Coronavirus – Planet X Connection Update No. 7:  Breaking the Deep State

| May 27, 2020

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QLast Sunday, President Trump gave a private one-on-one interview with Sharyl Attkisson for her show Full Measure in which he said, “I have a chance to break the Deep State.”

As I have pointed out in previous articles, Trump telegraphs his punches, but in this case, could breaking the Deep State become so complicated that most Americans will not connect the dots?

No way.  No how.  Revealing this corruption will be so simple that even the blind will see.

As the saying goes, all big crime is an inside job, and the deep state is a vast criminal empire installed by Pres. Barack Obama, with the support of the globalists, which is why we have these endless investigations and no perp walks.

How can Trump break the Deep State if the people cannot see the unvarnished truth for themselves?  The key is timing.

Timing is Everything

The turning point in this Great War to End All Slavery is not far off.  On June 1, 2020, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan has to explain why to substitute his judgment for the proper exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

Sullivan may be getting standing ovations with the MSM, but in reality, Sullivan is conducting a rear-guard action against Trump and the Patriots to buy time.  Odd that he retained D.C. lawyer Beth Wilkinson to represent him.  It begs the question, who is Sullivan falling on his gavel for and why?

Perhaps it was a late-night call and a conversation that made his skin crawl?  Who knows, but in the final analysis, it will be a moot point.  Eventually, the case against Flynn will be dismissed, either by Sullivan or his replacement.

In other words, it’s all about timing now, and if Trump is going to break the Deep State, he’ll need to cut through the fog of this cover-up like a laser, if he is to reveal the corruption in such a way that even a Hillary sycophant can understand.  Denial becomes a different thing then.

Nonetheless, there does remain one nagging question.  Who is going to pull the trigger on this laser of truth?  The best man for the job is Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn.  He not only knows where the skeletons are, he knows where all the closets are and how to unlock them.

The Globalists are terrified of Flynn because once the case against Flynn is officially dismissed, the immortal words of Sherlock Holmes will show us all the way, “Come, Watson, COME!  The game is AFOOT!”

Revealing Corruption

I wish to restate a previous question.  Will breaking the Deep State become too complex?”  In other words, is there a way to reduce all of this complexity down to the level of a 280 Character, Twitter-length?

Yes, because all big crime is an inside job and if you know where to look, you’ll find it.  To illustrate the point, I want to share a relevant experience; I had an accounting system developer years ago in Texas.

At the time, I was consulting one of the largest mortgage banks in Texas, a vast operation with 23 branches.

There is an old saying; “You keep three sets of books; one for your partners, one for the government, and one for yourself.  My role was to design a custom accounting system for the government version.

It was a top-secret finance project, as you can imagine, and I always had a bank officer sitting directly behind me as I worked on the books. One day my minder tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Turn off the computer and follow me.”

I figured that he just wanted to take a lunch break, and he had a generous expense account.  The lunches were fabulous, but instead we went to the main office entry. It was a large, beautifully decorated room with many desks and there were paper-mâché and all kinds of balloons and interesting things everywhere.  It was done by professionals and nobody knew why, but it was fun.

Then we learn who the party was for when the family of the chief financial officer came in wearing Hawaii attire to fetch him off on a well-deserved and unplanned luxury cruise to Hawaii. Of course, he protested, explaining that he had a lot of work to do, but after a lot of backslapping and congratulations, he just accepted what was happening and left with his family.

The bank officer and I just stood there and waited to see the entourage go into the elevator, and when the door closed, he tapped me on the shoulder and said, come with me.

This time he led me to the office of the CEO, and there we met a third gentleman who I learned was a top auditor from Chicago.  Frankly, this fellow looked like he had been there seen it and done it, and he had that “you really do not want a piece of this” look on his face.

The auditor explained that the entire holiday was a set up to get the CFO unexpectedly out of the way so that he could review the books. I was there because the auditor knew he would find what he was looking for in the government version of the books.

He then gave me an odd instruction.  He ordered me to identify rounding errors and to deliver a full set of reports to him the following morning by 10 AM.

I spent the rest of that day and night, generating those reports and enjoying lunch on my minder’s tab.  Certain that I was just going to impress everyone beyond measure; I developed subroutines that would enable me to target accounting errors.

After I executed the program at 3 AM, I went home to sleep as the machine ground through it all.  The next morning I showed up in time for my 10 AM meeting with all the printouts and all of the errors that I found, with the anticipation of a well-deserved victory lap.

The auditor looked at all my reports and then said in a very cold voice, “these are common accounting errors. I told you I want rounding errors. Give me what I want or you are fired.  You have 24 hours.”

Wow, well, that came out of left field, and I left the room feeling like if I had to take the game to a whole new level, or I wouldn’t be there anymore.

First things first, time to expense another tasty lunch while I figured this out.  To hell with a caesar salad, this was a chicken fried steak day, and yah, yah, yah, they call it ‘riding the teat.’

After we placed the order, I quietly asked, “what in the hell does this SOB want?”  My minder explained that large scale embezzlers work on percentages, and therefore always leave a few rounding errors.  Find the rounding errors, and they’ll show you where and how the embezzler is cooking the books.

At that exact moment, I knew exactly what I would do – after desert.  Hey, ride baby ride.  As we left the restaurant, I asked, “How long will Audie Murphy be here today?”  My minder said he had a 5 PM scheduled with him.  Good.

It was more than enough time because all I had to do was to change one parameter in my master program.  I changed the default from two decimal places (0.12) to four decimal places (0.1234) then regenerated all the reports with this new configuration setting.

Three hours later, I had a new stack of printouts to evaluate before presenting them to Audie “you’re fired” Murphy from Chicago.

OMG!  Pow!  Wham!  Zoom!  Bing!  Holy kickass Batman, it was all there, and each account with a rounding error had the CFO’s thumbprint on it.

I went with my minder to his 5 PM and personally delivered the printouts to the CEO and Audie “you’re fired” Murphy from Chicago.  Inside of a minute, it was all handshakes and smiles.

As for the CFO, they made him a deal he couldn’t refuse.  Give back the money or enjoy daily luaus in a prison cafeteria.  It completely bankrupted him and his wife divorced him as well.

Now, how does this relate to Flynn, knowing where the skeletons and the closets are?

Big Crime is Simple

Big crime is simple; what’s complicated is the cover-up.  Remove the cover-up, and the crime becomes readily self-evident, ipso facto.

With a crooked embezzler, adding two decimal places was all that was needed.  Then his house of cards was undeniably revealed.

In the world of politics and government, the process is very different, but in a way, equally simple.  It is found in the questions one can no longer evade, such as:

  • Is this your signature on this form?
  • Please look at the transcript. Did you say this?
  • Where exactly where you at this time and on this day?

Legal minds are not trained for rendering sense from political hyperbole and prefer a bullet-point explanation of the facts.

Dear Reader, this is how the dots will be connected.  Not with MSM theatrics, but with one simple, damming question after another.

After all the lamentations and denials, what will Americans learn from all this?

When it comes to defending our Constitutional rights, there is no free lunch.


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