insurance gap. Of course, at prices twice that of the conventional polices, these landowners lost or more – if they are lucky. On top of this, PG&E rates for electricity have more than doubled in the last year. Consequently, this one-two punch has everyone digging deep into already lean pockets.


What About the Victims?

For those who’ve lost their homes, rebuilding their lives is on hold.  What is well known in the foothills communities in California, is the injustice to the good survivors in Paradise, CA.

These folks want to return to their land and live in an RV or trailer while they clean and rebuild.  FEMA has said that if property owners attempt to return to their properties before FEMA gives them permission, FEMA will deny emergency funds for those in the affected areas.

This may have seemed logical in the months after the 2018 fire season, but after a year, FEMA is still blocking survivors from returning to their properties, so the bottom line for California residents and landowners is that you’re going to take a hit, whether or not your property is burned to the ground.

The folks who have received a unique and disgusting wake-up call is all of the folks with grid-tied solar panels on their homes.  The “grid-tied” programs give people a subsidized, grid-tied way to reduce energy costs by letting a 3rd party company install solar panels on your house.

The homeowners have very little upfront costs because, with a grid-tied solar system, the power company handles the functions normally associated with inverters and batteries.  This looks great on paper, but when the lights go dark, so do those with grid-tied solar panels on their homes.


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In the final analysis, people are being forced into an unreliable power system, and according to PG&E, these voluntary power blackouts will continue for another decade.  In the meantime, what is really happening is an Agenda 21 blackout and there is smoking gun proof of this.

Agenda 21 Blackout

In late 2017, Duane Brayton and I began authoring Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness and Two Way Radios  This was when we noticed something alarming with the ARRL.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ham radio, the acronym, ARRL, stands for the Amateur Radio Relay League, and the motto for the organization since 1914 was “When all else fails… amateur radio.”

The meaning of the name and the motto are vital facts to help understand the extent of the Agenda 21 propagation.

What makes amateur radio a valuable resource during major disasters is that the older style analog radios we discuss in Radio Free Earth are infrastructure independent. You do not need to access a network to complete your contact.

In times of disaster, infrastructure-dependent communication systems such as telephones can fail. This is when volunteer ham operators use their radios to relay messages. For example, health and status messages for family members, agency requests, and so forth.

For example, during the 2018 fire season, the only way to get information over the air in fire areas was with amateurs doing message relays on their radios.

This has been the noble legacy of the ARRL, but times have changed.

ARRL November 29, 2019
ARRL’s Mission Statement: To advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio

ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the US. Founded in 1914 by Hiram Percy Maxim as The American Radio Relay League, ARRL is a noncommercial organization of radio amateurs.

ARRLGo to the ARRL website, and here is what you will not see on the home page. The founding motto of the organization, “When all else fails… amateur radio.” Don’t take my word for it. Check for yourself.

Why is the ARRL doing its level best to avoid any mention of this motto, and is it they do no longer define the ARRL acronym on their home page?

Only one answer addresses both questions. The ARRL is shifting away from infrastructure-independent analog amateur radio to infrastructure-dependent digital amateur radio. Like your smartphone, an amateur digital radio needs to access an infrastructure network to work as intended. Why the shift?

ARRL has become an Agenda 21 organization – lock, stock, and barrel. The leadership of the ARRL wants to deny disaster survivors the very communication assistance their members wish to provide.

The whole concept of helping communities in disasters is now being backpedaled, so the ARRL in what appears to be a shift away from the traditional role of public service. Now, they are peddling an infrastructure-dependent mission.

Cal Fire’s Agenda 21 Betrayal

This brings us to the next question.  Assuming this is so, how will this Deep State, Agenda 21 agenda be felt on a local level?  We just got the answer.

K6UDA, Oct 2, 2019
California declares Ham Radio no longer a benefit, severs ties across the state.

Calfire to Ham Radio: You’re Fired State of Kalifornia Endangers Public Removes all Repeaters


Below is the Cal Fire notice K6UDA posted.  It is Exhibit A in the follow document.

CAL FIRE Technical Services, August 12, 2019
Exhibit A

Hello    [name deleted]:

Cal FireI do understand and appreciate all of the service you have provided in the past. However, with constantly changing technological advances, there is no longer the same benefit to State as previously provided. Therefore, the Department no longer financially supports HAM operators radios or tenancy. If you desire to enter into a formal agreement to operate and maintain said equipment, you must complete and submit attached collocation application along with fee as outlined on page one of application.

There is cost associated with getting an agreement in place. In addition to the technical analysis fee ($2500/application), there is DGS Lease admin cost associated (typically between $3000-$5000) with preparation of lease. Also, there will be an annual rent charge based upon equipment type/space.

Please let me know how you wish to proceed. If you determine the cost is too great to proceed, please make arrangements with me to remove equipment. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am much more readily available via email.

Lorina Pisi
T&V Manager
CAL FIRE Technical Services – Lands
P.O. Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244-2460
916-324-3400 (fax)

When I watched this video, what K6UDA said broke my heart as an amateur radio operator with a general license.   That all of his pleading to ARRL for political help in fighting this Cal Fire termination or blackmail notice and the ARRL did absolutely nothing as is noted in K6UDA’s October 20, 2019 update.

K6UDA, Oct 20, 2019
The CAL FIRE Ham Radio Update & Interview. The Facts Revealed


Thanks to everyone who got involved and called their state representatives, The State Of California is addressing this issue. Unfortunately the ARRL response was lazy at best. Attorney Nathen Zeloff explains the actual facts and provides the documents to back it up. I’m leaving it up to you guys to spread this. If you think its worthy, please share it.

Of course, the ARRL did nothing. Whoever this Lorina Pisi is, she’s as big a pisi of sh*t as is the ARRL leadership, ARRL is now an Agenda 21 organization. What organizations like Cal-Fire and ARRL know is that the government cannot control, filter, ghost, throttle, or prevent amateur radio operators from sharing information over the airwaves.

Hams will comply with basic FCC guidelines, but Cal Fire cannot punish them for going off the “official” narrative. This is why Cal Fire took down the repeaters. To silence the hams.
To make it look reasonable to people who seldom make it past the headlines, they make a ridiculous offer. Hams can keep the repeaters, but after an insanely expensive licensing scheme, the amateur groups cannot afford it. And one, I hasten to add, would give Cal Fire the ability to eviscerate the free speech rights of volunteer emergency amateur operators by threatening to revoke their repeater license.

The nonsense ARRL is spinning on their web site these days is beguiling Agenda 21 misinformation, because they’ve gone over to the dark side More the point, what does this mean for the future, as in your future?

A Silent Future

We often hear the complaints that if you buy an amateur radio, the government will track you down and confiscate it.  That’s double-dumb ass lazy bullshit.  You can buy the most sophisticated two-way amateur radios available today with hard cash and a smile.  If the clear asks for a name and address, you can say “Santa’s helper, North Pole.”  As long as the cash is not counterfeit, you’re good to go.

So if getting a ham licensee is not the real issue, what is?


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As the ARRL-Agenda 21 shift plays out, the next thing we’ll see is radio manufacturers giving us the bad news. That due to “constantly changing technological advances,” they will be discontinuing the production and sales of infrastructure-independent analog radios. Consequently, these essential survival radios will only be available in the used market for those with the technical expertise to make abandoned technology work. As in, bring your own soldering iron.

For those of you who think amateur radio is useless because it is about geeky old farts rummaging around in their garages. Of course, this radio equipment is as primitive as buggy whips in comparison with modern cellular technology to the untrained eye.

Laugh now, but you’ll cry later because, in the worst of times, the worst among will have the best two-way radios.

There is an old axiom in America. As California goes, so goes the nation, and if you see with both eyes and your vision is clear because your head is not up your ass, it’s time to get busy.
Start getting the things you need to survive the future, and two technologies you’ll want to invest in today are off-grid power and analog amateur radios, particularly those that operate in the shortwave range. Then use them, test, and exercise the equipment regularly to stay prepared.

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